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November 04 [Sun], 2012, 18:10
The 342nd chapter on travel a war down ,Jinling City almost the whole of the quake a shock ,to the city leadership ,down to the civilian beggar ,all know today in the city somewhere in the student unrest ,even the army opened in, something serious to the extreme .
This is more than a decade to have things that came from time to time the waves of explosions that those who hear it is be struck with fright ,tremble with terror ,thinks that the Third World War to birth .
Especially during a moment ,the whole world is quiet ,it seems the whole heaven gave birth to some of the changes ,more dignified ,more imposing ,that is each citizen heart on the mysterious feeling .
Although unable to is certainly true ,but always in every citizen heart .And now Ye Feng villa ,was almost in ruins ,a lot of places were razed to the ground ,nearby places also suffer great destruction .
However ,Luo four hiding in the house security is ,in addition to a start shooting and tear smoke bombs ,then didn attack ,this is also they will most of the energy transferred to the body of Ye Feng .
Later ,Ye Feng killed all of the Bionicle ,went to the villa ,will direct him away .As for Li Yunfeng ,in the leaf maple kill Bionicle from everywhere together ,surviving only Li Yunfeng ,Kim Nishitetsu ,Tu days ,Wang Da ,Xue Hai ,six square cloud .
Ts famous powerful corps world team is almost only so little people .Some noncombatants since no to leaf maple villas fortunately nothing, is a great comfort ,if all went, would be wiped out .
... ... The school things I have been closed ,we prepare ,immediately left for Beijing . For the local, to Luo four rest ,the very next day Ye Feng said ,UGG Payton Outlet. Master, we this how? Luo four thought, no advice ,but he just wants to ask ,this how to beijing .
To tell you the truth, he really want to experience a person type aircraft ,Timberland Kids,but look like Ye Feng seems not to have this idea ,he also had to be the attractive idea in mind .He hasn the courage and leaves maple joking ,if the future of their own to open up, he will be no tears to cry .
Indeed ,only leaf maple smiled ,and said: as to how, I have thought it over ,we slowly walked away, you also need to exercise ,we had also travelled traveled ,this very good . That stuff ,is it right? Need to prepare ? Luo four considered asked .
All the things I have been ready, you don . Ye Feng smile ,before some day he bought all the required things ,Nike Air Max 180 Sale,and placed in the space crystal Zitong , Zitong space in Ye Feng congenital Dacheng later reached five square meters ,more than sufficient to put some necessary things .
To hear Ye Feng say, four said ,would not say .Then ,two people flew off ,on foot ,let a person can to the whereabouts of Li Yunfeng and others ,even I know also had .Now ,Ye Feng in Jinling day, trouble is a day ,not detain .
... ... Here is a garden of Beijing ,is skull in the a site .Is still a weiqi ,two cups of tea .The tea is still smoke curled ,springs Ding dong .Just ,when seated two people the mood is completely different with the before .
The two one is a skull president, nobody knows its name ,since Zeus lightning ,have ability ,another is the skull think-tank Gus Will .At this time, have no chess ,President of the sombre to drip with water ,just now , skull by the fastest way to know the students in Jinling City action .
In addition to obtaining some Jinling military information ,they skull of this action is the heavy loss .All of a sudden loss of three star generals ,three full Jiuxing general, not the three Bionicle ,nor the three ordinary star warrior ,but the skull and the most high-end power ,president following the strongest Jiuxing general .
In this way , skull is badly hurt ,need a lot of time planning preparation, many places in the lost admiral has not withered ,requires a contractile force, for example in Asia, skull no longer like before most active .
Originally, plan is good ,take Ye Feng with the data back to the m after this research ,by weakening China top strength .Two other general is not in the plan, they have their own task ,need in other Delta town scene .
Eventually Plo will adhere to two other generals over to help .Three general levels of Bionicle together, in the world, almost nothing can not be done ,unless it is a real life world war ,otherwise how can they die? Who knows ,God appears and they opened a joke ,it in a day .
In order to deal with a person ,not only caused the ambush decades of strength ,but also the loss of a large amount of Bionicle and three star admiral .This loss is even skull is also difficult to bear .
What is the reason ?I couldn ,a sudden sound of cold drink ,which is the garden also can not help a shake . There is no reason ,no reason three star admiral is met China innate ,although beat but escape should be no problem ,especially the Admiral Plo ,his mobile spatial ability ,but the one and only ,how could not escape .
President Gus Will is opposite in the brow can wrinkle ,confused . Needless to say ,this thing I must find out .This joint meeting in Beijing ,I have to get back . The president is livid face grunted coldly .
China birth has been here the complete force while, it may not personally hand ,what is it ?Is the leaf maple ? Gus Will analysis . Impossible ,that although Ye Feng progress of fast, fast even have general strength ,but also the strength will be three ,all left hand ,must be someone else .
The president firmly denied such a possibility . It is the hidden heritage ? And it is not possible, the successor to the Chinese nation and the real time of crisis is not there . It is caused by changes in Beijing ? Gus Will seems to think ,one said .
It is really the person ?Such people are not we can infer that . President frowned ,some in favor of this speculation . The conference is for the person ,if the man ,let him come back, remove a Chinese curse .
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