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January 15 [Tue], 2013, 17:29
Rennes future decisions when Fort northern ice make enough to change, as the biggest beneficiary was Jeff has been restored to personal Newton returned with a broken Fun City, although this city has become dilapidated, but there's no mistaking that he 's home. These bugs, Jeff mood finally changed for the better that before the time of hell has been worried about the situation at home, now remove the burden immediately becomes a lot easier. Those guests seems still enjoy this fun to eat and drink life, Jeff, when the owner failed to accompany them in any mood to eat and drink, he is too miss their relatives and friends, and can not wait to see them immediately. Sariel, here can be considered that you are most familiar with, you help me entertain under them home something casual access it, I still have to point things out of a trip to trouble you. "Jeff directly with the trouble threw Sariel, then I got my own father-in-law who came to the open space in the city, the body forces converged on the arms pull an emptiness, and a door leading to free and unfettered spirit world was opened . The power of the body encased behind the crowd, then move into this space channels, instant space rip on self-healing, actually no overflow trace of spatial turbulence. Happy spirit world above the vast earth suddenly ripped a rip in his head and see someone rushed in, the militia immediately sounded the alarm. Originally thought to enter the the Happy spirit world on security, who would have thought that actually was able to catch up with the Happy spirit world to hear the bell just to withdraw from Fun City after everyone assembled. Kinship and part temporarily in place Maronite immediately waving wings, flew toward distant black spots among the high-altitude, in the the Fun City when fear of damage to the city dare not use force, but this the Happy spirit world than the Western continent sturdy on several times, but it can withstand their attack. But also considered them bad luck, this kick is not only kicked the iron, and his boss, who also kicked. Original Jeff thought his message back vent so dense, that the Dragon with blood family to come out and lined up to welcome, but if you see more and more near you menacing expression when Jeff will know each other certainly is where the mistake a. But when the boss have metrics, Jeff does not want to tell them more entangled than these ferocious guy, he is more willing to see their beautiful wives. In the air, a flashing, Jeff took it to a group of people disappeared from the spot, leaving only messy group of people in the wind. Although he did not find out in the end what happened, but these people finally guessed that the other side should not be the enemy, but fortunately only a false alarm, a group of people they have managed to fly over violently with its wings back flying. When you see the familiar face appears in front of their own, Dani only feel their own heart almost jumped out from the chest into, she really could not believe my eyes. Look forward to the numerous day and night the children finally appeared in front of their own, Dani even eyes refused to blink for fear of closed eyes open again found only an illusion. Any corner of the tears flowing down the cheeks, Dani rushed directly to the front of Jeff and cupped his face with both hands. "Wife, you lost, I'm sorry I'm late." Jeff whispered to express their apologies. Only this sentence, let Dani emotions completely out of control, it really is the River of Sorrow, of course, this is no sorrow cried pregnant. And flew into the arms of Jeff, feeling the warmth of his embrace, Danielle finally determined this is not a dream, and his brother's Jeff really back. The excitement is difficult to heal, Dani also attend to their own face, directly to take the initiative to kiss with Jeff in the crowd of onlookers below street kiss. Of course, we all are with, and did not make a sound, big boss fight kiss presumably not many people dare easily interrupted. However, not many people does not mean no one, only a little while scrambling several pretty woman ran over, and then began to compete from the vantage point. Group of orioles Even crying is so tempting, abstinence for more than two years Jeff under this group of beautiful women surround actually do not have any bad thoughts, even his own little doubt that he is not changed temper. Finally pro finished one by one, one by one comfort over and over, Jeff found not even yet married several pro on. Fortunately, others almost all eyes turned to the side, or they have been ridiculed about it, looked at a picture of the Qiaolian Ewha rain, my heart filled with a sort of apology, and then right again hold in several wife the arms. "Brats, street bullying ah, really have a wife forgot the grandfather?" The anachronistic old Cardin's