Baosheng see refrained sister

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 15:50
Think about it, under the watchful eyes fairy looked next to a stick showdown, the thunder, where to go to look for. To the sounding of the ocean horse, only to find that race chung, just Yang Universal hit no shadow, and have not looked back yet. After consultation between the two sides, the last change chung, Wang Xiaoya firmly with smaller chung, and purpose high Cuicui strong so on. However, I do not know the ocean horse high Cuicui just by Yang universal inspired or her under the stimulation of the great spiritual power, physical fully mobilize up this stick, she just hit that stick, played exciting that chung Yang universal played so far have to look for missing, but this morning the kids hit the farthest a stick! Saw little chung, fly into look better one than the previous arc, like a bird sky, and seems also emits a burst of small howling in the air. However, unexpected things happened, that chung flew half burst of extremely fierce wind blowing, and all of a sudden chung changed the direction of flight, that chung is made of wood, very light, it Abduction lesser curvature, and flew to the right, on the right, is a hit crops such as rice, wheat and corn yard, the yard filled with straw stack and corn stalks crib small chung Huhu lay it fell on a corn stalk stack gone. This, young look stunned. "Go, let's go and look for it!" Liu Marshal shouted. Screams after the first crib walked to that of corn stalks,Canada Goose Livigno Parka Sale. Him go, other people have also followed up. Go to even come up with a story unexpected. On playing chung, Liu Marshal did not play for so many years, certainly die, but on the walking step, teenagers naturally nobody fast too he,canada goose jacket outlet, after mutation of his body, not to mention Bishuiwan teenagers, adults, on the physical, which Someone ratio too. Liu Marshal to take the lead a little chung whereabouts the corn stalks stack before stopped searching look carefully, chung falls. Saw half a day the chung's shadow. Just saw the situation, that little chung should fall on the south-east of the stack of corn stalks, Liu Marshal on the hands move away a the corn stalks bundle sub, would like to see that there are not that chung. This look shocked. Behind the corn stalks bundle sub into the gap formed between the two large corn bundles of sub face! This is a hairy face, a bright red face and a seriousness face face to offenders. Sharp mouth, wide mouth,Mens Timberland 2 Eye Classic Shoes, deep in the eye sockets. This not a typical Houlian of this, is a small monkey. But, look down from the head, not the monkey that long snow white beautiful soft bristle body fat are the fat neck all can not see the upper and lower generally coarse the entire Cubs body. Winnie. Was a little Baixiong. However, look down, it is not Winnie, four legs covered with white fur, not a bear legs so rough Zhuangzhuang, legs below the bear's paw, from the leg to the foot, the whole is a dogleg. Puppy. White dog. However, Liu Marshal turned her head to one side, looked to the little guy behind the body, it is not a puppy, piece of tail, coarse surprisingly, looks surprisingly, about seventy to eighty centimeters long, long tail beautiful white hair, the tail is simply too beautiful, the whole a squirrel tail. Squirrels. White squirrels. Houlian bear body, dogleg, squirrel tail. Is not that the animal world that "Unlikeness" it? At the moment, its posture is squat half sitting, hind legs and pad in the ass on the two front legs on a support body, a forward, at the foot firmly stepping on that wooden chung step chung shape, like a football got trampled underfoot looking for fighters athletes the kind of sample. Eyes were rolling in, much brighter than the general monkey eyes, clever much. It looked intently Liu Marshal. Liu Marshal is scared you looked, the teenagers were rushed to the scene. They also, I found that the the only Tibetan straw stack "Unlikeness. "What is this animal you look really strange." "Monkey bar, monkey I have seen from the books." No, the monkey's body not so thick, never seen the look of the Monkey King? "Look tail, like a big feather duster! "...... teenagers temporarily forgot the things of the game, the eyes, the mind, the whole front of small animals attracted. However, when they discovered that wooden chung stepped on the foot of