This couple more years

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 18:18
"In this way, then I would like to thank my sister!" The party contingent nodded with satisfaction, in secret, he destroyed those Crystal backup. Yan. According to the door of the event, but often occurs in the earth, the party contingent as long as the objective was achieved, naturally no longer retained harm harm has. Then, party contingent Destino elimination of origin, the big break For intraoperative supernatural powers fruit delivery to Xie Rong sermon: "thank my sister, to give you a little gift, I hope you were able to break the best folk want, do not secretly like on my to do abandon a supernatural powers fruit, but the party natural purpose is to allow the other side to take a short staff! "Well!" Hand wave, blunt taking away the origin of pure the supernatural powers fruit, Shoulong a Mimang Cave Heaven, finally let the confused crowd, once again saw the two, Xie Rong face the cold this time loudly After much talking: "party contingent, since you are willing to surrender destroy God fork and allegiance to the sister, and I tried to get spare your pathetic life, next time do not let me see you, otherwise I will kill you!" off God fork into a streamer, Xie Rong wear directly into the wormhole disappeared! Xie sister, next time if lucky enough to find, you can is my lover! "Just when we think that side and then suddenly become soft egg, he is stunned the world, almost wormhole Xie Rong The earthquake back again. "What? In the end how is it?" Everyone is not able to understand, the two of them, and in the end made a trick, which is a right that is really it? "Hey, day decision whatever the outcome is a beauty, head residual, but to stay here, but also easy to Dairen use of party contingent side seeing see next head cracking day decision, and can not help but feel sorry for. Any of your life, how startling beauty, flowers and the moon, but after the death, but just a club cold corpse only. Of course, the days of the decision of the United States, even dead, nor able vanished, her Jiaoqu, faint now now, color white, exquisitely beautiful, graceful, you can still make men crazy. Party contingent know, this stay, I am afraid that day decision before his death I, innocence, after death, it is difficult to save, he could not bear, after all, swallowed her magical powers if, at this time to help her deal with the dead bodies, and can be considered virtually the She is a merit. Sun surgery played a fireball, burning blaze of glory. Xiong Yan, the day decision corpse to nothing, to let her completely disappeared! "Hey ... Alas!" Sure enough, among the masses, some people that is gnashed in fury. "Well, party contingent fairly you a little conscience!" Nothingness of space, a compass in the rotation, the original Xie Rong did not really leave, she was still watching party contingent, looked at him not imagine that hold in the mouth beast, she is still very happy. "Why you want to get off God fork? Is it really because its value is larger than the supernatural powers fruit?" Xie Rong some does not want to understand, in fact, she was reluctant to admit the fact that heart, that is, she worried party contingent fork off love college will be vigorously hunted down, her instinct to want this responsibility and danger football. Contingent have feelings for each other that is impossible, Xie Rong hearts and some just hate, anything may kill natural, she will not hesitate shot! Just the woman to do things together, a lot of common sense is not the cards. Flashing light,Women's Montebello, quiet Luo God disk completely disappeared! "Side of course, you're safe!" Several fruit is finally once again came to the square in front of natural. "Well, we are all right?" Square contingent looked very pleased. "Side of course, you ...... you qualify for longevity realm?" The Zhongli day look of surprise, "Only a few days but not, you just like for a person like, so we will not recognize you!" is that your kid is simply the case of cockroaches, so do not die! "bones of the dead look of envy. Giggle ......, side course Yeah, tomorrow Babel star domain, I am afraid that your reputation will shine! "Arctic fox smiled slightly. "Well, here not speak, let's leave it!" Party contingent waved his big hands, a few people ride Road rush to separate meteorite days. Traumatic some big things, on the outside, absolutely no good fruit to eat,Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka, and so the great power of the other faction to party contingent is hard, I am afraid that can impede or back to college, relatively safe. Chuan Songzhen nearby meteorite days, or you can drive began, very simple. I passed along, several people while talking, the fruit is finally revealing a sweet smile, infected everyone around him, so that the entire team, are once again happy. "Fang Of course, my captain has been incompetent, or when you come to the right!" Zhongli day of the first of humility. "Unnecessary, I got him into big trouble, talk to a team of you, let you recruit disaster, I now declare formal detachment of the entire team!" Party contingent was sternly preaching. "What? Side of course, you look down on us? You think that we are Ivan the Terrible?" The Zhongli days suddenly look dissatisfaction. Not repair that much difference now, a team can not with experience, you have to practice up, not afraid of death, you can also team up with me! "The party contingent careful explains. Cultivation is the most important means to measure the monks,Womens Timberland 6 Inch, after all, a different level, with different Vaillant To experience the practice place is different, after the intersection of a few people, very probably a few! "Fang Of course, you're right, but really?" Fruit is suddenly very interested asked. "Of course it is true, the fruit is, as long as you try to practice later we are still a team!" Party contingent nodded slightly, and does not take too much notice. "Well, let's pull hook, and a thousand years are not allowed to change!" Fruit is actually made very formal. "This, right!" Party of course watching the fruit is sweet young girl look cute, can not bear to split her mind, had to hand, the instinct to pull the fruit is Gogo. "Gogo hanged, and a thousand years are not allowed to change, who becomes who is the little dog, bark Wang!" Fruit fruit with a child-like, innocent, prompting everyone is psyche happy. But party contingent was stunned, listening to this familiar words, he suddenly caught in the childhood memories of that time, the orphanage on Earth, several small partners, did not like to play? As it was, he and his party soft also had the pull off the hook, lifting crane, but the affair is over, and finally she was a change of heart! "Natural square, how do you?" Fruit fruit looked square the natural look Daisha and sad, and could not help but care about inquired. "I'm not all right!" Square natural instinct asked: "fruit fruit you this pull hook, whom you learned?" My mother ah! The fruit is instinctive replied. Uh, your mother? "The party contingent shook his head, realizing that feel wrong, and maybe this is just a coincidence! This couple more years, and that party soft monounsaturated still in the earth, is she really came out, did they have such a well-behaved daughter it? Antan own unexpected too open at the same time, party and then secretly blame themselves, or even forget her, is really unforgivable. In fact, the pain of first love, which can really forget it?
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