voice came over the. Jeff raised his head, looked at the old Cardin is a bit of old faces, embarrassed and said: "They say small do heart grow fonder, but we, respectively, for more than two years, the wife naturally want to die. However Grandpa, you can not say that I, ah, I'm so filial, this is not yet enough time to it. "old Cardin pleased smiles:" Well, well, and quickly go back to the house, there is not to place your X-rated show. "word to Jeff to block flushed, he really just forget all around people, of course, a few thin-skinned wife face embarrassing one ratio when to run even faster. Dani did not leave, just daydream looking at her own husband, she never wanted to separate with their own Jeff. Jeff also help her wipe the tears under his eyes, and then whispered said: "darling child, do not cry, I came back and never left. Know I still have a few new, ah, new people you know to introduce to everyone, into the room to say, "a group of people in the old Cardin led into the huge ballroom, of course, only the closest people are eligible to enter this place, this is the case also huge hall plug were packed. Looking at a picture of a familiar face, Jeff hearts really feeling a lot, did not think he left so long after these people are still in the protection of their own family, such a friend is a friend indeed. "Gentlemen, I'm Jeff is not talking, do not understand what the big deal, but I am aware of a truth, only in times of difficulties you never betray real friend Thank you, thank you think of me as a friend, I would like to thank everyone I help! Rennes bug has been killing all the clean, so we do not have to worry about the following situation, Fun City by some destruction, but as long as everyone in, we still , can build a greater Fun City! Come, I respect you a cup! "Jeff pleased raised his glass and then drink the glass of spirits down, presence of Morohito are very pleased with toast drink , only a few hands has been trembling. "In addition to a few new friends here, I think I need to tell you about." Jeff pleased that everyone says. They were all along Jeff's eyes look at the past, gaze at where several pairs of eyes have been staring at their respective target convergence of objectives, some with body almost trembling a bit. Especially Lucifer few eyes have been given Jeff beside a few people who, they are holding the full cup of trembling hands, Alexander more directly to the hands of the cup shape into pieces. Has entered hell for years, but that familiar atmosphere still has not changed, even if the dream would also like to see the people in front of their own, and even then I am afraid it is not brought under control strong knee-jerk reaction of his body. Two angels in hell, I know, they are transformed into an angel before, have lived in the West on the continent,Canada Goose Men's D'Alpago Bomber. Rennes is their hometown, so I want everyone to be able to ignore their appearance, real to them as our family. Danni and Grandpa, I think you should talk with their two brothers do not mind the dignified President with the beautiful wife of, they also gave me great help, Kaina is necessary with the two exchanges about feelings. Honourable Mr. familiar faces long not look like the Dragon King Foluo Sa Majesty the long, Olivia you can past and this bit Mr. exchanges. then this gentleman and his daughter, but also our valued customers, today we can be sure to entertain them. "Jeff pointing introduced one by one. Named several left side of Jeff went toward their own special intimacy before walked in front of Lucifer and Luxi De leave the seat stepped forward and fell to his knees. "Father adults, unfilial back late!" Looking at knees and two sons, has always been the most calm old Cardin could not restrain his emotions: "Lucifer, Luxi De, no later than no later my old man can have a life to see you back, God has to be I do not thin! Dani Come fast to see your father and uncle, they really come back! "the finish few old card Dan has been tears, Dani also like being struck by lightning in general, the two angels the consternation of looking at the front of knees. Ignore them behind the wings, that look is still a bit similar to their own, and come back to remember the experiences of his father and uncle, Dani finally come to understand thoroughly. "Father! Uncle,Ralph Lauren Children Hoodies!" Dani also cried and knelt in front of his father, choking back tears, only know that Lucifer is holding his daughter, and even speak a word,Snowsuit Canada Goose. The other side is Alexander and Mimi Na directly Kaina rushing in the arms, even if Kaina stupid to understand the feeling of the kind of flesh and blood, and a three-phase Gu speechless but happy tears. Olivia timidly came to the scar Fo Luosa before and Fo Luosa looked some satisfaction Olivia said: "Yes, it really is my daughter!"
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