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January 09 [Wed], 2013, 17:24
Two brothers, an attack on defense, an extremely strange law of God Channel, people slightest neglect shall. Barely formed a matrix method, but the wonderful Seongjong five cents of gold is on tenterhooks, seeing it as heavy as a mountain the nine luminaries Nissei wheel toward the side severely hit, quickly pushed the tactical deployment of mana in vivo and opt uttered a shout, welcome to go toward that air cents soldiers. This the Luks brother, not just Road Act preposterous, is to attend an ancient witch clan Arcane, this land Zhenwu at the power of the body, get rid of the methodology is the ancient witch clan guise supernatural powers, the flesh of the tyrannical really relying on the mountain across the sea roar aspect. Nine Yao Nissei wheel the major thirty million stone, a full six Dragon force there I plus true fairy land flesh inside and mana blessing, this strike is already more than 10 Dragon force! With the that firelight splash, even a space has emerged collapse heart was shocked that five gold cents, the hands of the the magic weapon dream glass cents soldiers pushed toward that non-ferrous, non-gold circular ring magic Ying to go. Boom! The terrible magic fluctuations and air waves immediately broke off, razed to the ground around a small mountain. That five gold fairy face ugly endless, I did not expect a set of five, whereas, coupled with tactical deployment of forces, Lu Zhen Wu, now is be prevailed actually difficult nonetheless. The other hand, the latter, after a hit leisurely, however, apparently had just only shot tentative, not fully. This is the gap between the gold cents pinnacle of master hand, can these monks entering the gold cents kill, on gold outside swept party cents monks, but now it is like a quail generally cringe together, see Code dry Exalted The frown endless. Small peaks around destroyed immediately erupted into numerous small black gossamer, without the presence of the people are presence of Dongche Heaven's impossible to find this most secretive of karma. These creatures encountered unexpected calamities, this karma naturally to Laixun the the few people, into the eyes of the crowd surprised, however, that land really cents even mouth a swallowed into the karma that filled. Then keep dry Exalted This erect moved this karma, but the fundamental cycle of the causal world, even if they have to ponder the matter a little mysterious fairy rule, difficult to control and so some kind, but Heaven circulation of matter, any bad karma from killing to be counted in the hand of the person's body, to a certain moment common liquidation. Is the so-called lift head three feet the God known Zhanzhan blue sky can not be bullied,Timberland Womens Sandals, good and evil will eventually reported is the truth. Once on Cultivation killing too many, karma-ridden, change back led to endless suffering the tragedy, which is for a force detached supernatural power control constraints. However, it scared human, this land really cents could have swallowed the karma, which is a kind of supernatural powers? Before the crowd turned to God, at the foot of the void that five fairy gold suddenly broken off, sharp breeze toward the five people swept away, keep dry Exalted want a helping hand is already too late, quickly shouted: "Be careful ! "Fortunately, one of the hands of a disc-shaped magic suddenly jumped, turned into a side stand in front of the buckler, yellowish brown to shine the sky, away toward that invisible qualitative Fengrui resist. However, this is clearly the strongest defense cents soldiers soil series, but in Dahua intangible element magnetic Magic touch to that when, suddenly burst corner, then more cracks have opened. Fortunately One slow, everyone has to react suddenly unison thundered shot, running five elements Guiyuan matrix method, the five elements running allelopathy, all the power of poly rolled into one, and transported to a holding shield old man who. But even so, in five, whereas only Kankan withstand the of that the Dahua invisible yuan magnetic Magic, that Fengrui extremely sharp gash that the soil series cents soldiers surface, a terrible cracks, soon disappeared in the emptiness. "The land real fairy, Seoul dare!" Keep dry Exalted help but rage, just looking at the posture, this land really cents obviously move it real, just if there is a slip, a Canadian invisible the yuan magnetic Magic terrible, maybe someone to fall from the sky in front of their own. Immediately keep this dry Exalted beard and hair are sheets, one the Talisman shot in himself, suddenly turned into the armor layers of ebony color throughout the whole body. "Taiyi have longevity, innate wooden Ling! Armor of God itself open day decision nether!" With the mantra rang keep dry Exalted, the whole of his immediately soared more than five feet, the original figure very high The old man, now it is high terrifying, and with the bringing together the endless wooden spirit of the air toward his body, he has become the whole person burly. Even the head of dense white hair, began slowly black by a Hefatongyan old man, suddenly becomes a the face Qiuran's burly Han. I do not know when to keep hands dry Exalted has appeared in two of some kind, the left hand is a two-edged morphology quaint, extremely odd shape, engraved Talisman Juchui, while the other hand is a length of about six feet , black no slip of the Caine Scrippsiella some kind. To just like Qingtianpili loud shout, keep dry Exalted body shining green light. The right hand Caine cone alignment that Miss True cents left-handed hammer percussion suddenly in the the that Caine