able to unlock the mystery of this circle of people

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 10:58
Ninety-first you what do you think? "Origin eighteen city, is located here outsider to take over the world the latest chapter." Harmony between hand refers to a few at the top of that map, opening softly said one, and looked into but it is more than a hint of emotion, paused, then spoke and said: "Eternal Lord leaving previous years this Star world, although we are able to get nine own accidentally came in, but also the number of days dictates Star Tower, you can break through the eternal, supreme achievement, if not, I'm afraid we must in his death Road elimination origin eighteen city is the eternal Lord left our keys, how to do what you want, but still our own endless sword installed. "" Well, our respective body Shanie also have a lot of so many years, do not know how many people have been killed at this time, how time timid? but eighteen City add up to less than 200,000 people, the killing will kill, but why should noisy. "the Castle Peak Lengheng a bang, opening toward 落雁 said something.落雁 looking toward Castle Peak at opening it lightly, said: "19 Ghosts really are the generation of thin and cool day, 18-city people to you many worship, and now you want them to blood sacrifice, Liansheng soul are left off, but you do not have the slightest compassion. "" You'd have compassion, you are able to let go of them what? "clear water Lengheng loudly, opening toward 落雁 said something, eyes are already falling askew map above, opening Lengran said: "This map looks origin eighteen City, but is a strange attitude arranged, if we want blood sacrifice them, I'm afraid to bring them lined This looks like the job, otherwise I'm afraid the blood sacrifice of the effect will not be very good. "" Miyaji clean water touches a good eye, a good 18 City is an on-ancient array are arranged, that is, I do not know which look, just in those years The Eternal Lord once said to me, If you want to blood sacrifice of the 18 City, this circle is the most important, everyone in here are the key to our out, able to unlock the mystery of this circle of people, it only star sword just people. "落雁 laugh smile, opening toward a crowd explained. "What? Would not say we have to go looking for star sword it? But Star Sword Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved Outlet, how might help us? Do not you know the heritage of the Eternal Lord has come to this Star World What? Star blade for eternity intricately , natural early have been saved to help eternal mind of the Lord, we want him to help us, is simply idiotic nonsense. "Castle Peak is the Star Sword Linyi Chen and Xia Jing together attack that almost killed, now listen 落雁turned means we still have to look for help Star Sword, natural openings cried out. "Star Sword stuck here for many years, is the eternal a pulse to how to? Did he do not want to go out it? Moreover, we have a Shen Yu, persuasion Star Sword of things non-she must go, I warlords career latest chapter 落雁 Hey laughed loudly, opening one, the eyes are falls Shen Yu who seems to be waiting for the answer Shen Yu said toward the crowd. Shen Yu slightly surprised a moment, immediately opening angrily: Cheng pulls back, they must filed Star Sword said to me, if it is to meet you again, I'm afraid the death Competing, never the slightest possible with . "" So what? After all, he is the Star Sword, I do not believe you personally, he can really kill you it? you must have a chance. "Luo Yan is not willing to let go, Shen Yu, just opening to continue toward Shen fish persuade up Castle Peak they see, but it is also with toward the Shen Yu persuade up. Previous years, Shen Yu just came Star World when it is isolated, love at first sight with the Star Sword, the help of the Star Sword, only now of this Shen fish Palace so large an inheritance, but in order to compete for this Star the power of the world, and eventually gave up the Star Sword, for reasons known to outsiders is not clear, only known to the two of them. "Moreover, you Qingfeng, qingfeng, is the son of the two of you, right?" Clear water I doing all uttered toward Shen Yu said something, but he caught the opportunity to want to stimulate Shen fish look, when he Shen fish have pursued, but without success Bale. "Well, Qingfeng I picked up among the stars, when all of you present, if you say these silly, they must not blame me shot ruthless." Shen Yu looking for a change, toward the clear water and snorted, opening irate and swore a hand even necessary hands. "Shen fish, you also said that we can not infighting, and is now doing doing a war of words." 落雁 Lengheng hand stopped Shen fish stare toward the clear water, this spoke and said: "In any case, you are the most suitable person, if you do not find the Star Sword, then we just wait here descendant of death and eternal Lord kill it. "Shen Yu pondered finally spoke and said:" I also only be able to try, Whether what will happen, I was not able to ensure. "Shen Yu Although reluctant goodbye Star Sword, but this thing is life and death, how she should go try before Yes, otherwise I'm afraid the future fall of the Star, she was even a trace of opportunities no other book club watching: Huashan cents Gate the latest chapters Star Sword palace, this time Star Sword is totally no feel, Shen Yu to find himself, he was just looking depressed looking at the front, sitting on the ground in front of him, a white boy, hands holding a wine jar, shoveling drinking, can not tell the pleasant prospect, even is summer mysterious rain looks like. "I said ... Xingzhu, this wine in Shenzhou above may nothing rarity, but few things wine into the world of my Star, if you drink it like this, I'm afraid my wine to you all to finish all the ah. "the Star Sword some cautiously toward summer mysterious rain a while some depressing touched his ass. He had wanted the violence to recover their own wine, but it is by the Xia Xuan rain directly booted out and fall in his pain for a long time, is Linyi Chen did not dare and summer mysterious rain grab drink, not to mention his Star Sword , originally the summer mysterious rain will not be powerful to such Guards of the point, but happens this Star world of it, etc. So summer mysterious rain of the world, all the stars of the forces between the summer and the mysterious rain gestures Star Sword and where the will is the opponent. Miyaji outside someone on the Star Sword scratching the time, a small boy walked in. an opening toward the Star Sword respectfully report it. "What people?" Star sword slightly surprised a moment, this Star world qualified to own here, addition to four Miyaji, the only XIA Jing Lin Yichen the case of the latter, you simply will not be informed If the former, the four the Miyaji now also come to own what to do? Implying they also want to join hands and their own to deal with Linyi Chen? Star Sword like a quite a while but could not think why and wherefore, simply stand up, regardless of the four Miyaji what things he always want to go out and see as we go, anyway, the Star Sword Palace that no one is his opponent, even if the four Miyaji Come, he simply Xia Xuan rain thrown out is eight Miyaji useless. The thought here, Star Sword Lengheng could not help but cry, stepping out of the Star Sword Palace, came to the emptiness, a fleet Shen fish alone and stood among the stars everywhere sad looking at his Men's Air Max Classic UK. "What do you want?" Star Sword finally moved slightly, Fish asked softly an opening toward the sink.
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