ありがとうCoron ☆ 

October 04 [Thu], 2007, 22:53
.......we where talking.

G H i F F i [Z] says:
And if it's any consolation, you're a much better artist than me XD
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
I love ur art >:
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
I've been watching you and Devin grow up as artists
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
it's so awesome
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
I've watched Mary grow up as an artist too ^x3
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
Mary learns fast, and has sharp perception, especially in terms of symmetry and straight lines/circles
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
You display an artistic hand, with innate talent and a most charming style
G H i F F i [Z] says:
;___; really?
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
yes really xD
G H i F F i [Z] says:
That's the nicest comment I've ever gotten xD <3
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
Devin easily knows how to reference, and uses a precise, sureity in her artwork I can never hope to achieve xD
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
trust me, many artists out there aren't as gifted as you
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
I can see what artists gain their skillz from perpetual practice
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
you might not notice improvements, but you improve =D
G H i F F i [Z] says:
I've been feeling like I've been going backwards instead of progressing lately = =;
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
that happens
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
used to happen to me a lot
G H i F F i [Z] says:
but thank you <3 hearing this is a confidence boost XD
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
turns out (now I look back) it was a style morph that revealed a weakness
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
hold your head high, don't let setbacks pull you down
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:
and keep drawing
[ѕнѕ.oо7] + [ 小さい冠 ] 春花 [Ѕфđờмιžα†іºи ♂ ] 15 Days Until... says:

i like my coffee black just like my metal ★ 

September 16 [Sun], 2007, 22:30
Pluto Girl
Still doesn't have a name. *shakeshead*

Yum, downloading the 300 OST. Pretty slow progress :C there's one song that's loaded so far, and it is just.....yay XD

Um. I just, JUST watched Boku no Pico 2nd OVA. Dx I regret it. I feel so peverted. I LOLed at it until....it dragged on..........

Chizuru and her husband Mark came over today, a pretty swell couple XD fun people. That was probably todays highlight..
Didn't go to Japschool BD; didn't want to return Erica's Mirai book juuust yet. I'm terrible >: she probably needs it. And today was the sports carnival >__> an event I wasn't particularly interested in anyways. Ahaaaa ;;;

WOAHHH SHHHIIIT!!1 Exams start tomorrow ;__; haven't studied at all!
I will get around to studying after I finish this post. I really should have started earlier. I really need to try to get my but into gear. I say it a lot XD but I do intend to do something about it. Haaa- so many things to do~

Dad is asking a lot about me getting a licence. I'm really not interested in driving, it's scary! But, I will start to study for it after exams in my holiday time. Only a two week holiday! Bugga that's small.

Another thing on the TO DO list, is post some more on SBP. I need to just create items, and finish the Cloudy redraw ;__; I can't come up with a concept though, it's a hard design to work with anatomy-wise. Believable, "yeah that could work", anatomy. For a fucking cloud. XD

Alrightalright. Off to study.

rhythm of the wardrum ☆ 

September 15 [Sat], 2007, 22:25
Suhaxa forgive me.....

Homaigod, King Arthur OST is awesome. Soawesome.

All this instrumental war music makes me think of Xeron XD ~

yeeeahanyway. lazy day. Not much change from the usual.
Created a new character (yet to give a name to though) on Ryo's new oekaki.
Well actually, not really the character, but her story.
She's believed to be the last human alive, and lives on Pluto. She's raised by a handful of kind Pluto inhabitants who want to preserve her as an Earth species. For Earth was destroyed some amount of years previous. Those amount of years between her existance and the Earth imploding in on itself will have to do with how long it takes to get to Pluto from Earth.
Continuing on, the Plutonians learned/are learning english, because the little girls shuttle included all sorts of learning material intended for the girl, but the Plutonians used it in order to communicate with her. She was in suspended animation durring her space travel, and somehow didn't age a day o__o I'll have to think harder about the mechanics of this later. Butanyways, she was about 7 when she was put into the capsule. By her father who worked at NAASA? Still a lot of things to work on XD; reh. Something to do this week..........IF IM NOT STUDYING
which I know will be more than likely. Lemayo.

Somethings wrong with me lately - I've been rude towards dad. I really believe he's given up on both me and Mei. Before I thought he'd only given up on Mei, but that's not entirely true. He seemed interested and impressed with her progress at uni. How will he react to my upcomming report card I wonder. I'd.......rather not think about it. Haa- fun fun being all sad and stuff. But what I'm trying to say is, I don't think I can ever have dad act towards me in the father manner that I'd want him to. I will just accept what he does. Besides, if I complain, how would that make me look? The attentionseeking daughter rawrhrawr.

