when looking at the stars

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 15:07
Taking into account these problems, Long Ling refused Tedy. May also feel something inconsiderate, so although a bit disappointed, but Lin Hong also does not have an almost equal LONGLINE own duel. To see Tedy back LONGLINE back to his room, he now does not know even the showdown with Lin Hong, who won the large side, although he did not know the precise strength of Tedy, but his breath about Tedy is at least a strong second-order gas division, and his strength is a second-order gas engineer, but do not know plus his martial art in the end be able to achieve what step can be judged? The next day, the four are up early, because they will reach the Amagi four people has Liu morning children, but the speed is still not very slow. After quite a while, and finally a huge wall appeared in four of the eyes. The city wall is not how luxury, but it is very majestic, reveal an atmosphere, looking to give people a sense of surrender, ancient city walls, one appears to have gone through the vicissitudes of life like that is at least thousands of or even thousands of years, but the city wall was still standing. Compared to the height of the city wall is also higher than the imagination of the people, Majiapu simply very, very small, has a top of the walls word, the word is carved on the walls of stones , says Amagi, although these two very common, but it gives a deep admiration. The kind of admiration wells up, people had deep shock clothes,Womens Canada Goose Constable Parkas. If own blood to be affected by the word impact, to see two of the vicissitudes of the two words when LONGLINE minds suddenly form a screen, which is an ancient era. Behold, a man appeared in here, he used with great force moved a boulder, creating a city wall, and carved in the wall above the word. The kind of strength of large, simply shaking ZZZZZZZZZ suddenly between Long Ling mind a pain surge of the sense of pain, to go out just the kind of scenario makes LONGLINE Long Ling did not know why there will be just that kind of illusion. "Worthy is Gas Di strong construction walls, it really is the people surrender its next, is the experience for thousands of years, this soul coercion still exists." Then Tedy sigh loudly, suddenly LONGLINE realize this. Block gas Emperor walls are built, it is just that in their own minds the impression in the end what is how is it? Is it just that people is the construction of the walls of the gas Emperor? LONGLINE a belly full of doubt at the moment, but bitter in that no one can answer. Turned to look, at the moment Liu morning children turned out to be fragrant perspiration dripping, big mouth breathing heavily, obviously an extremely uncomfortable. At the moment, Tedy found Liu morning children's heart secretly surprised: "Is her strength, as the surface is so?" Morning children,Canada Goose Ontario Parka, how do you? "Long Ling asked. Horse on children is seen Liu morning children also extremely concerned. "I feel that is very hard, as if a weight of something I can not breathe to Liu Chen child hurriedly replied rather see her breathing is clearly more shortness. "Longxiong, the Miss the strength of the morning children is not the only second-order gas?" Tedy no longer bear it, asked. "Yes." LONGLINE do not have nothing to hide. To hear so Long Ling answer, plus Liu Chen child now such a situation, Tedy finally determine the child's strength of Liu Chen is indeed the second-order gas by about previously he still think she is using what magic hidden strength, see come yourself too suspect. "That's generally low strength, some soul coercion in to see this 'Amagi' word walls are, of course, we have, but to this point in our strength Viagra The pressure also nothing but this little worse for the strength of some people, but it is very strong. "explains Tedy. "That we should be how to do?" For Tedy say, Long Ling is also very identity, he really just felt a hint of pressure, but this is the soul of coercion for LONGLINE is nothing, but Liu Chen child kinds of strength only second gas by the people, but it is very strong. "Let's get out of here, not to have been the word around." "" Long Ling finished quickly took Liu Chen child left behind Lin Hong and Ma month child also fast to keep up with. Finally pass through the gates into within days of the city, at the moment, Liu Chen child deep spit breath, before the expression of pain at the moment disappeared. "How?" Long Ling looked Liu Chen child, just the pale face seems to Liu Chen child, and now has been restored to rosy up. "Much better" Liu Chen child says slowly, just feeling really makes him feel a little pain. Gas God created something really is air, ah, even every on for thousands of years, it is quite impressive, and I did not expect today, even making Liu Chen children deeply felt. Gas Timor word shocking than the shock of the day the city of more powerful gas Emperor, it was above the top of the world the strong, without any control, subject only to the control of their own life and death, thought of this, Long Ling suddenly thought just have danced under the days of the walled city in the minds of that part of the image, the kind of power of the powerful, and perhaps only gas Emperor to do the kind of power of the powerful, even is this period only to see the image, Long Ling is also deeply impressed by the powerful force. It is simply not a man can do, a huge carved stones, life and became a city wall, which is the pure power of this powerful force is simply god, omnipotent. Long Ling can not really feel that is what kind of force, but at this moment, LONGLINE suddenly felt an awakening, but he does not know and realize what this feeling is very weird, even if their own also do not know what it feels like. Shook his head, Long Ling to get rid of that strange idea, you want to concentrate on just the kind of wake up to feeling like insight into what Long Ling find yourself can not remember feeling very nothingness,air max uk sale, like to own more than a year ago, to leave his hometown, when looking at the stars and see the bright star suddenly thought what the feeling. Long Ling moment think, but can not think of anything, this feeling is too fleeting, but LONGLINE understand if they can realize through this, and certainly would have turned upside down on their own strength.
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