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November 04 [Sun], 2012, 10:27

> wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm covered expansion, rapid pressure began to crack, so Wu Ao Tian muscles, skin, blood from the pores penetrate out Wu Ao Tian whole body are like people in general blood look like crawl out from hell the Shura general, the whole body is full of evil spirits! Wu Ao Tian palms vanity stretched out, as if holding a invisible mountain, a strip of blue veins burst from the Lao Gao, With Wu Aotian outbreak, as if the entire space sharp trembled. The demon king, his face showing a little surprised, it seems Wu Aotian outbreak out terrorist forces, he surprised. Watching that space begins to shake, as if at any moment collapse signs, the demon king of his face has become extremely grim. Vanity and shook hands, suddenly forced a grip, a grip in the end! Suddenly Wu Aotian body shocked, covered with dozens of local skin appeared momentarily cracking, blood oozing, and even in some places is flying out Xuejian. Wu Ao Tian whole person rustled the trembling that outstretched hands, as if it is the Optimus general, carries do not know how much pressure. hand! Congestion, the whole body of Reiki crazy gush Wu Aotian eyes, in his body, that there are hundreds of Reiki also violently up and running, providing huge amounts of energy to Wu Ao Tian. that invisible pressure suddenly become confused, and then collapse, space countless burst, like air explosion. Wu Ao Tian who themselves suffered multiple blown out of the blood, but Wu Aotian but are not glance, just big shouted: waiting for me, do not die! Endless Reiki, instant influx the Wu Aotian body, erupted violently in Wu Aotian manipulation. Face a demon king changed, the blow realm has apparently more than quadruple habitat of the M & M M & M has reached five heavy environment. It seems that the human death-defying comeback, regardless of life and death, is to let the other man fled. Really stupid! If YaoWang not injured, took the blow is easy, but ethereal beads explosion, or let the demon king suffered light injuries, fighting power down a lot, otherwise, even though Wu Ao Tian eats violent Dan, is also unable to break free of his shackles. The demon king also issued a sharp Aura blade impact on the the aura edge Wu Aotian issued. No tricks, do not need tricks. The sheer strength of the offensive, the strength of the weak, will be that crazy surging Reiki directly torn to pieces! Wu Ao Tian are like playing Fengliaoyiban a Reiki edge, and an aura blade, if the potential Feng Hu! The demon king against it Wu Aotian offensive look but not urgent, others have fled, but for him, kill Wu Aotian, it is sufficient. For the demon king, Wu Ao Tian is the only threat, and now today, do not kill him, after his escape, completely hiding, he can converge breath can stealth, can be companions on his side, even as strong as the demon king, if the other party really wanted to dodge that is not found, then they can be said as yourself, practice a few years, or even decades, or even centuries, to break through the last Road bottleneck. Before today, perhaps ethereal beads as a last desperate means, so they came. After today, has no longer any threat to the things of the demon king, naturally they will not come back desperately, or to say, not to die. So, no matter how, today, we must kill Wu Ao Tian! The Wu Aotian is taking medication, as long as the pharmacodynamic a transient, he would be dead. The demon king little anxious. Wu Aotian order to gain time, offensive crazy attack, along with his offensive load in his body has reached the maximum limits. Let Wu Aotian quite surprised that the offensive so hard, I am afraid, can not stand the force is not following the recipe will be, but why attack so long and now, not only do not have this feeling, but with a strange feeling in the body where the spread? A clear, Wu Aotian mind, suddenly began to observe the situation of their own body. This view allows the Wu Aotian surprise. Before, are hundreds of strange energy lessons forgotten temple, like a snake generally swim in their own body, but these energy but are 各行其道 the, mutual non-interference, non-fusion, but now, these energy has gone part! There are hundreds of magical energy, but now it has only thirty-crazy walk in the meridians. There are so many channel energy, where to go? Wu Ao Tian again closer observation, they found that 31 multi-channel energy, significantly more than the previous head should be large, like before a hundred head snake, but now has more than 30 small pythons, stout a lot,UGG Knightsbridge Boots. Is the integration of these energy turned out? The Wu Aotian hearts delight, hi never failed to respond to those energy even begin to merge,Timberland 3 Eye Shoes, scared in this situation begin to merge, do not know the final outcome in the end how? The Wu Aotian continue a frenzied attack, he found himself a full attack, the body, the kind of near explosions feeling, it seems that those most fundamental reason for the energy integration is to stimulate, so Wu Aotian more will not come to a halt. Demon king's face has become increasingly surprised Wicked family is not very good at immortality, but generally they also know that these enhance the strength of immortality, or to enhance the strength of the cheats, not only side effects are very large and sustained the time will not be too long, and even some erupted just blow, blow after they completely apathetic. But front of Wu Aotian has a series of crazy attack dozens of times, but he is exhaustive look instead an unparalleled excitement like a strike can play playing happy the posture. This is how the same thing? The face of the demon king exposed sort of mistrust look. Well, can not wait any longer, even if today's vapid injured again, must first get rid of this threat to humans! Offensive suddenly the strengthening of the demon king of Wu Ao Tian hearts surprised, Is this the demon king aware of what it? Otherwise, why he is no longer willing to wait for their exhaustive? Looked at the body, that energy has re-integration, has been reduced to only 12 energy,UGG Neema Sneakers! Watching the demon king of that overwhelming people slightest respite attack, Wu Aotian suddenly feeling all offensive are sealed all escape route was sealed, massive attack, so Wu Ao Tian struggle, who constantly Biao injection blood the emergence of the wound, large and small wounds,Air Max 180 Shoes. Is it in this last moment, was going to die in the hands of the demon king? Wu Ao Tian issue in the minds of the unwilling to roar loudly, Just then, a familiar feeling suddenly appear. Autumn! Autumn is back! Wu Ao Tian hearts delight, the heart suddenly filled with power, plus the autumn, to live should be able to withstand the attack of the demon king. whip is pumping more to the Wu Aotian. Wu Ao Tian Jin as if ordered by the sword forest, a tract invisible, but was even more severe than the tangible spirit blade edge of Reiki, the cutting strangling space Wu Aotian where. Wu Aotian body wound seeing would be these Reiki edge strangling pieces, autumn familiar sound up. before Wu Aotian body, like an alpine shelter. Wu Ao Tian covered with blood soaked, big mouth wheezing a few times, my heart cried: To come back, I told them that they also die, will drag you, and they turned not to ... she really will listen to persuasion, to stay in a safe place? Understand the Wu Aotian mind think autumn, said: things, to do a good job. bit excited: overjoyed:
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