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Bees implies eternal culture? They will create the most scientific and reasonable house? The construction of modern aircraft and satellite to the bees to learn some skills? Such a novel argument, coupled the rabbit stresses that the bee is the longevity of the material, which makes the children more to the emotions. Children since the crane and 12 Jinchan gift, greedy full counting on this macaque mountain trip, get more harvest. Kids and what do they know, the Marshal and rabbit cents they talk about bee origins and knowledge, has the purpose of their ulterior motives. "Original bees are literate family!" Wang Xiaoya side to the distance the vast expanse of the cellular area looked at side of road, maybe the bees really beyond human, but we do not know nothing. "" You're right, Wang Xiaoya, bees really beyond human, and in some places, human beings can not learn! "Commander looked at Wang Xiaoya, in fact, said all the children," hive of bees, called nest room outside the lair interval exactly half staggered, mutually combined into a hexagonal cross-point is the center of the inner hexagon This is in order to improve the strength, and to prevent rupture of the bottom of the nest room addition, as seen from the sectional view in the direction of the nest room are moving on the worker bees in the nest room feeding larvae, stored honey and pollen, honeycomb form an angle of about 9 to 14 degrees to prevent the outflow of honey bee life skills and the honeycomb structure of the building is really surprising, it can be said is the nature of Doll said the Seven Wonders of Wang Xiaoya, we will not speak of the many secrets of the bee world does not currently known, said this hive, you may know, in the natural creative aspects of the human intellect is far less than their just rabbit Oh history of bees is much older than the history of mankind, it is a mysterious creature, I do not know from where the most ancient scriptures, only recorded the bees to survive and multiply information, but did not record how the bees are generated, so I believe the bees from the first Sun saying the early 18th century, the French scholar had bee nest numerous measurements, a set of interesting data: composed of the the bees nest Chassis diamond obtuse angles are 109 degrees, 28, and the acute angle are 70 degrees 32. Later, two mathematicians from the theoretically calculated to consume the least amount of material made the biggest diamond-shaped container, its point of actually the bees bees nest building exactly right. Inspired, scientists not only bees nest structure to the manufacture of high-speed aircraft, rockets and missiles, also applied to the other building areas such as bees nest building beams, carrying capacity and flexural strength, is the most reasonable world famous the sports shoe manufacturer Reebok company, recently in the track and field shoes bees nest structure, forming a peculiar damping system. the hexagonal bee nest structure was designed in the shoes of the most popular parts of the force, when the foot force, flexibility a very high degree of bees nest layer wall will quickly shock force dispersed to the six-sided 23% According to the test, bees nest damping system compared with other damping system, shock absorption function, durability higher a full four times! "rabbit cents face with a smile listening Marshal gushing about the underground passage to this guy how so talkative, his mind seems to have used up knowledge, in the past he is not so, since the his body into a fit Jinchan bath applied to the Goddess of Mercy ten thousand golden, he is like change a person like the past, he often to ask yourself some questions, he came to ask yourself is now also seen, such go on, this guy does not become proud and arrogant incomparable ah! Rabbit cents smiling, and her eyes meaningfully, Marshal natural perception, however Marshal pretend did not see anything, only to the spotlight in the face of Wang Xiaoya, then said: "Bees are not only very smart or very beautiful, the past, people describe the beauty is a butterfly, and describe Playboy Little Bee In fact, the bees family there are some pretty beauty, they are graceful, had let the the human dancing stars for a long time to learn not., bees also very diligent labor attitude,cheap timberland boots, this attitude since ancient times, poets amazed there, the bees that harmonious family relations, the spirit of unity and loyalty, has people feeling envy ... "money Duoduomomo beside listening to hear whatever, then interjected: "Master, you have to talk about the theory of so many bees, I am afraid it is not so when a bee Dr.?" Commander look from Wang Xiaoya face transferred to loose money face, smiled and said: "Oh, I am of course not for this purpose, a lot of you out with them, of course, not to let you when a bee Dr., I hope you far more than the bees Dr. much! today, I'm just the way bees knowledge to give you nothing, you will know, these extraordinary spiritual bee, rare creatures, however, and now we are facing a very puzzling issue If we can not be untied this issue, we'll never get across the sweet line of defense! "loose money after listening to glitter with big eyes, seriously nodded, and she knew that his master is an expert, he experienced a field beyond the events of God's rule, subjected to less stringent day trial, own witnessed the fit Jinchan into the body of the master, the master has always been a young fairy after macaque mountain trip, the master ability do not know how, and himself, he Bishuiwan village closed one of the twelve disciples, this is really a great lucky this time, followed his master to macaque Hill, has been a lot, not just feather cloak crane bestowed, and also received the Golden Toad send themselves immortal light, they have a life of at least three hundred years, this is how much happiness! He must to take, followed his master practitioners, for the early to become a genie who,Canada Goose Foxe Cheap. Loose money so I thought, look at the eyes of the master will warm, watching the master side and said: "Master, I believe, advance followed his master did not make life difficult for the Flaming Mountains, through the line of defense of the Road bee set certain! "Commander pleased to red loose money point nod, then Marshal to remove your eyes from the face of loose money to invest in the vast expanse of the bees Strip in the distance, his face write a big question mark: in the end how through that road sweet The line of defense do? No one would have thought that this time, Wang Erzai actually stand up and offer advice and a. Wanger Zi took a step forward, and stood in front of the Marshal, his right hand lift, with sleeves erase snot, attitudes seriously authentic: "When my grandfather told me about the three countries, said Cao Liu Bei * army siege army, Zhuge Liang fire tactics , Cao * army burned all, so I think the vast expanse of the bees nest, and cut are cut constantly, but it should be afraid of fire, even if it is made of metal, the fire can be burnt it! "Do not say, Wang Erzai this trick really is sinister enough. Zhuge Liang then destroy Cao, the fire burned the vast expanse of the bees nest? Fire tactics, Marshal is not without thought. Wasp sting Marshal childhood experience in the field of home mother with a stick then tied hay, ignited hay, waved wooden sticks, suddenly pestle to bees nest on, what put the bee nest ignited the wasp wholly burned. However, that deal with the sting of the wasp, and now, in the face of bees is Marshal do not want a fire to light these bees, despite Marshal has been a very powerful spell hand. The Marshal But know, that vast expanse of the bees actually own future a great wealth! "Wanger Zi, you thought you just knife crazy when cut that gray area where the bees nest, the bees do not sting you, but just to give you body smeared with honey?" And Marshal inspired Wang Erzi Road. "This Wanger Zi, no matter how foolish, they also listen to understand the meaning of the Marshal: bees do not want to hurt you, how do you even want a fire to light these bees! So Wanger Zi stand to the side, not making a sound. Marshal to look toward the children, face serious children: "not a last resort,Men's Canada Goose Chateau Cheap, we can not be used under the dead hand of the large fire! Tactical burnt with fire, is indeed a unique technique, but it depends on when I was know, fire bees nest, is quite cruel an old farm house is a two-story cottage, hanging a basketball hornet's nest on the eaves two boys moved to a ladder, two boys wear put on a non-professional anti-bee clothes, holding a bottle of mosquito extermination agent, mosquito extermination agent is ejected, lit with a lighter, the ejected kill agent to form a small rocket, a little while, the hornet's nest firing ashes. enjoyment touches happy, but to use this tactic to deal with the immediate bees, I could not heartless. ask you which got under the cruel it? "Yeah, under normal circumstances, do not set fire to the bees!" orchid connected "the Wanger Zi you want Huogong way is not good, it will thoroughly angered the bees, And if they really angered dead you forget ye royal profound lesson?" King two sons, of course not to forget the events of the tri-dead wasp sting. The Marshal asked: "Wanger Zi, your family out of what can be said to come and listen to you?" Marshal want kids to be inspired from. Wanger Zi said: "I tri 48 years old, found a house next to a poplar, the size of football bees nest, and wanted to be burned with torches bees nest, he believes, the bees are smoked and then not fried nest he put a length of about 2 m bamboo pole head wrap a layer of cotton soaked in oil and ready to burn the bees nest he had just lit the cotton out into the distance more than 2 meters above the ground bees nest at the bottom, cotton of bamboo head off down the bees nest immediately explode, my tri reaction touches agile, threw bamboo Satuijiupao, however, he runs fast, how can bees fly faster, he finally bee group surrounded him with a raincoat wrapped his head ran, who still stung 13 when bees surrounded the villagers charges and with great difficulty, and only then get him out after about five minutes, the bee The group dispersed, my Uncle has been in a coma, the head swollen boss boss the day he died. "orchids listened to Wanger Zi about, also think of an event, connected to said:" Well, you can not small small bees, they might indeed human life a tragedy occurred in her old home my mother told me the time, she and her older brother to the orchards picking fruit to see an up to 10 m body of acacia trees in the middle of a big hole, and gather around the crowded group of bees, each bee as long as two or three centimeters, my mother's older brother to that tree holes cast stones, erupted in trouble, that hollow tree Om slamming, I do not know Startling bees, looked up, and within a radius of one hundred meters, are bees flying in the sky. my mother's older brother instinctively hand wave, bee attacks were immediately behind the ears stung heavily the one he felt burning in the back of the neck, pain unbearable, tears started to flow out of the right ear root to muster a large bag, when my mother where the town had come to rescue a dozen people, stung serious injuries and were taken to the hospital. was immediately dialed 119, the fire department's fire arrived on the scene, using the Fire will burn the hive, firefighters wearing protective clothing, and got the batt, wire, woven bags, gasoline and other tools, heavily armed near the hive, shredded cotton stuffed bee mouth watering gasoline and set ablaze when tens of thousands of bees in the hive inside and outside, fly headlong Bay over offensive to the firefighters on the tree hole, firefighters way is to use just Wanger Zi said, Burning the Camps, but in the end, the bees have not been burned to the contrary, more than a dozen firefighters were thousands of bees alive sting dead! However, the strange thing is, so many bees , there is not even one to sting my mom, my mother was also seventeen years old, and age and I are about the same size, but my mother was terrified Lianpao did not dare run, squatting on the ground with both hands holding head, she was heard swarms of bees whirring flew from her head down is no a sting her ... "" Haha, bees sting your mother, it is because your mother was a yellow flower big girl now? "Wanger Zi listen orchids that honey does not sting her mother, yet others are stung to death immediately laughed and brought some the bad meaning spotlight in the body of the orchid, Wanger Zi listen to his eldest brother said, no men on the the yellow big girl passed away, even the ghosts met all afraid, ghost dodging had to go, so Wanger Zi said. Orchids usually never not love bad boys make fun of an Wanger Zi such discourse obvious to tease mean, so the orchids on the unhappy stare Wanger Zi a, raise the voice said: "It's the pig mouth spit no ivory! Wanger Zi, you talk nonsense really, aside rub your snot! "Commander do not want to let the kids arguing, connected to said:" The mother of bees do not sting orchids, orchids of the kind-hearted mother was no harm bees ah! everyone with half a brain, common to find one neither harm the bees, but also by this the only way way! "vast expanse of the bees District, and they reveal quite lethal bee, without harming under the premise of bees, the only way through this, a little more difficult. . . . . . . . . . .
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