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December 30 [Sun], 2012, 15:48
"Here in the end is what!" "This is not heaven!" Is Here is a cage? A Tiandi cage? "Ancient flying within the power of heaven and earth wrapped Xiaoqing, black days, Barron, pedal history and a glorious step, running all the way out of the several thousands of miles away, dare to stop. They landed at the a dwarf mountain top. "Old Black, you definitely know what!" Xiaoqing said, staring at the black day, he vaguely felt, black days is to know some of the things they do not know. This time, this is a bright and sunny, but looked round but it started to become dark together, blowing chill breath rising into the sky from the earth below. Astrology says the change will change, it is very strange. Everyone's attention immediately became pale planetarium to attract even the Xiaoqing are too busy to go to ask a black day. "How is it!" No one knows what happened, but no one sensitive to this side of heaven and earth strange world near the general trend in the change. "Damn, who is so darn!" Black day proficient in battle, naturally understand the concept of heaven and earth, the general trend, find Long acupuncture, when he see the general trend of the changing world, voice trembled. "Go!" Black day is not to say, direct sky, and rushed toward the east. This time, the entire film world dark sky above the dark clouds, the glaring lightning flashes in the clouds from time to time, one extremely depressed atmosphere of living on this side geographical. Under the black days of clear the way, the ancient flying them to take advantage of this side of heaven and earth the general trend has not yet fully formed the nick of time, and rushed out. The surface again, just like back to earth from hell, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "Some people in the remote antiquity before they planted a bureau really generous ah we have to get out of this so-called heaven!" The very solemn black day said. "You did know some things!" Says Xiaoqing. "Tell me, in the end is how the same thing!" Gu Fei said, looking at the black day, this side of the world which, even pitfalls everywhere, everywhere killing array is simply an endless killing field, wherever there are nervous. Black day thinking about the moment, only said: "legend shortage ancient of when, there is an exiled world, all vicious of the people, have been exiled in that world which" "you is to say, the so-called day profession, is that world? "Xiaoqing said surprised,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Discount. All hear the words of the black days, are difficult to calm down, here is a party to a land of exile? Repression shortage ancient when those fierce they? If they are so, that this place really can not stay. If suddenly jump out of a shortage ancient when fierce, and I am afraid that when the Great World must headache it! Shortage ancient when fierce, even if the suppression of endless years, as long as the undead, are terrorist incomparable exist. Just tall that the presence of unknown towns of God Crimping is connected shortage the ancient jiangjia who God Emperor should discoloration terrible existence. There is nothing to say, no wonder this side of the world which so many ruins, so many dilapidated Dong Fu, the original here even really a heaven cage. Detained here, is not an ordinary prisoner, but a shortage of ancient large fierce. Some to shortage ancient fierce suppression of endless years, the dead can not die again, flesh probably dissolved into dust, but some shortage ancient fierce boil over. The presence of this, if a turnaround, the consequences would be disastrous. After the ancient flying them spoke for a moment, agreed to leave the world of cage, black days longer insist, he could not wait to leave this place. Dark days is the matrix method guru, the concept of heaven and earth trend, the most knowledgeable dark days to clear the way in front of the ancient flying they also feel a lot of peace of mind. They leave space channel is too far into this side of heaven and earth, and now want to go back, but not able to do so sudden. Moreover, at this time can not run around, or else at any time to break into a large fierce repression shortage ancient geographical triggered terrible Murder. Along the way, but hundreds of years, the ancient flying they will be in a hilltop saw almost see traces the ruins, after the a dwarf mountain time, to see the mountain there is an ancient temple. Whenever encountered these ancient ruins, ancient flying they are far from it to avoid, not close. However, even such a careful, they ran into trouble in a pool side, a crackdown on prehistoric animals into the pool from the pool being rushed out, almost a black day devoured her. Fortunately, the first animals has been suppressed for too long, long years spend lost the role to the repression of its matrix method, animals already weakened to the extreme, the ancient flying Zijin Excalibur spot beheaded . The first animals actually coming to now, it is hard to imagine when the shortage ancient, the first animals how powerful and terrible, very bad luck, the first animals to encounter the ancient flying them. This is a small episode, the ancient flying them to continue to move forward. Big mountains, dangerous everywhere, had to make ancient flying them carefully from the ancient days of door channel, there are about a thousand miles when the ancient flying they came to a dwarf piedmont. "This is ..." dwarf mountain foot several Baizhang high dwarf in front of the mountain stands a dark monument stone flamboyant portrayal of several characters, this is not today's Dragon continent generic text,Women's Chilliwack Bomber, but a species have lost the ancient text. This text is too old, is the shortage of the ancient world into a common text, but ancient flying them, but no one can recognize a monument on top of the text. But this also beat ancient flying them, on top of that a few characters, they sensed an inexplicable fluctuations, very mysterious feeling. "How could!" This is a grave? "Absolutely impossible, how will his tomb?" Ancient flying them unrecognizable monument on top of several ancient text, but know that a few The ancient word meaning, but the ancient words above, ancient flying them sensitive to faint fluctuations, which is a similar concept of God fluctuation ancient fly they know that several ancient word meaning. Who wrote that several ancient word, a repair, I am afraid that has gone beyond the mighty realm, he wrote the word, after endless years, still remains a trace of the mysterious and unpredictable fluctuations. Wu Zu Tomb,Canada Goose Trillium! "Ancient flying voice is shaking up the really difficult of the heart, in front of the dwarf mountain is actually a tomb, but also a legend among the supreme martial ancestors graves. Xiaoqing, black days, Barron trio are shocked.
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