training ground is always bustling

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 10:26
After Jiang Baili end up, Zhuang Jihua announced to rest for half an hour, people have left their seats, by twos and threes poly talk aside quietly, they naturally into piles, Deng Xihou Tian Songyao Sun Zhen Liu Wenhui a few together have a pleasant talk together, Liu Xiangfu often pan Wenhua Guo Xun Qi in but frowning deep wrinkles, Du Yuming Lan Yundong Liao Yaoxiang, look, Wang Geng Sun Liren several U. S. is another scenery, Jiang Baili and Luhan, Ann Smith in chatting.Over all will experience some easy exchange, also some uneasiness, Chengdu, Chongqing, Luzhou, Nanchong and other places have been protests raging tide, and different from the past is this is led by Chongqing, Chongqing middle school, trade unions, social groups, their topic is very natural very quickly from the exercises to the Lugou Bridge incident."Jin Kang brother, you say the chairman of this is really want to play or just pull a shelf."Liu Wenhui whispered.Deng Xihou will be the cigarette from his mouth off a ha ha: "don't know, but I'm afraid can not see this posture,Manitoba Jackets Canada Goose, small, dry, had not negotiated well?You don't send, your soldiers escort the Sichuan-Tibet line construction, to the metaphor Peidi built Sichuan-Tibet line built how?""Alas," Liu Wenhui sighed: "hard ah, Tibet terrain is too complex, and lack of heavy construction machinery, by human, the British and the Darai that bastard again in trouble, the slow progress is very slow, almost a year after Changdu, Lhasa is still young."Planning a path, the Burma Road, the road Li Anding responsible, now I do not know how."Tian Songyao said, "I'm afraid is not easy," Deng Xihou shook his head and said: "we in the Sichuan-Tibet highway and the British people in conflict, the British will allow us to use or build the Burma Road?The cultural revolution in this matter I act with undue haste.""Jin Gong, if.If I say, "Sun Zhen some eyes flashing:" the Lugou Bridge incident has really evolved into a full-scale war, we're really troops "of course," Deng Xihou is serious, he have a look of Sun Zhen and Tian Songyao: "it did not discuss, have sent troops, and must be a main force units, don't say that was a good, if not compilation.We are Chinese, Chinese soldiers, Baoguo enemy be one's unshirkable responsibility."Deng Xihou their conversation to the troops on the side of Liu Xiang, their topic is focused on the training of troops, Liu Xianghen is puzzled, as tactical Handbook, the same equipment, why other troops out of practice and Guo Xunqi are not the same."Fu gong.I've thought about that problem.There are mainly four, "Guo Xunqi said with a smile, his troops played pretty well, even with the mood is also very happy:" Zhuang cultural revolution practice training first God, the God is the spirit of God, so the first is that each company culture teacher, the teacher is equivalent to the north of culture during the period of the party,Hybridge Lite Jackets Canada Goose.The teacher not only teaches soldiers literacy culture to teach soldiers to realize why fight, so the soldiers of the product, don't we need to urge,Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber Cheap, soldiers themselves to training, the training ground is always bustling.The second is to obey.Zhuang Wenji emphasized the execution, once issued a command, must be unconditional implementation, even if the total killed must also be implemented; third is the cooperation, is not allowed to have any to preserve the strength of the practice, once discovered immediately expelled from the team; the fourth is the team spirit, we rarely punishment, punishment is the group, one is left behind, all be punished.Such examples beyond count.Fu gong.I had never thought, just so-so and light four.A few months down let forces has thoroughly to remould oneself feeling.""I heard Sun Yuanliang talk about, Zhuang Wenji is good at training, originally thought he was well equipped, unexpectedly..."Pan Wenhua slightly said in admiration.But Liu Xiang did not hear his words, he was noticed, Du Yuming Lan Yundong Liao Yaoxiang, not far from their conversation, the topic is the Lugou Bridge incident.
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