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January 05 [Sat], 2013, 10:10
Wu Huang supplier Yun, former Lord of the Orient House, the combat capability unparalleled With European Xuanji rebel Longting Since many years ago, after the four Prince teamed seriously wounded, has been not forbear hair, now make a comeback show at the moment guise Huang Wei. Chariot driven by the supplier Yun, is her most powerful magic, named Wu moving chariot! Wu moving chariot around constantly evolved into the true meaning of the martial arts, one by one, large-scale cooperation, each moves the read has the miraculous ability. Sitting the Wu Huang supplier Yun in Wu moving chariot above, exudes a very mature atmosphere, her hands are very nice, but the terrible, This is a pair of control of the hands of the life and death of millions of people, she slowly stood up, eyes overlooking below, her voice far spread out. "The kingdom of God has rotted, humane and crippled, so long overdue devoid of the kingdom of God in the history of the kingdom of heaven is Jiuzhou only the Immortality hope, this is the trend Jade Prince, I said, I the providers Yun will certainly will be back, in one fell swoop destroyed the dragon Chambers! "Why?" a majestic voice lifted off into the sky, a ghost projected is Jade Prince, though not his body, but comes out of breath, faint exceed Wu Huang. "Do you forget when you and Europe Xuanji how I to play as a lost dog, Wu Huang, now is not your era, more than the kingdom of heaven era, this war must be my Longting last victory. "" This moment was then was our gas bad luck, Ding Yu see through the secret, and if not, the Dragon Court has long ceased to exist. female Phoenix Palace I control Wu Phoenix, Xuanji control dragon court This is the most perfect results. supplier Yun smiled and urgent tone, to show old female Phoenix peerless elegance, her strength is rapid recovery, and now has reached the extent of six authentic cases, as long as the re- her time, I am afraid that can exceed the strength of the horrors of the Spider Queen. To know when the Wu Huang providers Yun is the most impact cents cases, one of the characters was why she said Wu Huang. "It's fantastic, female phoenix palace now no longer old female Phoenix Palace, youthful and blue than blue, the four Queen, stronger than you too much, you have the means, despite put your horse back." Jade Prince said lightly. The Wu Huang providers Yun not say any more, waved with one hand behind the army suddenly launched the assault, a seat of spiritual matrix, such as rain generally cover pressing down Armageddon forces continue to wreak havoc off this party world of To hell on earth. At the same time, the army on the ground, began defended not afraid of dying attack, which is a large-scale war, even for people with fear of death heart at the moment and will not chickened out, if it is going it alone, then there is a very may be afraid to die, this is the influence of the war. A seat fortune jade spy fly evasive out to start a comprehensive collision, all kinds of magic weapons, all put on the battlefield, waged bloody scenes constantly derived. Eight hundred thousand troops to attack the army of six hundred thousand, which gap is still abnormal huge Fortunately, regardless of the Jaap Xianjia Long tribunal heritage are extremely deep, and has a lot of magic can be consumed, as well as countless Dan drug, also took out all. War fight is consumed magic consumption, the consumption of immortality, these are very large sum of consumption. Even to accumulate so forceful Ning Xuan also swallow immortality among the battlefield, in the hundreds of thousands of troops rush ahead, the need to dedicate the alert, the slightest mistake, it will die a sudden death on the spot, a seat circled array of defense Ning Xuan's body, invincible, constantly led his army rush ahead into the battlefield. Ning Xuan nine eyes of soldiers soul constantly up and running, that auxiliary light play to the limit, and assisted him all offensive, probing light, the calculation of the light,Canada Goose Baby Snowsuit, locked the light,Womens Timberland Roll Top, the copy of the light-assisted Emmanuel fully open. Immense earth above the already packed with people, exposure in which Ning Xuan suddenly fly evasive in the air attack is no longer on the ground, he found very mighty enemy fire on the sky, must be carried out to a certain extent the collapse. Ning Xuan a soaring shot that the ten spiritual matrix bombardment out a spiritual matrix instantly to hundreds of congenital Ling were given Zhensi the, half-step Road were constantly by his massacre out, he constantly refining the spiritual roots supplement their combat power and keep the most powerful gesture. Suddenly, a seat Ling array toward the head of Ning Xuan quelled, shot impressively join hands together tens of thousands of enemy troops, broke out in the lore big surgery aimed at Ning Xuan! Ning Xuan Lengheng soon, when the empty punch storm kill the past, the explosive force directly to one and a spiritual matrix to H Suidiao the see the enemy are nervous, actually single strength, put spiritual matrix to be broken, which is what forces! ? "Empty monitor to prison!" Ning Xuan readily hit, play super spiritual surgery 'SMOS prison' most objects suitable for sealed trapped air immediately between the sky the little knowledge, all form a prison tens of thousands of enemy seal trapped inside. "Split the two circles!" Ning Xuan fingers repeatedly bouncing, full of thousands Road 'two circles split' frantically inside, and within ten breathing time, a full ten thousand more than the enemy, all cut to pieces, buried in the 'empty prison into the prison'. So ferocious strength, all the enemy have noticed him, but rather Xuan's stature did not stop, a grasping handle hundreds of thousands of all spiritual roots toward the influx of over again is the root of heaven and earth step step refining swap. So many spiritual roots, enough so that the root of heaven and earth, was promoted to an unprecedented degree of the inside instantly more than two hundred Emmanuel, and those who plundered over the spiritual roots, and some