the timing of the Dark Master

January 22 [Tue], 2013, 17:13
Second eye, in his eyes, there has been a different change, what has been, what won over. All in all, very complex. "Thank you very much, I do not have much time, remember to put this thing to her, but in the appropriate time," Baird own clothes inside out the box and handed Zhang knife. He stood up, look somewhat like a sudden, he was almost going to fall, but he refused to Zhang knife to reach out and supported him. But their climb up a flight of Warcraft, with the final power of the souls summoned jump, fly away, disappeared in the implementation. Just leave? He did not know, being at high altitude, Baird eyes shot up the soul flame in the hands of little secluded green light, that the light of this floating in the palm of the hand above. "I was wrong, then I am now, you do one, the only right thing to do" green flame glued to the skin on top of him, and soon engulfed palm! Powerful flame. Face appeared a look of pain, endured a smile, but slowly, the flame had his whole arm burning ashes. Body, neck, slowly disappear. "I was wrong, I was wrong," the last his whole body, so that disappeared without a trace, and that green flame, do not know where to go. Zhang knife went to the room next door, found Burton lying in bed, still look wrapped, do not know what happened, Benjamin has become very weak, lying on the ground to restore with from time to time to come up with a bottle of something drink. "He went?" Sensed footsteps,Polo Sleeved, Benjamin asked. "He's gone, and that in the end what happens? Course, not necessarily to say, I was just curious." Zhang knife the first said. "In the future you will know, I have said before, all look at Burton, but do not say that his grandfather came over, he asked, he said his grandfather never appeared to go back on the face of the frail elderly request, Zhang knife did not refuse to hearts mystery flourished. Why play this out, hey? "She woke up, remember the words I said" Benjamin restore a lot of effort to stand up in bed, Burton has some action, just the spirit is not completely wake. Two staring at, waiting for him up into a moment the bell, Burton, call out loudly, and then get up from bed, he curled up in some strange feeling as. "How are you feeling,Air Max Skyline Running Sale?" Benjamin asked, very concerned about, and this time the blood cleared, but from his junior sister apprentice told him to think of a way to start, in preparation. For so many years, a successful move, but also lucky. More rare, Zhang knife successful summon to prove his theory, he wants this life has been completely value, no the several Darkcaster able to reach his achievements. "The teacher, you do to me what I am feeling obediently, there is a cool feeling," Burton replied. "Feel like, feel like, you must take a rest, to deal with as a teacher as well as something for" Benjamin nodded with satisfaction, have identified the basic right. Burton continues to lie down, under Benjamin schematic, Zhang knife followed him out, and shut the door. "I saw nothing to you?" Benjamin deliberately used a magic to eliminate the sound leaks before opening Road. Zhang knife out of that box and saw this box, Benjamin sighed, "It seems that for so many years, the brothers still in love with the junior sister apprentice, which is the junior sister apprentice gave him a gift, and for so many years still preserved He estimated that let you find a suitable time for Burton's "Yes," Zhang knife nodded. Sure enough fellow, speculation has been even say. "Oh, so years, he still has not changed" Benjamin heaved a short sigh, in the end, why, even he said is not clear. "Too soon I have to go back, and this time out, actually let Burton to experience this world, let him relax mood, these things, you know the future will be." But now, he went to northern mainland , risks and opportunities, if possible, I urge you to protect her, and hard to deal with the situation, let him come back "after listening to Zhang knife, with some regret, his concern is Benjamin, because he was familiar with fusion band, their help to think of a way to summon a strange metal skeleton and the combination of thermal weapon thing, his own research to be stagnant. Seem to see the things he has in mind, and Benjamin's hand on his shoulder: "Do not worry, your idea,Ralph Lauren For Kid Sale, I know, I will help you, but my research, it is only summon dark souls above the rest of the fusion is to rely on your own efforts, but your good talent, perseverance and more, will be able to successfully "been encouraged and affirmed, Zhang knife myself have some joy, immediately said:" and Burton is a friend, and his teacher, if you do not mind, I call you soon as the teacher how? "Benjamin surprised a moment, and then a hearty laugh:" Well, well, this soon as a good teacher called, I received your students, but that later, the relationship between you and Burton also different "Zhang knife to see him quickly promised, some reaction, however, in this world, the coach is very solemn and serious thing Once this relationship, then it is almost father-son relationship. "Of course, you are my teacher, then I and Burton fellow, his thing is my thing" Benjamin points nod, did not point out the Burton, a daughter of the truth, but then said: "Since you are going to pray in my door, then you have the door for me to understand" stroking his long beard, and he enjoyed it was thanks to the entry of the moment, the gathering place of the timing of the Dark Master, a lot of people want to enter his under the door, but did not see eye to eye on the students, many of them just to his name. My door is an ancient martial art in the dark, a gathering place, Darkcaster, but my door is a unique style called black flag door because the token is a flag "Benjamin Stern said. Black flag door, if a thousand years ago, the continent must tremble with fear, but a long time already fading Now need to go to the the darkness gathering place to spend. Darkness gathering place, is a mysterious place, so far not many people know where it is, the only one who knows that many Darkcaster. Numerous.
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