but before he came near

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 15:37
Zhuang Jihua looked up at the Bauer), the eye will know that this is a typical soldier, he still stood there, with the surrounding environment is some be misfits, Zhuo without Kwan; introverted eyes, slightly curved nose like a chick, a suit was out of the army."Oh, Captain Bauer, had heard of you, merry christmas."Zhuang Jihua held out her hand, this sentence is said in english.Bauer stepped forward and gently pressed her outstretched hand, and then quickly let go, and quickly back half step: "Merry Christmas; I also have heard of Zhuang generals, excellent record."The words of Bauer are also in English, it appears that two people have a connection, that they don't know your own language."I should have visited, just some things lost, please, forgive."Bauer misinterprets Zhuang Jihua words meaning, he believes that Zhuang Jihua was euphemistically expressed dissatisfaction, after all, Jordi said that after so many days."Today is a festival day, don't say those killjoy."Zhuang Jihua said with a smile: "but, you don't have to ask my pardon,...."Zhuang Jihua's voice was still declining, screams the door came a loud, Zhuang Jihua not look in that direction, are dancing in the stopped,Youth's Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Outlet, looked at the direction of the door."...You these imperialist lackeys!Down with dogs!"Zhuang Jihua frowned, he generally and guess what people, he asked Wu Ziniu a wink, and then Bauer and Jordi said: "I'm sorry, I must leave for a while."He motioned Wu Ziniu pushed past him, Wu Ziniu want to persuade him not to tube, but Zhuang Jihua eyes did not shake hands, to drive wheels, Wu Ziniu had to shut up, pushed his way to the door."You can't do this, our hospital!"A body is a bit overweight women hold a dozen workers look like people, those people trying to break.Zhuang Jihua recognized the woman, is a hospital nurse, a very kind man, at the moment is red in the face, resolutely stopped in front of those people."Oh, what about our hospital, hospital workers cannot be entered."A mouth Diao cigarette workers "indignant" said: "dancing is not a cuddle you.I will, I heard your hospital nurses are good looking, men want to see.""Miss Li, how is this going?"The president saw this scene asked from the inside out."The president, they will come to the party.But the hospital provisions, not accompanied by the hospital staff is not to come, but they are not going to break."Sister Li see Dean, like finding a backbone like, he hurried to report."The workers, we go."The president also did not speak, led the workers back.The first to go,Men's Snow Parka Canada Goose.The president have a look these people feel awkward, now Wuhan workers movement be raging like a storm, regularly have a strike, the union power almost equivalent to city hall."Stop, you want to do?"A young doctor to stop, the workers a punched him in the chest, the doctor immediately fall, then workers foot kick, his mouth also unclean scold, behind the workers on the surge.To pour on the ground is a doctor's.",Men's Constable Parka Canada Goose;Stop!Stop!We don't hit!"The director quickly stepped forward to stop, but before he came near, slap slap on his face, he stumbled back of nose, Shangdi glasses went flying, Sister Li hurriedly helped him."We don't hit!"More and more people poured from the hall, they roar to stop these people beaten, two nurse ran up an aloof young doctor, will go to the emergency room."Stop, go that way."Workers have one of them stopped: "he prevent worker activity, is the counter-revolutionaries, must give us workers trial.""You came here to make trouble out of nothing, also hit, how are you right?"The small show suddenly from behind to stand up and asked.More and more people flowed out of the hall.Gradually these people formed by state.Some came near to the light of the wounded, stand in the periphery.Cold eyes they.
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