combination of the stellar core, all cheap Ning Xuan, let him strength has been continuously soaring. Root of heaven and earth combines a full sixty primary star nuclear thousand different Emmanuel single accumulation of heaven and earth, the root, can be a half-step Road cases alive scared to death. Ning Xuan strength rising up, the atmosphere is increasing terrorist war that was his best way to enhance the strength, and there is no trace of the aftermath of his deeply felt, their strength was about the rapid growth strength begins to increase, more and more concise beheaded in! "This person is too horrible, actually so easy to chop killed more than ten thousand soldiers, and must take him strangled in the cradle, otherwise, wait for him to grow up, we're dead,Timberland Mens Earthkeepers City Sandals Cheap." Talking a Departed master sandbar heaven prepared ghost and original offerings peak almost equivalent to the non-commissioned officers, soldiers and the king of generals divided into soldiers, soldiers Wang, Bing Lord, soldier, soldiers and military Lord is main a hierarchy. Ning Xuan just not only hit to kill a large number of soldiers, which contains many soldiers king, the soldiers, but the same Lord is a do not. "Come on you the more tried to kill me, only I grew up going faster." Ning Xuan cold soon, without fear, but look forward to it, basically in the army on the battlefield, few people will be his opponent real elite now and will not appear on the battlefield. Example, that five thousand top criminals does not appear in the palm of sandbars heaven rein orthodoxy teach all of these people did not appear, it is clear that the next battle, is the most terrifying struggle. Contest between the two sides at the tournament, the other master many of the emergence of the kingdom of heaven, and attract many admiring sporadic repair expert, these scattered repair expert coming together, and that is a very large a force . Ning Xuan shuttle among the battlefield between rush ahead, though it seems dangerous, but at every step, his whole person is in a state of placid, no matter how dangerous the situation, he has confidence that they can save the day. Suddenly, thousands of magic toward Ning Xuan bombardment, the momentum is extremely alarming, overwhelming the locked Ning Xuan. Ning Xuan surprise was surprised, not the effect he has magic, and other magic, but also a powerful means to master the enemy also, a full eight thousand magic, composed of a steel torrent flagrantly impact over. Which is more mixed with a lot of low-grade ground soldiers, combat power is two authentic cases even more horrible than the attack apparently had premeditated Ning Xuan caused slay blow. So amazing attack is definitely not Ning Xuan best to resist, he repeatedly Putui foot of a step, ten thousand mobile the light composition Ling array directly to the distance escape, he appeared bottomless outside. "Must not let him kill!" Group since this attack is a master of three authentic cases, have long seen Ning Xuan powerful and the peerless genius is an extremely difficult to kill, to deal with Ning Xuan, absolutely not in accordance with the common sense to treat all means must not optional. A full eight thousand masters, each manipulation magic, all the magic is all condensed into a flood, severe attacks on the past. Ning Xuan superb speed, making them helpless, had to desperately chase. The sky above you see countless magic broke out in a wide variety of the art of war, indiscriminate shelling aligned the forefront of a teenager, the situation is extremely dangerous. And manipulate these magic people, mostly soldiers king level master, the soldiers are very few. Bad Army master to the eye, come quickly sent reinforcements! "Ning Xuan men's flight feathers generals saw this scene, the corner of the eye was throbbing, if he met with the kind of attacks, violent death has long been in no slightest spared possible. "Reinforcements!" One parity Ning Xuan men generals Shucheng, suddenly shouted, suddenly between many commander rushed past, but half way, but the other side of the enemy to the punch down very Obviously, the senior of the enemy, is specified either choose all means hit kill Xuan Ning. "Damn, red does not open the tight encirclement." Flight feathers handheld Oare halberd j soldiers Spirit constantly broke out in the art of war, tear open one a soldier, but the other numbers to occupy absolute advantage, a time is difficult to break open surrounded. "I do not have to worry about, you just Kills, do not get distracted." Far, Ning Xuan Chuan sound propagation over the tone remains placid, he stepped in for the current situation is not chaos, continuous operation of moving the array of fast shuttle speed is amazing, and he fled in the direction impressively is the myth of the city's position. "Just to Collateral, the degree of danger of the myth of the city is much stronger than here, they go in, will certainly attract many residents inside the king's attack, and they strike out so much magic, then if I can plunder down , Huang gold tripod melting into my magic, most likely the Star shuttle, Lieyang, Double Axes, the Duron the gun gave was promoted to the extent of the prefecture-level magic, when my strength will improve a lot. "instant between, Ning Xuan formulate a plan, the introduction of all these people to the myth of the city, anti kill an army. Deadlines.i! A Road piercing voices from the other side of the enemy, continue to fly evasive many road were master also added kill Ning Xuan camp. All are under the command supplier Yun Wu Huang She and Europe Xuanji belong to the same person, extraordinary wisdom, a glance to see the amazing potential of Ning Xuan, if this figure faire growth down, and that the future is definitely a huge the hidden dangers. Therefore, the the Wu Huang supplier Yun at all costs to be killed rather Xuan. "Well, good means, want to, they are introduced to the myth of the city, just as I am also very curious about the myth of the city inside the secret. Supplier Yun's eyes projection would like from afar, showing a vast giant city sight!
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