I don me all the blood that is how to .

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 10:33
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultWhat matter .Everyone was shocked, dragon Yunfeng sudden changes, appears to be killed .
At this time, Maas and Moss they were called the Dragon Yunfeng ,but Long Yunfeng is just like a lost soul ,diffuse the mechanical steps Coach Alexandra Handbags,approximating the Maas they .Everyone was scared later ,more despair .
Now they are seriously can say ,is their whole intact MAS also can not cope with the Dragon Yunfeng ,that even Beamon warrior can kill people ,is their ability to withstand the range ?Only ,they can only be unwilling to give up continue towards the Dragon Yunfeng shouting .
! Cloud wind head !Are we ! Cloud wind !Wake up ! , Canada Goose Jackets,,,,,there seems to be a familiar voice, dragon Yunfeng remained unmoved .Even ,the Dragon Yunfeng came close to Moss and a pedestrian before ,dragon Yunfeng by cold raised the bloody sword stained with Primus ,a blizzard of murderous put out .
Moss they saw this, almost all have the despair ,but still desperately shouting with Jin Dragon Yunfeng .Suddenly, the Dragon Yunfeng hands with the sword or heavy toward Moss .They cut down .
No. ~ ~ screaming sound, staring in disbelief .Seeing ,bloody one act also appeared in dragon ,is Yunfeng heart suddenly came a familiar call : cloud ,cloud ,wind ,,,, Reena ?! Dragon Yunfeng startled ,that is falling in mid-air fierce sword suddenly stopped ,looked in a dull ,dragon Yunfeng eyes red is also gradually disappeared .
But Moss is scared a cold sweat .They also with one breath relax ,but just one act is too dangerous ,almost everyone thought Moss they would be dead .However ,when the Dragon Yunfeng saw the scene ,is amazed find yourself your sword will cut them to Moss ,the people have to stay completely froze .
,,,,,,I ,,,I, how is this going ? Long Yunfeng panic . I don ,but you just really good, we almost have been to kill you ! Moss have a lingering fear back road .Sorry. Long Yunfeng was shocked ,not by the hold ,sword ,found that the blood on the faint disappear ,wonder: is it s sword ? Cloud wind ,Reena ? Moss asked the pharynx in pharyngeal slobber .
Reena ! Long Yunfeng woke up from the house ,immediately ,Lieutenant Carina gave out .Suddenly ,a familiar figure is shown living in the public eye ,also let the horse ,they once again shocked ,because they are completely unable to common sense to judge the Dragon Yunfeng what will a large living appeared out of the show in front of everybody .
Then ,the Dragon Yunfeng had a hand held almost stood instability of Carina .Carina startled ,elongated eyelashes fluttered, opened the pure water blue eyes ,did not think of to just wake up at first glance to see that a familiar with the handsome face .
However ,Carina is surprised : you sound !J. J. J. blood ! Blood ? Dragon Yunfeng Leng ,a hand rubbed his face, does have a blood stain ,a faint smile: s okay . No. Your body is blood ! Carina was surprised, anxiously asked anxiously : cloud wind !You ,,,you really OK !?You really did not deceive me ? Dragon Yunfeng startled ,it found ,is not only his face covered in blood, and it is all covered with the blood of blood ,the Dragon Yunfeng is shocked: I ,,,I don me all the blood that is how to .
These are not your blood ,the big guy ! Moss suddenly ,a finger with the distance that the meat too horrible to look at .Dragon Yunfeng startled ,and Carina turned to look, but far see the ground is affixed to a pile of nausea, flesh and blood ,but is it right? The bodies have been quickly points out .
Karian was a cry ,will hold dragon Yunfeng ,a gentle and pleasant smell hit, Carina buried in the Dragon Yunfeng arms ,the heart of fear began to calm down .And the Dragon Yunfeng watched the scene ,his brow wrinkled, he could only remember that consciousness to remind myself to kill Beamon warrior ,but the process is completely obscured .
Positive thinking ,he suddenly said : the head !You help people ,we can ! I was surprised ,dragon Yunfeng should be over, the people present are seriously injured ,only magic can be cured .
Immediately ,the Dragon Yunfeng released Carina body, namely : Reena, hello good here ,I went to help them . I also work together to help you ,my water magic for their body is beneficial .
Carina said softly . No, you were just restored ,let me go . Long Yunfeng distressed road . I ,but also found in vivo magic is improving a lot, I beg you ,I really want to help you ! Carina begged .
Look at Carina so longing eyes ,dragon cloud above a soft ,nodded softly: Okay ,but don force yourself . Well ! A delighted Carina hastened to nod .After that ,the Dragon Yunfeng began looking around in a mess ,Maas they more than 50 people scattered places are not far apart ,but Long Yunfeng is found seemed to wax a person .
Yes. The Jerry brothers ! Dragon Yunfeng startled ,powerful spiritual force started shooting around .Dayton is ,at a distance of more than 300 meters ,dragon Yunfeng felt a faint smell .
No hesitation ,ignore all wondering gaze ,a dragon Yunfeng darted to UGG Fringe Cardy On Sale,from a narrow crack ,surprised to find Kageri .However ,Kageri is now the situation is very bad ,just as a spiritual force to Kageri who bursts in again, Kageri was shocked to discover that ,in vivo bone has broken several root .
At present ,the Dragon Yunfeng hands steady hold Kageri in through the cracks ,and skillful sophisticated techniques to give Kageri a skeleton force connector .They see a face wood uh ,dragon Yunfeng that strange means is too much, they don know what Long Yunfeng was doing, but see Long Yunfeng Kageri body of irregular twist when, they are scared and cold sweat ,if such as dragon Yunfeng is also this save yourself ,wouldn be dead .
And then, in a coma while Long Yunfeng rescue Kageri ,Carina also began to implement a spa ,heal a wounded people .Not ,long Yunfeng had on Kageri after bone in vivo ,but the injury is not too optimistic .
Later ,dragon Yunfeng not by looking eyes are water therapy heal everyone kariana ,suddenly had an idea UGGs Classic Tall Fancy Boots.Then ,the Dragon Yunfeng back to Kageri, go to Karian in front of him ,said : Reena, you will all take to the same area come, so I can cure your injury .
Together! ? Carina was shocked . Yes ! Long Yunfeng nodded ,serious : now everybody can take off together ,or cure . Then, the Dragon Yunfeng will carry on the Kajieli lying on ground D'Alpago Bomber Canada Goose.
Carina is also not hesitate ,started around them to Long Yunfeng body in front of .Then ,the Bard and his men had positive face surprise color standing not far away .Long Yunfeng saw the Bard then angrily channel : not quick to come for help ! ,it is !It will come ! Bud was in a cold sweat, with one hand ,with the Dragon Yunfeng they will be wounded horse ,they put in the same area .
Then ,the Dragon Yunfeng began transported onwards in vivo light magic ,a strong white light meal from the Dragon Yunfeng shine up ,rolling divine breath ,like rain bedding to the Maas they all people .
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