cone tail, a shining light begins that Caine cone top flying out true fairy sprang toward land. The "innate Otsuki God Ray? Open A God day decisions? Touches desperately" true fairy land cold smile, the mouth of the language of cynical, but his face was full of intense the color, seeing the horrible congenital Otsuki God of Thunder to hit quickly pop up a number of Daoguang point, to whom LEI Ying go Dahua intangible element magnetic Magic immediately portrayed in the air a channel matrix method, his care in which. Nurture of the other things, Ray Law versa. Experienced gamping that Huan the day mieshi God, Ray, though terrible, it is also acquired seven thousand six hundred forty-two kinds robbery mine one, not into congenital, but less powerful, although large fraction of the vast Smart. Right now this innate Otsuki God Ray, looks powerful better that the atlanto days mieshi God Ray, but in the end is also dubbed inherent in the name of only several top Thunder cast out ghost unpredictable Wei locked the air-impossible to dodge, therefore this land really cents only bite the bullet and Yingkang. After the the to keep dry Exalted issue this Leiguang his face also exposed a little tired of the color, his practice this wood is a God of Thunder millennia, it is only in touch to the mysterious Wonderland world, refining the three innate Otsuki God of Thunder as the natal supernatural powers, originally as against tragedy thing in the future, it is also cast out. He is also not do anything, if they do not cast this some kind, I am afraid that there are several people we should have been behind the atrocities. The a keep dry Exalted a Leiguang issue,Polo For Kid Outlet, although a bit weak, but in the eyes of the Guanghua masterpiece the immediately Zhangshenerqi, the the systemic bone Kacha Jenna popping sound, like a the sky burst of Leiguang. Lang Lang heard shouts and keep dry Exalted already toward that Lu zhenwu, hands hammer cone suddenly crossover hit severely hit the the nine luminaries Nissei round top. Although you have the law of that witch Body, but I also have Xuanmen authentic supernatural powers, the winner inferior, or first contest was Keep dry Exalted blow, as if the horn sounded offensive. Side pressure of cross God to five Jinxian Li no longer hesitate matrix method repeatedly turning the instant makes that armed with sword, Geng metal monks face of that land really hard to resist innate the Taiyi God Ray cents. Behind him, that four people violently pushed really element method agreed, is the operation of the five elements, issued a set of five, whereas that shaking a hit,Chateau Parka Canada Goose! Gate dignity is inviolable. Today has gone through so many things, the group Sanxian stopped in the road, causing the wonderful Seongjong be numerous scattered repair siege, has given way to a few people to hold back the anger of a stomach, I did not expect the two men enemies of Luks Brothers also hit the door, clay figurines, as well as a soil temper, not to mention these fairy gold master? Kim cents pinnacle of what? First took on this sword say it! A ruined G gold days off to storm out of thin air into the sky, five cents of gold master Lin Shou the ultimate sword will issue reminder how powerful? No one can describe the sword vast prestige, even if it is innate Road tire repair has become Mok grabbing front Jianqi issued, nor and the sword in case. With the the Ascension of of that Xiaosha breath, a radius of hundreds of trees foes becomes golden color of the ordinary trees, now if Naqu refining, a little refining can be made of a two-edged rather not weak Hyun soldiers. That golden only color is G gold extremely pure gas give all the performance of the infestation, these trees has apparently turned into a dead thing, if percussion under, can issue metal Zhuangjizhisheng, transformed essentially, also Only Kim Sin master this great supernatural powers. That tract terrible Jianqi, followed by congenital the Otsuki God Ray Green Bibi landing real fairy swept away, as if one want this piece of heaven and earth chop break posture. And that innate the Otsuki God Ray every level to promote, has planted land real fairy nineteen the Talisman barrier, life and broken to fifteen, and I Wei did not break, rushed straight forward! After that Leiguang, is a half-moon, to chop almost broken Jianguang of heaven! Faced with such a critical situation, land and real cents even chuckled again, his eyes sweeping a Master is keep dry and of Lu Zhen Wu melee was going on, one side dark extremely small mirror, already appeared in his palm. The mouth of one, an instant the countless black atmosphere with a little bit of essence and blood did not into that mirror this land really cents, had shriveled body, the more wizened, shrink layer, apparently had just ejected karma, take away a lot of his essence and blood. With that as general dense smoke which karma into that mirror even sent bursts of blue light, that the back of the mirror, even as also long into in Miss True cents palm general. Seeing so that Lu Xian Gaga really doing all suddenly lifted from the palm of your hand, stand time light masterpiece midair actually had one just like slender vertical eye cracks that cracks into endless evil wind, dead air filling . The "witch ancestral evil eye? Turned the supernatural power of the Wu family, you both Terran blood, how can cast such witch Law?" The battle raging Lu Zhen Wu Shou dry Exalted this evil breath the Jingdong, aghast look to the air that terrible eyes suddenly seem to think of what the general. "So, you both want to get that gamping To instead of turning Nitian!"
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