remaining three of them stopped

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 16:43
"Want to see our papers?Line, give you is, you don't regret!"Four of the leading channel.The word from the bosom with a blue book, and gave it to Yang Yulei."Well, the documents are really, you also are area, however, the time now has nine points, do you still care?"Yang Yulei smile."Hum!More than nine points?Your time!"The leading area of cold grunted, then, stood behind him a voice in this area leading ear say anything, the leading city busy took out his mobile phone, at the time he stayed with '21:34:23'!The figure he was recognized, nine thirty!Impossible.We came when I just watch the time, then how the eight forty, nine thirty so soon?Liu, you have a look of your mobile phone, I doubt my mobile phone is broken!"The leading area of not letter verifying tract."Chen head, I also read, it is nine thirty-four."And the man said, his voice a crowd, suddenly came the people all take time to.Well.It was nine thirty!This time flies too fast!Remember when I came out before eight o'clock."A spectator tract."No, this is bad, wife calls me ten must go home, too late." "Oh, had nine points, you area also work, others two set a booth to do business is not easy, see what they should or college students, if you take their money, I'm afraid others have several months not eat!"A good spectator dissatisfaction, he was immediately attracted most chord."It is, life is still to be leave room for good, but I saw, the four area above, below or not, have come here for collecting others two, huh, is certainly at the feast, malpractice, retribution, this is a moth performance!"A justice youth road."Well, your brother, you are not making?Soon will the shoot, upload to YouTube to click a quantity good, well, I took a good name, called 'from the area, collecting a grudge; students helpless, helpless tears her!'""" the power of the mass is strong, the discourse is invincible, this not, just in a threatening manner, cold face four area at this time to say a word, face is also a green burst red, being pointed at both hate will not face it to the pocket lay.However, the Chen head think just ordered him to do this man when, being immediately foot up, glanced at Yang Yulei coldly, "Tonight we work overtime, the pedestrian street is a street vendor, are not allowed at any time!So, your all goods were confiscated by the government!If you have any suggestions, you can ask the above reaction, good, Liu Zheng, Huang, work!",UGG Patent Paisley;"Received the captain!"At the same time three people answered, then drop the two people reached out to grab Nick pack package, one hand towards Nick hands to, because the heart 'glass' by Nick held in his hands."Hum!How dare you!Yang Yulei to anger, especially observed that Zheng mouth exposed a Yin laughs and his grasp of the hand to nick."Don't blame me for not warning you, if you step forward again, you will become a wreck!"Yang Yulei cold channel, and his this threat was a little effect, in addition to standing motionless Chen boss,Canada Goose Snow Bunting, the remaining three of them stopped, turned like look to Chen."Well, look what we are legitimate, law enforcement, afraid of what!Don't call him a child,UGG Classic Mini, even if is really has the background of people come here to set up a stall I dare to accept!"Chen he grunted coldly dissatisfaction tunnel, his hands were a street students a threat scared, that made his face also do not hang."Oh" hear this Chen head words, Yang Yulei laughed, then his eyes, "Chen boss is it, do you think I told my baby sell these clothes?Good-looking?To tell you the truth, you should buy a home, but this gives wife to her daughter on the election!""Yu Lei brother" worry about snow Xin cried, she can not think at this time is a good time to bribe area, however, Yang Yulei was back to her a reassuring look, somehow, to see the eyes of Yang Yulei, Nick is relieved."On the!This very cattle, when so many of us are face to play 'bribery' this big move!Admire admire!"A spectators couldn't help line."Is this a bribe, but he was wrong, now we have so many people here, this area want to ah!"Another man replied.
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