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Abstract] the 1078th chapter Gongsun Bei -- "little brother, please."Li Tianyu promised to stay put, Gongsun was overjoyed, immediately happy to do a please posture, open flowers Valley perimeter defense shield, to meet in Li Tianyu.Into the valley, Li Tianyu immediately before the emergence of a birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, the environment of infinite beautiful valley, waterfall, Curlew calls, like land of idyllic beauty, here world Reiki is extremely abundant, slight breath in one breath, give a person a kind of feel fresh feeling.Such beauty, only into the valley to see, because if the flowers outside the valley, has a defense shield barrier, is unable to see inside the valley view."Little brother, I do not know the Baihua Gu?"Gongsun placed Li Tianyu L ù wonder s è, not by smiling asked."The valley is a fairyland, incomparable."Li Tianyu Wenyan immediately smiled."Oh, just like little brother, you want to live as long as you like."Gongsun placed immediately smiled."Thanks for the valley", but I was keeping sick, not like valley you're KEF, so please I remember your promise, as soon as possible to find Lei Mingyang's whereabouts, tell me."Li Tianyu Wenyan face s è a slight cold, as a warning to remind."Uh......The little brothers rest assured, I put the word Gongsun, said the matter will do, you feel at ease here and stay, less than three months, will find that ray Mingyang whereabouts."I take an oath devoutly immediately put the surname."That is good."Li Tianyu Wenyan immediately nodded.Two people conversation some disagreement, no longer speak, placed under the leadership of the Gongsun, rapid access to the front in deep valley, and in front of a mountain, is at several giant palace built, see these palaces, Li Tianyu suddenly shocked, because these palace building materials, it is inferior to Lingshi, the it is a luxury, Li Tianyu first saw."Long Valley Mens Timberland Custom Boots, hello big quantity, even with all the ideas for Lingshi to building palaces, admire admire."Li Tianyu could not help but faint praise a sentence."Oh, little brother praise, as the practice of people, the move is superfluous, but you laughed at the."Gongsun put Wenyan immediately face s è reddish replied.Because the practice of people, if too much emphasis on objects Women's Canada Goose Livigno Cheap, the practice is very adverse Canada Goose Trillium Discount, perhaps before others, Gongsun put can get these Lingshi building palaces as bragging rights, but in front of Li Tianyu, he will not feel a sense of shame is arisen.Because oneself just defeat at the hand of Li Tianyu, has lost the bragging rights.Li Tianyu Wenyan no longer speak, quickly looked up at the front of the palace, and the palace m é n mouth, keep a number of strength is not weak disciples, a look at fiercely as a tiger does the staring at her.Go up, Gongsun placed immediately and loudly spoke: "remember, this is Li Tianyu's son, is the valley seat VIP, he will have lived here for a period of time, later everybody to Lee's childe respectful, must not have any neglect, know?""Yes, under Jinzun Valley major purpose."Followers of neat respectful nod, then drop the, deep immediately bent over, a gift to Li Tianyu."Long Valley, do not have to be so polite, casually is ok."Li Tianyu sees that the immediate light road."Oh, little brother, you but I only admire the Gongsun put, dare snub?Please."Gongsun put Wenyan immediately sincere very, do please.Entered the main hall, divided they had sat, Gongsun placed immediately ordered the maids to Li Tianyu music, at the same time, make a beautiful girl quickly went to the kitchen and orders, quickly prepared food, he and Li Tianyu welcome.Looking at the waist of the blood Gongsun put D ò ng, still running to bleed, Li Tianyu can't help but feel sorry to say: "Long Valley, need not be so polite, you are now the body is injured, or as soon as possible to practice healing, so for a long time, leave sequela."
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