Maybe these ideas will go poof, and leave me alone by holiday time. They're nothing but stressmultipliers.

the goblin dance ★ 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 22:29
the goblin dance is a freaky experience. Damn catchy music too Dx


but I did stay up until 4-something doing the VA scupture Dx which turned out hillariously shit XD ahwell.

Exams next week ;__; ohdear. must get but into gear

whao there was a random firedrill today o__o no one knew there was going to be one, not even Mel. l m a o

hoh-ho! we played gorgeous corpses though XD some where so goooood


FF7: crisis core ~ out! ☆ 

September 13 [Thu], 2007, 22:28

So, I'm just a little pleased about CrisisCore comming out today

Now all I need is that PSP ;D asldhldfh

I'm not feeling as emo anymore! I think it's just the pill I'm on - I had to take three of them to catch up, because I'd forgotten to take it the previous two days >__>! Yeek.

Soanyway. i'm off to do my VA assignment. Ohjoy!
And my........japanesework >__> I really

one life, one death ★ 

September 12 [Wed], 2007, 21:59
What can I say about today? = n=
I'm exhausted? Even though I haven't done much. Humph.
I'm the worst kind of person.
Once again, I ignored the phone when Ms. Takahata rang today.
There is just no motivation to do my Japanese work anymore.
I don't enjoy it anymore, I'm just doing it to please dad.
And to tell the truth, I couldn't give a shit anymore.

I took a trip down memory lane today. Where has dad ever been for Mei and I?
He gave up on us very quickly - or maybe he was just gone for too long, and forgot how to deal with us.
Eitherway, it's saddening and at the same time aggrivating.
I know I shouldn't blame others, but do blame dad and mum for giving up on me.
From years 7-9 and 3/4 of year 10, I was pathetic. No inspiration, nothing to aspire to.
Those years where wasted, I achieved nothing. And now I never will, not until later anyway.
I just hate that gap of wasted years so much! I think I'm just looking for someone to blame.
Or my current life situation really has just gone to the shithouse, but I'm tired of it. Everything is just too much sometimes.

How do we cope with these feelings? =__= No one teaches you these things.
No one I know will atleast.

I remember envying Britt's relationship with her family. They're heaps tight with eachother, and comfortable.
With mum and dad, it's the same - but different. Maybe that's just how we roll compared to other families, but I feel jealous that I could have affections like the bond between Britt and her family.

Psh. Listen to me. I think I'll read back over this and shake my head, remembering that I was going through a pathetic state.
Is this depression stress related? Or maybe to do with the pill I've been taking recently.

Ugh fuck. I really hate this emo girl phase I'm in at the moment. Wtf, pouring out depressed emotions into a blog - fucking fitting the steriotype here.

I wish for too much - I know. I know I should just be greatful for everything I have, don't complain.
And yet, I can't comply to it. I've grown selfish and cold the past year, probably starting from when I was in Japan last year. I remember being terrible =_= an absolute nightmare to my grandparents. I'm embarrassed about it, I really wasn't myself last year. I was really truely alone.

I thought about it and came to the sad, sad realisation that I have no one there for me. I'm to shy, not outgoing, weak, lazy, untalented. What's the meaning of life? The purpose?

I shouldn't be thinging things like this, but I do. I don't always think like this! It must be the stress or drugs I'm on. It's tiring me out. Dx but I need to stay on them, but the stress will pass in two weeks time. I don't feel confident about a lot of my exams next week and the week after. Especially Japanese, I know I've failed. It's not hard to see that. I hate it so much, but it's a virtue. My dad would probably kick me out if I don't pass. I wish he could understand, but he's distant from these sort of things. He only tells me he's proud of something I do after much prodding and encouragement from Mum. It never has feeling. But maybe that's his best, can't complain with that then. He told me, "it's the thought that counts."

I'm just hurting. And angry with myself for being so sad, and exhasued with being so angry. I'm confused.

strike up the band ☆ 

September 11 [Tue], 2007, 21:02
New blog! ^ヮ^♪SO HAPPY!
la la laaa~

Gosh I've been meaning to make this new blog for a longgg while~

Aswell as ☆お絵かきDELi☆, I want this blog to be more personal ; not just a daily doodle posting bloggie thing..

I found out that the fellows at SquareEnix are going to be releasing some sort of.....powerdrink? Ehhff. It's called POTION !
I belieeeeve they're due to be released at the end of next month? Mayhapss.
O GAD I want to collect them ; o; sadness.
CrisisCore comes out in 2 days! XD I'm estatic~ but wtf not like I am going to be able to play it..........


lalala lah.
I'm wondering if I should still be botherin' with the doodle posting, seeing as that isn't the point of this blog an all >__>; asldklhaljs

NOTE2SELF: do something for SBP!!

Lmao. Fun emooootes gosh.
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