the small animals, someone eager. The first hands Wanger Zi, up wanted small animals at the foot of the wooden chung wins over. Wanger Zi hand just stretched, small animal's front paws on the lift, put Wanger Zi's hand hit the side go, his mouth issued a "puff" sound to Wanger Zi demonstrations. "It's really big fresh!" Wanger Zi spoke, side to hide aside, he may know it powerful, it hands again, maybe it will move your mouth, bite on a. Wanger Zi family dogs, raising a large black dog, The Wang Erzai know a dog bites a man that is very powerful. The second battle of Baosheng money. He often dig hamster nest, never afraid of small animals. When his front coaxed small animals small animals at the foot of the wooden chung cheat over bare growl at him. Money Baosheng thought it to be friendly, and took a step forward and reached for his little chung, I did not realize this when small animal claws look wooden chung arrested, put his mouth on the bite. Is it the small wooden chung When sausage? Qianbao born a mood, but also reach out up to small animal's mouth and pull that wooden chung. Liu Marshal watching wistfully. "Poof!" Small animal complex again chung grasping in his hand, his mouth red Qianbao born evil about. Qianbao surprised, the body backward a hide. Baosheng, from money not afraid of small animals are also afraid of just this little guy body two feet long. "This little guy is kinda cross-ah!" Inherently aggressive Wang Xiaoya also to the emotions, "Come on, we go on, do not believe won no less than the small chung!" Her show off, teenagers are up, many people potential The congregation wants to conquer the Little Dot. "Not as good as my dog, I do not believe uniforms not you!" Wanger Zi cry of his cat, however, in the last head too timid step, he had just tasted the bitterness. At that moment, the two opposing battle groups, temporarily "unanimously". The hedgehog, bear body, dog claws, squirrel tail little guy, became a public enemy, teenagers he had also been the desire to conquer it. Money Baosheng, Wang Xiaoya, Tracy Wang Shushen few brave, stepped forward together, the eight hand want small animals pinned to the ground. "Whew!" All eight hand press empty. Do not look at this little guy fat all of, but flexible enough, to go eight hand, it is a low body, a guy from a gap of eight hand sprang to go, and then in teenagers back, shoulders, head, jump to jump to go Rulvpingdi. The four dissatisfied, exclaimed as the the East flutter West caught, but, someone caught the the Qianbao Health body, small resemble anything we jump to the Wang Xiaoya body, caught Wang Xiaoya body, it jumps Wang Shushen who caught Wang Shushen body, it jumps high Cuicui body ...... it in front of your eyes, but you'll never catch it! "Do not do that! Such can not catch it! Let circumference into a circle, circle it in the middle, grasping, will be able to grab it!" The Qianbao students to deal with a little trick most, he shouted to everyone. Liu Marshal did not say a word, he just watched in silence, and feel that this little guy backing. Baosheng money, loose money, Wang Xiaoya, Tracy Liu Junfen, Wanger Zi, Guo Tie and so on, this time heart really is Qi, a Bayao the low cat circle into a circle to circle the little things in the Central. "Ha ha, look at you where to escape!" Wang Xiaoya pleased yelled. Encirclement shrink more the smaller, little guy also lowered the body, front legs stretched, hind legs kicking, crooked a monkey head, kept circling in the central, round eyes stare boss, not fear, vigilance it touches on the high ground. The crowd appeared to be to the front of it, and Lau Marshal a head count, a total of 16 hands, 16 hands together to be taken away to the little guy. "I caught!" "I scratched his grasp!" "I scratched caught!" ...... One was feeding the sound, we all thought about the little guy caught hands are empty, just caught a soil, the little guy has been without a trace. Endure 8 people sweating breathless own clothes caught very confusing little nothing on earth, but it has jumped to the highest corn stalks stack at a leisurely tails wagging. Mouth, dangling from the wooden chung! "It ... it ... fly?" Someone scared you cried. Is not Liu Marshal but seen most clearly, 8 people arrested and 16 hand to the little guy, and it turned out great tail shake, flying up, flying over the top from 8 poll call slamming flew the corn stalks stack. "Kill it!" Wang Erzi just rushed to empty, grasping the frozen ground, land hard his fingernails Kediao small half blood, pain grimace in pain, and this time he gave the gas spread in on a small animal. "Do not, you can not kill it!" Liu Marshal quickly shouted. He has found that this little guy is unusual. He shouted, children live hand but Wanger Zi does not listen to the greeting, from the the corn stalks stack next picked up a stick, rushed to the the corn stalks stack next relentlessly toward the pile on top of the little guy. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "That Wang Erzi, really there is a sub-wild Jin. However, Wang Erzi playing for a long time, did not hit the small and medium-sized animals look. That small animals felt extremely flexible, and Wang Erzi, playing hide-and-seek! Wanger Zi stack corn stalks upset, but just could not hit the small animal. Fight fight, Wanger Zi himself stunned head, I do not know how it is, no hands stick, looking hard to see, actually, actually a small animal claws! I saw, small animal jumped from the corn stalks stack, right paw grabs a wooden stick, reared a wooden stick on his shoulders, swaggering upright go up! That way, almost like a small Sun monkey! Only his body and short, thick, not so smart Monkey King. Wooden sticks can grasp in small claws, but also stands to go, a small head dangling go grimacing, this has been enough to have teenagers amused laugh. Wanger Zi frantic, from another corn stalks pile next got a Fork corn stalks the four teeth Tiecha used, whirring panting to be decisive and small animals. This time, Liu Marshal can not fail to stop the bucket down again, maybe really will hurt small animals, after all, Wanger Zi hands weapons ah. Liu Marshal just shouting stop, who knows, small animals, is also not afraid Wanger Zi, when the the Wanger Zi's Tiecha hit the front of it, its stature moment and then to a the Wang Erzi behind, it does not use a stick to hit people, put a wooden stick thrown to the side, a flutter of little paws flew at Wang Erzai on the thigh, the the Wanger Zi flutter mouth eating places. It GOODY! Wang Erzai get up and continue * with the spit hit the small animals, according to a small animal is a Tiecha! No suspense, small animals will not let him hit. This time, the small animal jump head of Wanger Zi, a like Shuaza Ji like Wanger Zi's head to the Qiquan to! The Wanger Zi in the hands of the spit, so do not pull its weight, the total can not play ah according to his own head. People around, forgot all about the rivalry and small animals, one watching the antics of the small animals, and Wang Erzi the Lang Beixiang laugh endless. Wanger Zi really tired desperation, had to admit defeat and throw away the spit, spread on the ground whirring breathe the atmosphere, a time could barely stand. Small animals seems had enough, and jumped from Wanger Zi's head, he slides soon got into a pile of corn stalks. Little chung, I wonder if it intentionally, or unintentionally, lost in the feet of loose money. Small animals have not disappeared, all teenagers also interested in the transfer, complex and concentrated in a fierce fight chung this confrontation game. The high Cuicui this wreck is too far, Wang Xiaoya regardless of faction who play, can not exceed the high Cuicui. In fact, the outcome has been decided. "Ok, I give up! I throw in the towel is not enough?" Wang Xiaoya When he finished, the little face hung small fat waist twist, it is necessary to go home. This side, loose money unhappy, you Wang Xiaoya lose the is lost, how such hanging overcast face sub turned away? Throw in the towel in fact, this is not a verbal hearts not convinced? Your Wang Xiaoya on this magnanimous, can only win can not lose? However, the loose money. Born is a soft sub unhappy in his heart, his mouth but it does not say anything. Her brother money Baosheng see refrained sister, Zhang Zhang mouth again refrained back. Liu Marshal Seeing the game ended, the children say, and also ready to turn back to their own small home. Who knows, at this point in time, the high-Tracy ton of bricks. Just now, but in the final set, she played well, played very far from a stick ah. I saw high-Tracy put aside the big step fork, few steps to expel Wang Xiaoya Wang Xiaoya collar sub pull out a live, loud throat authentic: "you go, What kind do you want, or I hit In the morning, Bust fails? "
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