Interview test 

2006年11月11日(土) 23時28分
Tomorrow I will take the interview examination of test for English proficiency -pre Grade 1. I practiced answering the exam for many hours today. I will do my
best with smiling.


2006年11月04日(土) 23時35分
I went to a play where my friend from the voice training acted. The theater was
unique. There was no border between the stage and the stands. I sat in the front row, so acters were acting under my eyes. The contents of the play was
"what is free?" It was interesting and easy to understand. Once people are
confined, they suddenly begin to think about freedom and ask for it. That is to
say, not until they lose their freedom, do people start to think about it.

After I finished enjoying the play, I went to Lotteria and had a cup of tea with
Noriko who went to the play together. We talked a lot. I want her to be happy
with someone good.

A new diary 

2006年11月02日(木) 23時41分
I got a new diary that can help me to make my dream come true. I will do the
following five things to meet Mr.Right.

1.wake at 6:00 every morning
2.keep my body healthy
3.behave decently
4.know deeply Japanese culture
5.Read many books

I will do my best!


2006年11月01日(水) 23時56分
I Passed the exam for Practical English Proficiency of semi grade 1. I was very
happy. I thanked Miss Horio, who is very eager in teaching for us. I also want to
do my best at the English conversation test.

I decied to wake up at 6:00 to get power from the rising sun. I will do my best.
I want to keep healthy and beauty.


2006年10月27日(金) 23時22分
I gave a presentation about "O-net" in the lesson of "Business skill" I had 10 minutes, but I took 13 minutes. I felt comfortable to give the presentation. Miss Abe
praised me. I was very glad. Other classmates were doing good. Everybody did
research on each topic very much and used effective graph and chart to show
each topic. They were interesting.


2006年10月26日(木) 22時50分
Today, I gave a presentation about my carrier. I wanted to say about my carrier.
So I thouht I did well.

shopping at Ginza 

2006年10月23日(月) 21時17分
It is a rainy day. I stayed at home with relaxing. In the afternoon, I went
shopping at Ginza. I went to "Pual and Joe" makeup shop. Everytime I went there, I felt good. I bouht a bottle of cleansing oil. The clerk girl seemed very pleasant.
She gave me a gift box which had two miniature bottle bottles of lotion and
cleansing. They were cute. I was really happy.


2006年10月21日(土) 1時43分
After I finished classes, I and Michiko and Yuuki were talking a lot. We thouht
what was happy for us. I think we have many ways of thinking about our happiness. I want to merry someone who want me. I want to help him and be happy
together. Every time I talk with Michiko, I feel happy. She has a great power.
I like her very much. I want her feel relax and do her best.

relax day 

2006年10月19日(木) 21時27分
I was absent from school. I felt lazy and could not move my body.
I kept sleeping in the afternoon.

I felt good now. It's good.

Japanese for Business 

2006年10月19日(木) 21時09分
Becaouse of before women period, I began to feel lazy. So I dropped off in
classes. I could not help it.

I found difficulty with Japanese for business. It is hard for me to think logically.
Miss Fujii said "Miss Nozawa, you don't answer the question." It's also hard to
understand what I am asked and answer it presisely. Althogh it is hard, but
I try to train it.

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