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Yoshimatsu receipt the Harbin direction of the telegram, telegram to inform him of the recent "accident" lily of the valley on the bridge, and the way he scolded an idea that nozzle. Similarly, Harbin live Tuen army commander hills also Kwantung Army commander Umezu Yoshijiro scolded an idea that nozzle, the faint head up the brain hills last only remember two key words: in the end is what kind of thinking makes you think the Anti easily to deal with? What made you despise railway unimpeded? He give it to these two words intact Yoshimatsu, added: the Ji Songjun must be answered. Since the railway bridge was blown up on June 2, Beiman direction has dropped to rush to the the Dongning front reinforcements efforts to rely on road transport, road transport efficiency and low, far less than the efficacy of the railway, Harbin the direction finally pieced 2 more than 10 cars shipped over the past two brigade of reinforcements and equipment, as well as field heavy artillery wing 7,22 the Acheng heavy artillery wing, Muling heavy artillery wing etc. more reserve forces accumulate in Harbin, seeing the railway bridge is through soon, he did not expect the second bombing of may not have been part of the reinforcements forced diversion of Jilin convergence direction of Liaoning and Jilin reinforcements change to go long Figure railway, but long Figure railway endpoints from Dongning frontline, there are nearly 200 kilometers of mountain way to go, this railway is not the best choice. As observers comment on Germany, the the Japanese strategic tactical levels in the period of the First World War, they had fought before determining the strategic intentions outdated, which makes them fall into the passive bitter struggle. Grand strategy is too small and narrow vision, simply did not expect the reaction of the Soviet side could be so intense, Su Fang for this campaign has mobilized more than 500,000 troops, and can concentrate on the main direction the other hand, in Japan, in addition to mobilization only 20 million is far less than the Soviet Army and Navy Cooperative Engagement is really a strange nation. Failed strategy, tactics more stink smell, they actually add oil tactical stupid, a brigade a brigade into a battlefield, every advantage of the Soviet break, so more troops, they think The opponent is the Chinese army? The Japanese stronghold aspects mess, Zhukov the attack efforts unheard Dongning fortress, has ever seen. Just ten days East Ning fortress, fell across the board, surface positions changed hands, defenders of the 3rd Division and a brigade of the 8th Division and logistics units suffered heavy losses, remnants of about one thousand Japanese troops holed up in eight dispersed underground fortress in a constant state of anxiety, struggling to look forward to the arrival of the reinforcements. About 40,000 Chinese laborers are here to build a fortress basically wiped out, organized by the Soviet steps to move to Su Jing. Su Fang attack succeeded not evacuated, but the facilities and equipment of the purpose of the destruction of the fortress began to wreak havoc in the underground fortress garrison under the eyes of the demolition of heavy equipment. Defenders of the heart in the blood. At base camp because while overwhelmed by fear, living in Moscow the Songgang Yang Woo hand, let down, not only do not care about the outcome of the negotiations with the Soviet side, and even intensified Soviet side made major concessions. Songgang Yang Yu strange attitude soon led to the dissatisfaction of the Konoe it, repeatedly reprimanded Songgang the opposite - the behavior of incoming calls, and threatened if he did not negotiate seriously, petitioned the emperor to dismiss the Special Envoy of the duties of Songgang loose Kong remains unmoved, even day time negotiating the report contents are lazy hair. Shortness of breath Konoe it directly to find Emperor pre-jen, inscrutable Imperial sound words shall not interfere Songgang negotiations. Similarly, Shida Ling Molotov unpredictable Songgang idea, this is simply too mysterious, arguably Japan's defeat in the battlefield on ceasefire If you want to of course let out a part of the interests or territory or money the Songgang Yang Yu This guy contrary, the performance of the negotiating table, not only like a defeated, like a victorious nation, not only the tough requirements of the Soviet exit "Manchukuo" and asked the Soviet Union ceded in fact,Ralph Lauren Big Polo Sale, already occupied by them the northern Sakhalin Island, even Zhang drum the peak Nomonhan the territory is also within the scope of his request, the most annoying is this guy even Shida Ling compensate for the losses, the compensation because the Soviet bombing destroyed several sea oil drilling platform, compensation for military spending. Hey! This in the end is who his mother lost the battle now? Watching the talking points of Songgang the Shida Ling confused. Shida Ling thought of a possible, but he immediately with another kind of thinking to convince yourself, do not! No way! Hitler also deal with the British, must not have the strength to attack me. Songgang this hateful guy want to do? Is this the legendary "Japanese crazy"? Not they stepped on the soles of your feet the sole child fiercely pumping meal, they do not know really hurt? Even smoked some pipe tobacco, the thought Naodai pain Shida Ling finally could not call someone to discuss. Half an hour later, a few won his trusted comrades continue to arrive, they are the People's Committee chairman and member of the Foreign Affairs of the People Molotov, Beria, People's Committee Deputy Chairman House Committee the defense members Timoshenko Marshal, defense members Voroshilov Marshal. Marshal Zhukov course, he relied on the most in the Far East Command combat, can not come. See people come to Qi, Shi Tailing first talk to them