and monsters have natural ability

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 15:44
IsH 850th chapter she is Pangu God ?Along the way, there is no monster harassment ,Meng Xiang would feel lonely .ISH half a day ,Meng Xiang over the western side ,through the spirit talkers ,finally reached the top of confucianism .
According to time ,Meng Xiang army but left after less than 2 days ,army and peer should never return to Jiangdu city .He did not know how to river city road, therefore ,must be with the army .
Party ,where are you now ?Give me directions, I am with you . Meng Xiang asked . We in the river city ,which for almost two months ,has been unable to contact you ,thought you were dead .
Side of Confucianism ,gave Meng Xiang a jump . ?I just left less than 2 days ,oh ,right, is the law of the time ,time distortion ,a difference of just 30 times . Meng Xiang that ,since the world is divided into two planes ,then ,have the time distortions of the law is not strange .
However ,Pang Yong did not appear to be a time the influence of law ,there may be time rule ,only in the Western elysian fields ,or to appear before the statue of Saint ,will launch .Everything is not important ,as long as the companion ,safe and sound on the line .
Side of Confucianism in Jiangdu city with the transmitter ,Meng Xiang through the set route pointer ,identify the direction of river city .While Meng Xiang fly ,while western Elysian Fields happen such as the whole .
Side and listen ,sometimes questioned ,until Meng Xiang had finished, he left a sentence :we come to see .After he hung up the phone .Meng Xiang can laugh ,this is burn the bridge after crossing it means .
He bored ,then land on the ground ,flying close to the ground ,enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way .The world population is sparse, mostly living in a siege ,between each other far apart .
Meng Xiang relaxed ,has been flying for a long time, finally reached the river city .Standing in the river outside the capital ,Meng Xiang felt the air blast, and outgoing rumbling bang ,scared he quickly ran into the city, to see what .
City pedestrian as usual ,many guards on patrol ,Meng Xiang don .However ,the LORD God to the identity of the person reincarnation ,is a member of the army ,is also the Jiangdu City native people ,therefore ,soldiers patrolling and not on the Meng Xiang investigation ,the crash is indifferent .
Meng Xiang was curious ,quickly run ,and through the telepathic link ,link for fir .For FIR cried , clang clang a cry ,and said: Meng brother ,OK ,just big brother and big brother in Pang Zhuo to practice .
Pang Pang Yong brother ,i.e. ,they are in practice ?Meng Xiang interest, to speed up the pace ,not for a while ,she ran to the compound .His feet are a shock ,such as swallows fly over a fence ,up to the roof .
This compound ,larger than a football pitch ,mess around ,everywhere is a compromise one ,or rockery stone ,everywhere is a pit ,a mark .Central ,two armed men are facing ,it is Zoro and Pang yong .
Pang Yong superior strength ,speed is not in Zoro ,strength in Zoro ,if Zoro without using atomic level attack ,certainly not with Pang Yong .Now ,two people in close combat ,cutting the soul knife and Yong Pang at every collision ,let the entire compound flying sand and rolling pebbles ,roar again and again, if God does not impose the double B defense ,maybe their training ,will destroy the entire river city .
Pang Yong knife ,a stronger than God ,in the vigor poured into ,UGG Bailey Button Fancy Sale,the flames, each knife ,with the ultimate way of attack, the strength of strong, general potential lock 4 preliminary detail order strong, also cannot resist the enemy .
Pang Yong is so powerful ,so as a horror film the Basilisk is small and only a small Hu Yao strength reaches a to what degree ?Meng Xiang felt that the next story more interesting .ISH Pang Yong and Zoro practice, not life and death leave adequate leeway to wrestle, everywhere ,and no observability .
Meng Xiang then flew to fly ,for indicating the direction ,entering from the hall .Early is waiting a long time . Meng brother ! For FIR come ,hold Meng Xiang burst into tears ,unable to suppress, the Meng Xiang very awkward .
Although the transmigration in the battlefield made a great merit ,however ,their identity is still a common soldier ,in river city status is not high ,so now they sit in a church ,see also his wandering Meng Xiang return, do not feel strange .
