are widely becoming immortal

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 9:48
To hear the call of Regulus Creepy, came near the wide become immortal camp master, four people, two elderly people, a hair bridled, chunky, is a gray-haired, tall, thin, and the two outside of the two, a tall, black-faced middle-aged man, and the other was like Regulus Creepy, is a young man. World of cultivation, the most untrustworthy appearance, the master of successful practice, some white-haired elderly, but others can stay young, she looks like boys and girls, a teenage boy, perhaps that is an old monster. That four people hear after Regulus Creepy command, immediately they kicked, and then manage Jianguang, a patch of woods and flew toward the ancient flying hiding. This time the whole body of the ancient flying life essence surging, he wants convergence breath we can not do, he is difficult to escape the induction of peerless master. Peerless master of the Royal virtual realm of spiritual knowledge is so powerful, dynamic concept, you can sense the movement of the radius of hundred miles under their induction, the the ancient flying body exuberant breath of life, like a beacon in the darkness of striking . "Shua!", "Shua!!", "Shua!", "Shua!" Four Jianguang, an instant they appear in ancient flying where that big tree over. The ancient flying motionless hunkered down under a tree, covered lightly trembling belly is still flowing out of a Unit, a huge life essence, that the life essence of a longevity grass leaves behind, is still not fully refining. "Careless." Ancient flying hearts secretly anxious, he is a little regret dose that a longevity grass leaves huge sense of in vivo to the life essence of the pole, and came very close to his body explode. If he was not a warrior, flesh comparable Lingbao, but an unusual off where monks might really be the body roll surging as the stormy sea of ​​life essence make it gluten-off fractures. Even so, the ancient flying also felt his body, as if like a ball swell up, whole body surging life essence, you can not vent out. Vast Jianqi volatility swings down from the air pass, then, the forest Jianguang flashing, of four horses refining as bright Jianguang, piercing and then, four Jianguang faded, four silhouette Jianguang among the show out. "Hey!" Hair bridled, chunky old man, the sight of ancient flying so look like, can not help but taken aback, the ancient flying body graciousness out the vitality is too strong. "He not take the longevity grass!" Another gray-haired, tall, thin elderly people seem to think what, then some indeterminate said. Everyone heard, suddenly face downcast,Timberland Mens Earthkeepers Chukka, but has no idea how the medicinal properties of the longevity grass, but to see the ancient flying eyes closed, sweating, his face showing a hint of pain of the color, they vaguely guessed , ancient flying is taking what the world of spirit and Crafts, otherwise, the breath of life in him, not so strong. Qingyang, son, take him away! "Unto them a hair bridled chunky elderly dark-haired youth said here is not good, full of uncertain variables, Regulus Creepy still battle with that Great Satan Chu Ko, and other people can find. "Is! The Shishu!" That Black youth Qingyang, immediately kicked, then stepped forward, hand shoulder will be taken away to fly to the ancient. However, when the Qingyang sub slender white, as if glowing layer of glistening white palm, resting on the shoulders of the ancient flying the moment, the the Qingyang child's face immediately changed. "Peng!" Is heard, that the Qingyang sub ride in the the ancient flying shoulder top palm, turned out to bomb up the Qingyang child to speak, ancient flying shoulder suddenly broke out in an energetically,Baby's Canada Goose Reversible Vest, not only will own palm Zhenfei to away, behold vigorously actually along the palm toward his chest hit. If that kind of strong collision, even if qingyang sub powerful cultivation has a the Royal virtual realm, flesh also subject to the point of injury can not. The sword repair people, life energy, an ability the best in the hands of the sword on top of the flesh even smaller than the ancient flying tough. This is why, ascetics, supernatural powers who are afraid to let true Warrior close because once they are the Musha close, will be extremely dangerous. Qingyang sub-face became pale, quickly receding, he wanted to resolve this to hit their own power. Among the astonished eyes of the crowd, Qingyang son turned again and again to exit feet beyond Juli to defuse that kind of hit to his chest. "How is it?" The chunky hair bridled elderly frown asked, you know, Qingyang the child but Royal virtual realm for the repair, turned out to be a Zhentui only off where the realm of monks, which simply means that out no one will believe the things. All extremely surprised, really incredible, one off where the realm of the monks, is the peerless master Zhentui of a Royal virtual realm. "Well I come!" Old man shot magic weapon capsule, a glow immediately from the magic weapon capsule out of the Rays, wrapped in a white jade bottle. Closing! "The elderly pinching action Lingjue, toward that Yuping one pointing out that Yu Ping immediately quickly zoom bottle spewing out a great the suction pulling force, to go toward the ancient flying roll. Far away, came the