about the strange attitude talk Songgang Yang Yu, ponder these old guys did not wait, already ready to pick up the table a document handed two Marshal let them see . File analysis report of the British Embassy sent Churchill above implicit Hitler will attack in the near future SL, the Shida Ling early preparations, the above request and Shida Ling alliance plea. Shida Ling patience a few people read the file, before leisurely opening: Timoshenko Marshal, how do you see it? We all know, Churchill consistently anti-# Total molecular letter at this time, he is want? putting our relationship with Hitler? "Timoshenko looked up and looked Voroshilov, he saw encouragement from Voroshilov eyes, boldly replied:" I think Churchill right, Hitler did with us in preparation for a war coming from the border, intelligence analysis, Comrade Voroshilov and I hold this view, according to the hard-line attitude of the Japanese, I guess Songgang Yang Yu might get some sort of implied in Germany, such is not the case it is difficult to understand the attitude of the Japanese. "Oh? The Shida Ling facing the Voroshilov eyebrows, maybe guys when explored this issue? Shi Tailing know, Hitler will sooner or later attack on the Soviet Union, but it is impossible at this time, it should be defeated England Churchill this dead fat he could not stand up to want to pull me into the water. "Can not you? German generals were not so stupid,Polo For Kid Sale, they do not know that the last world war how they lose? They will let Germany like in 1914, once again into the plight of the east and west line combat?" Shida Ling asked the a hearts for their own reason to drink one color, really stupid people in this world? The same errors make the mistake twice? Timoshenko can not answer this question, if there are 100 German generals involved in the planning, and to speak freely absolute democracy, the German generals will not make this mistake, there will be at least 90 German generals opposed to fighting on two fronts, but ... ... but Germany is not by these generals to rule, German aircraft giant chariot mustache Hitler dictatorial, how to think a dictator? Who knows! Maybe he was wise, maybe he was crazy. Timoshenko can not walk into Hitler's inner world, he can only be analyzed from the surface phenomena of Hitler in the end there is no such intention. He got a report from the Soviet border disturbing: at least 10 German aircraft penetrated Sorrento airspace every day, and some even more than 30 miles deep into Soviet airspace. An aircraft of which turned out to depth of 650 miles of Soviet airspace and landed in Moscow, just happened 10 days ago, he thought it was the Germans in the investigation of its ground troops from the border to Moscow's offensive line. The Voroshilov and Timoshenko agreed that these moves soon heralded German invasion of the Soviet Union. The German generals may oppose, their heads of state may have such intention. "Timoshenko vague Huileyiju. This sentence is very obscure point to understand the dictator is not required to consider the views of the generals. Shida Ling Dailiaoyixia thoughtfully retorted: "I do not think so, I know, Hitler was a great character, he is a statesman, military strategist, thinker, an artist, in just eight years. of the time it will be in Germany from the hateful hands of the Anglo-Saxons and the Gauls rescued, Not only that, he also greatly develop the economy, the establishment of a powerful Germany, in Europe, he achieved the score we can than on, so you would say he is a crazy person? If he is not a madman, then he would not have in the case of the west front has not yet achieved victory in the case did not destroy the British attack us, it is impossible. "Shi Tailing yes-men the Beria crashed echoed:" Well said, great Shida Ling comrades remarks my eyes, I think that the right Shida Ling comrades, Hitler is not a Dopey, how could he adventurous attack us? want to know we have 5,000,000 troops, closely united in the side of the great leader 170 million workers and peasants of the invincible hero, strong military, there is a vast expanse of territory, all of which indicates that Hitler did not dare to attack us, we powerful is not it? What do you think? Timoshenko comrades? "the Beria gloomy eyes eyeing Timoshenko, who unconsciously made a shiver. "But the Songgang Yang Woo attitude is really a mystery?" Shi Tailing frowning back to the topic. "Yes, the great puzzle!" Beria with the sentence. Glanced Beria did not speak for a long time Voroshilov disgust, stubborn adhere sentence: "I see, we strengthen the West line of defense, I request that the two Army and then transferred to the borders, improve alert level, ready to not only eat defeat it. "Shi Tailing contemplative one minute suddenly asked Voroshilov:" Do not you know this means war? German at this time, I will not take the initiative to tease the so will only make this big fat Churchill and Roosevelt lame pleased, they would be anxious to fight and German, how meeting them when I? "Shi Tailing not like Voroshilov recommendations., although he also admitted The border may have some trouble, but he does not believe This means war, perhaps Hitler wanted to test whether the Soviet Union is preparing for war, perhaps Hitler would like to take the border conflict to increase bargaining chips in the future? This is possible. Voroshilov Timoshenko closed mouth, Shi Tailing comrades bad mood, he side-tracked by the Churchill this big fat feature that his aversion to the big fat man, they do not need to be knocked at this time. "Well, we later say these things now!" Shi Tailing the end of the conversation, the marshals evicted. "You, Molotov, and then look for Songgang Yang Yu, if that guy or that attitude, I do not mind letting Zhukov to them again attack." Shida Ling pointed to the door, the Molotov evicted,Lacoste T-Shirts Outlet.
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