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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSpecial forces was originated from Germany ,in 1936, the German High Command Military Intelligence Bureau Director Canaris long admiral established Brandenburg special forces Timberland Radler Trail Camp UK Sale,the member forces are speak more than one language ,and familiar with the country ,at the outbreak of war, the force member into the hostile countries carry out extensive destruction, victory is celebrated, the special operations forces the main operation pattern thus established .
The German border guards ninth anti-terrorism Battalion ( GSG German troops into the jungle and later Israel ) in wild boy almost, not attacked by predator hunting ,also did not encounter other countries special forces ,the army and other country vary ,it is actually the special police forces ,in the organization under the Ministry of the interior, to the Minister of the interior conductor .
At present, the border guards ninth anti-terrorism battalion from the headquarters ,4 convex surface forces and an expert technology group ,for the preparation of 200 people ,and currently has 300 members in the actual .
Its main task is in the very period as an important figure to defend ,and terror to battle .Yin Daduo is cool ,calm member has character of middle-aged people .About one in every 30 is a combat group ,the team can be divided into 6 to 10 combat group .
They were stationed in Bonn Aoguding near Sagnac - a modern building .Because of provisions in each country in the number of not more than seven, so every country have sent seven people group, basically team members are to meet with the jungle warfare needs .
Now they encountered the French gendarmerie intervention team ( GIGN ) .As a part of the military police force ,under the direct leadership of the Ministry of defense of france .As the assault team in the implementation of anti terrorism combat mission, always dressed in a black black belt ,called " ;men in black " ;.
The French gendarmerie intervention team in France support, in just a few years rise abruptly quickly ,become a force to be reckoned with terrorist forces .The GIGN team members have a total of more than 80 officers ,4 ,for the 4 assault unit .
Since its inception ,it is like a magic " ;as G Chris " ;sword ,hanging on the curtain of the terrorist head .As a specialized engaged in terrorist activities of the special assault team ,not only in Europe but also in the world to also having a great reputation .
The army carried out a variety of tasks for a total of more than 600 ,hostage rescue 450 ,arrested 550 terror threats ,to its the victory to become the world leader in elite troops .Talking about Germany and France ,but that the enemy .
Modern world history, Germany produced many influential man ,one of the most prestigious have iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck ,his iron and blood ,he is the reunification of Germany, creed and creed .
Bismarck is based on this kind of violence ,bold and subtle use of international disputes and favorable opportunity ,decisive make Germany via road unity .The German Emperor William II ,the first World War initiator ,almost to the force against the world .
War maniac Adolf Hitler ,head of the Nazi party in Germany ,the Second World War ,the initiator ,he makes a post-war Germany rapidly towards the powerful ,and the Second World War the main focus of the war criminals and first ,on twentieth Century after the world history has produced important influence character .
At the same time, Hitler is also a distinguished statesman ,strategist ,speaker .Speaking of the French ,since Napoleon France from a first class power of becoming a failed state ,the first World War Germany played lost most of the land ,in the second world war is the direct destruction of country ,the two World War the French were too many to count .
Germany GSG captain Leo ordered members of rest ,and the arrangement of the warning after the vice-captain Lucas Doug : that you are careful, the two days we are lucky, met no predator ,also not encountered in other country ,cannot loosen vigilance ,this two day to hear the gunshots and explosions ,you know the battle here how tragic ,perhaps now have other countries people be extinguished .
Lucas nodded: understand ! Continued : Captain ,I do not understand ,why send us here ,we are not doing this material !Should send special jungle special forces came to be ! Leo : don ?A few years ago died here many jungle elite special forces ,the way you see those bones are those left behind .
Now the military most of those people are after the training ,no combat experience ,so he sent us ! Lucas said: you so say ,other countries also should be about ? Leo : ,Germany special forces birthplace, level than any other national difference !As far as I know ,in the past few years only one American home ,other people have died here .
Lucas asks : Captain ,really predator ?Not in the movie ? Leo : do you think it will lie to you ?Who dies here are named, mostly in military and mercenary group are sometimes ornery people ,well, don think, called up ,ready to go .
Lucas : is the French gendarmerie ( GIGN ) commando Ferdinand in front of LED ,suddenly saw in front of more than meters plant moved from behind the drill ,out of a person ,is a German soldier ,the other just found him, he shouted out : the Germans ,concealed ! The German side with no guide he shouted that met the French front ,two immediately hide .
He shouted : ha ha ,France ,you have not completely destroyed ? The French Feidi Road : damn the Germans ,was the first to die should be you !How do you go to see Hitler ? He replied : before we die ,to bring you these France sent to hell ,damn French soft !You ,romantic lover I take it ! Many people don call him the softies Timberland Euro Dub Sale,because France in the two World War was beaten down ,the army was not the German rival ,had been killed by scare the shit out of sb.
,French soldiers once called soft pronoun, of course they do better than Italy ,Italy is a typical fence, military power is more unbearable, known as the famous Italy noodles noodles ,hence its name .
Ferdinand gas was in a complete mess Mens Timberland Classic,immediately to fire ,being behind feels captain Raymond press : Rio Ferdinand ,calm !It is not clear not surrounded by other people ,to fire timberland uk online,is likely to be taken advantage of ! Ferdinand was clenched fist to hit ,not to the Germans he to scold: how ?France ,castrated ?Ha-ha.
I know the day lying in the lover belly on the France is the bear-like ! Ferdinand could not help but also with his words : you humble barbarians ,only know the massacre ,two wars because your dead how many people ? He said: Ha opposite !Your French noble ,civilization !But in the outside all day with someone else ,daughter !His wife is also on the other !Who knows your son, is it right? You own .
Not to say in front of the war of words ,the German captain Leo Lucas made a gesture ,called him touch the French left wing ,heard here fire immediately .Lucas saw Leo gesture ,understand his meaning ,nodded ,lay in the French left wing touched the ground past .
Leo is on the back of the Finn and Felix made some gesture Timberland Euro Dub Boots,that they reach the French right wing .Finn and Felix immediately left and right towards the French right wing touched the past .
Leo on sniper Paul pointed to a big tree ,called him a sniper support .Paul climbed the tree behind and scrambled up the tree ,hiding in a leafy tree fork behind, has set up a sniper rifle .
Leo took fire support hand Nicolas hiding in a flowing on both sides, ready to attack .The French knew nothing of the Germans have on their three surfaces encloses ,Captain Lei Meng is here with the vice captain Henry to discuss now how should do ?Is here with the Germans fight ,or withdraw immediately ,so the two arguments for quite a long time ,who cannot persuade ,Raymond opinion is immediately withdrew ,with the German play ,Henry is of the opinion that the Germans with a dry ,let them know the French not bullied ,people are called to your ancestors eighteen generations ,you can do nothing to put a dingy escape ?You have to run their own race ,but we can this bird gas !Don kill the German is not the end .
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