bursts as such as sea craze general horror energy fluctuations, two powerful breath between heaven and earth, the mighty, loud sound continuously came concussion mountains. The Regulus odd that the Great Satan Chu Ko, is still in the war, seems to have been to the white-hot stage that dumpy old people do not want to hesitate, directly resorted to a magic weapon, you want to fly the ancient bird Yuping received. That Yu Ping, Chemical for the size of the hill, that bottle, like a bottomless black hole, the great suction pulling force, instantly fly the ancient shrouded. "Naturalized bottle?" Tall, thin, elderly and ate the other two surprised them with chunky elderly with doors, natural know this magic wand. "Do not hurt him life!" Tall, thin, elderly hurried said aloud, but he has no shot to stop, leaving hair bridled chunky elderly facilities. "I know!" Dumpy old man replied. Big as hill Yuping, through the issue of bursts Rays, as if round after round Xianqi in shrouded looms, the alabaster jar on top of the crystal clear, round after round of mysterious runes. "Imagine Shishu actually have these pieces of ancient treasure refining it!" Black youth Qingyang sub, looked at the sky, white jade bottle said surprised. An ancient atmosphere, Since above the Rune, through the hair out of the mighty bursts of amazing energy fluctuations bottle through a terrible suction, the formation of a whirlwind, has been pulling the body of the ancient flying. The ancient flying eyes closed, fully functioning Xuangong, you want as soon as possible refining body the sense of the vast matchless life essence, however, occurred outside, still know very, very well. Find an energetically ancient flying from themselves tightly bound to live, you want to pull yourself into the sky, this time,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, he is difficult to move extremely anxious. However, in the ancient flying Yuping suction pulled into the sky, through into Yuping, "Om!" Heard the ancient flying body suddenly came the sound crisp Jianming. Jianming voice as nine days Heming, though not loud, but in the forest pass swing, everyone in the forest, foes sensitive to an obscure Jianqi fluctuations. The ancient flying only think that kind of magic in vivo refined gas in shock, covered in blood like in combustion, flesh and blood through to send bursts Jianqi fluctuations the Jian Qi through the body, was actually resist under Yuping suction. That four peerless master, are widely becoming immortal, school pupils, Kendo repair enigmatic, out of ancient flying body through that kind of veiled Jianqi fluctuations sensed, foes are immediately discoloration. Sense of Jianqi, actually they Road infants Zifu being shaken up camp exercises widely become immortal and take the Sword Road Road infants and condensation, is also distinctive. Sword infants, but endless sword element, condensing out of the Kendo baby Zifu pubic region, filled with endless sword yuan, that sword yuan, can be turned into a sword, can also be spread to the whole body. To this realm of their own is the "sword" the natal Feijian, has completely melting into the body, and become a part of the body sword yuan. Sensitive to the the sword element of the the ancient flying body sense of Jianqi fluctuations, Qingyang sub human body, even by the impact, Zifu Road infants and seems a little afraid of that kind of atmosphere of the ancient flying body. "How ... how will it!" A hair bridled chunky elderly physique flash sword element in the body even a little out-of-control signs, Mana operation suddenly stagnated. The alabaster jar chunky elderly immediately it would be difficult to control the sky that changes was the same size as the hills, that Yu Ping quickly narrow into only half a foot no the Guanghua quaint Yuping. The old man seemed very nervous that Yu Ping, hurriedly hand catch Yuping fall from the sky, and then carefully incorporated into the magic bag. This time, that kind of obscure ancient flying body Jianqi fluctuations gradually retreat into his body and then completely hidden within no trace Jianqi outgoing. Mysterious sword, is a treasure-level magic, have no doubt, even edged left hilt Broken Sword, also has unpredictable forces. Him ... "the Qingyang child face a few changes, see gradually becomes red-hot, and fly to the ancient eyes, as if looking at a treasure. "You sensed it?" That has no sound bad cop Tahan, when a sound. Strong to the pole life essence in a the ancient flying body graciousness grown up with his flesh, he can even feel the body is chipping feel chipping flesh, and rebirth out. Crystal bones, full of cracks, endless pain, with his sensitive nerve, all spread into the brain, flesh bones, in the crack, but at the same time and in the rebirth. Break and then stand Bao body can only Dacheng, this is a real break and then stand on top of the ancient flying the skin, round after round of cracks began to appear like a fine porcelain shattered. Into the cracks, you can see that bright red flesh, and even can see the blood flow, but, but not the essence and blood oozed Since more and more cracks. "This ..." Four shocked the ancient flying happened to things beyond their imagination, even if they are informed Imperial virtual realm peerless master, also shocked to the extreme.
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