when Xiao Lin felt sh è hammer position

May 13 [Mon], 2013, 12:06
Old Chen's mouth was open, but he had no voice, Xiao Lin a lunge toward the old Chen left away, with a burning smell, silencing bullets still in the old Chen sun Xu é, hands clinging to the five piece of RMB, Zheng big eyes really turn in one's grave. Shadow hide quickly, when Xiao Lin felt sh è hammer position, people no longer, he jumped on a layer of building recently, climbing in the advertising light box, is his carelessness,Coach(R) Outlet Online 2012 Factory. A shadow flash into a bar, Xiao Lin looked up at the sign, jump box. "Are you again?" The bartender is a bit complicated at Xiao Lin. "The same again, I'll come back." Xiao Lin looked around, is the middle of the night nearly two points, all the people in the bar is still a bit more, but it would be a head, a lot of purity. "People are looking for?" The bartender with white cloth wiping glasses, crystal glass can not leave any fingerprints or mark, this is his habit. No. Eyes wandering in every one of them, analyzing their behavior and expression, he was sure shadows into the Miyako, too dim light for him to make good barrier, any corner are likely to become his shelter. "You are j its ng cha?" Will wipe the flawless crystal cup placed in the cup of overhead, even in the weak light, it still had brilliant. Xiao Linyao shook his head, into the bar he has no so impatient. "Want a drink now?" A single new guests, the bartender familiar techniques and wonderful skill to do skilled work in the bar. "Go back to drink." Xiao Lin jumped out of the back door, the chefs have scattered to the alley, cold lonely without any. To slow down the pace, he walked in just through the stones on the road...... The bell like light up in the quiet room rang non-stop, Wu Shuang agitated hand in the dark m ō cable with the mobile phone, she was too tired to turn on the lights, squinting for staring at the phone screen for a minute, pick up the phone: "Xiao doctor, you'd better have a good excuse. Otherwise you will die very ugly." If not the forest it issued must answer at any moment the grandfather's telephone, but also repeatedly asked, repeatedly warn that too many times, she would ignore this man. But this time also remain at two eleven in the morning, she had an impulse to pick up the gun shoot that damn asshole. "Financial Street, was shot and killed a man." Cut off the mobile phone, Xiao Lin has erupted for pleasure out of laughter, he expected the beautiful female J its ng officer at the moment must be the eighteen generations of his ancestors are scold a times. The cold voice coming from the front, Xiao Lin is like an agile Panther suddenly comes over. Not to his hand, see one neat song Tu its attack to the other side of the brain. A trance fall on the ground. "Stay alive!" Xiao Lin sound stopped the man's action: ",Coach(R) OP Art Bags;want to die, not so easy." Find each other have the same move fast, hold each other's jaws, clicked, lower teeth this person again also not closed, dislocated. Note that Xiao Lin Ling Feimu cold without speaking,coach online, compared with him, I good >
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