In the companion guide below ,Meng Xiang into soldiers bedroom .After all, reincarnation is his hero, house alone ,are still there .Shut the door ,Meng Xiang hurriedly asked this time happened .
The original ,and Meng Xiang respectively ,reincarnation person with the army to return to Jiangdu city .Next, if the original plot ,every few days ,Jiangdu city people were dug out the heart .
Rife monster ,the soldiers every night ,stepping up inspections ,even Pang Yong, was also invited to join the search team .However ,they have not found the enemy shadow .For FIR through spiritual force scanning ,occasionally to track small position ,but most of the time ,is entered into the state of nature, which is the original plot of stealth magic ,the whereabouts of unpredictable ,so ,reincarnation has ,no action .
This time ,Lin was bright and Chen Bing hung around, Confucian understanding of capital of river side ,other people ,then continuously day and night training .Zoro ,Tang Bixin ,South Korea where almost every day for Pang Yong to practice ,enhance actual strength .
As far as the Gu Long ,generally only in the evening meal at that time can only see her ,the rest of the time ,she relies on qigong Yu Ji ,alone fly to the distant practice .Pang Yong is worthy of is the most powerful beings ,the north face cheap,hand-held knife ,are a match for ten thousand warriors .
Zolo is stronger than him ,on the practice effect is not obvious ,however ,Tang Bixin is different, her strength than Pang Yong ,Pang Yong is not the love generation ,to practice together ,such as life and death struggle ,every time ,Tang Bixin will more or less wounded .
However ,in recent more than ten days despite the injuries ,Tang Bixin ,Pang Yong will be unable to escape ,two people to practice ,and even become the balance of power .Wang Sheng bent ,outside the inn, a girl ,always looking for Pang Yong .
Transmigration of natural knowledge ,she is the painted skin out of Xia Bing .Xia Bing and the original plot ,careless ,bold and very ,night with Pang Yong to trace the basilisk ,daytime is looking for Pang Yong .
Pang Yong seemed to enjoy this kind of life ,even if the practice is injured, he paid no attention ,but his recovery ,the speed is very fast, the general condition ,night you can heal .
Then ,side of Confucianism, then when we go kill easily ? Meng Xiang ask . Anytime, however ,may be no trivial matter. The strength ,and monsters have natural ability ,even if the spirit force scanning ,unable to grasp its location ,can only rely on Gu Panpan immortal master ,as energy visual ,find its place .
Party Confucianism paused ,say coldly : I know your strength now ,have not we can imagine ,so ,just the same as before ,you do not intervene, let Zoro they to do . Meng Xiang hasn answering ,Tang Bixin immediately Jack said: attack plan ,I want to try .
Not to mention the first small natural ability ,it simply forces, may Pang Yong ,Canada Goose Livigno Parka Outlet,you may not be the opponent . Party Confucianism unflinchingly ,say without mincing words to say . ,it is impossible to attack ,then it appears later, before the attack, I put it down ,all right? Tang Bixin is not convinced, hem .
Meng Xiang praise: yes ,you fight tactile acumen ,however ,is not easy to do .So, when Zolo and Gu Long after coming back, you must bend over them . Just then ,Zoro sweaty smell to push a door to come ,face a contented .
Apparently ,Pang Yong strength ,has been unable to become his training opponent .Soon after, Gu Fang is back .After nearly 2 months of training, her style more Rin ,behavior ,there is a station in the transmigration of the mean peak .
Although Meng Xiang 99% sure Gu Panpan is Pangu God of war ,however ,he must still further confirmation . Gu Long ,this stick ... ... Meng Xiang from the space bag Ruyi Jingu bang ,handed the Gu Long ,said: this stick, weighing 5 tons ,could you carry it ? Humph ,test my strength ? Gu Long right an idler ,a Qigong wrapped in golden, but ,no matter how much she Gong ,Ruyi Jingu bang but not to turn a hair .
my Qigong ,even can hold up a mountain ,how could support doesn stick ? Gu Fang to profuse sweating ,at the same time ,also make friends heart puzzled .In addition ,Chen Bing and Lin was concentrated practice Zoro ,Han and Tang ,Bixin and Mu fly early on from the side and heard Meng Xiang in Western planes happened ,they thought of Gu Long can easily dance golden, but ,now wondering .
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