Shen said the shadow

January 03 [Thu], 2013, 17:52
Dragon Sky with three beautiful women out from the stadium,Canada Goose Women's Livigno, Madame Chin and his disciples are still not up on the floor, they have not the courage and self-esteem up. Gold Taipan, a taekwondo black belt eight, almost Taekwondo pinnacle figure in the Dragon Sky's hands, turned failure was the collapse of a Tu defeated no suspense. A matter of minutes, Madam Chin even people finger did not hit, he was people when football generally kicked and kicked. Madame Chin felt for the first time, the original so-called Taekwondo is so vulnerable. Just out of the gym, Dragon Sky by those students to chase out. Many students must bayou Sky as a teacher, Dragon Sky watching these students, yet there are a large number of beautiful female students, almost a soft-hearted so I agreed. But he also knows that, in this school for a few days, is here to stay, they did not have the patience to teach them every day effort. Own effort, in addition to their own, may simply not suitable for anyone. Dragon Sky know how it is the first skull necklace, and then is that somehow eat four spiritual fruit, seasoned pointing in Weakness several factors, that is, one, any one can encounter can be considered life adventure. Costs a lot of tongue, Dragon Sky only from those students fled back to the guest house. Wash a hot bath in the hostel, Dragon Sky with three beautiful women, driving a Hummer, drove to the school gate, the dinner. "Woo older brother." Yaoyao now eyes filled with small stars, think Dragon Sky handsome great, he is aware of the dragon Tianyu very powerful, but Long Sky did not expect so much, plus Dragon Sky handsome die, so Yao Yao now feel like a bit like this guy. "Why?" Dragon Sky who suddenly from the layer of goose bumps. "Can you also teach me kung fu?" Yaoyao asked. "What? Should learn?" Dragon Sky asked back, light a ELIZA enough headache you have to disturb them, if it is to learn in bed, I'd quite the mood together to teach the two of you . How? Learn not it? "Yaoyao asked, very surprised Dragon Sky dissatisfaction. "Learning to do? Violent a girl, and more bad." Dragon Sky said. How bad, like my kind of beauty, not to learn kung fu self-defense, it is very dangerous, you forgot a couple of days ago, things Shen shadow and I be a kung fu long crackling those guys are labeled as eunuch. "said Yaoyao exciting dancing. "You said, gesturing what ah?" Shen shadow laughed. Long Tianyu also laughed: "also labeled as eunuchs how ah? Yaoyao, this is not good, relations with other people's lifetime of happiness." "Well, it is to that they are labeled as a eunuch." Yaoyao said. Dragon, you can be the two of us together to teach ah. "Eliza also said she had originally thought to learn taekwondo, but through the game today, ELIZA think taekwondo is weak, not even Long Sky a finger not as good, so, followed by Dragon Sky kung fu school confidence is greater. Long Sky dumbfounding, teach, what to teach? Those things yourself, there is no routine, all the live play, not to not to teach but to pay would be much easier. But will be a lot of moves, Dragon Sky * Dang laughed. "Hey, are you laughing at what was disgusting." Yaoyao said. Just finished, heard the squeak of a sound, the car suddenly stopped, Yaoyao is sitting in the back, just speak and Long Sky, sitting in the middle of the back. A fierce car stopped, due to inertia, Yaoyao suddenly forward channeling go quickly hugged able to cling to something, dragon the Tianyu felt a tight neck, a soft white arm rib lived his neck. Followed by a kiss on India to his face. Happiness happiness brake a car can be such a good benefits to bring their own. Yaoyao was suddenly flushed face, and quickly release the dragon Tianyu, sit back, angrily said: "You do not want to teach me kung fu kid, there was no need to want to kill me?" "I did not want to kill you, and someone bores me to death. "Dragon Sky thought that depressed, it seems fortune accompanied this sentence really does not leave, watching the two people in the front painful dinosaur, dragon Tianyu Barbara is no sure way. Pock-marked girl and acne girl standing in front of the car, one meter away from the car also, just two people plexus side of the small woods suddenly ran out, and she stopped that Taekwondo labeled pig guy, the heart is called the an excited ah. Handsome, we ah. "" Yeah, we are here waiting for you a long time. "" Come down guy,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Discount, I love you. "Guy, I beg you, promise I love it, do not you, I am unable to move the two super dinosaur Humvee before, on the launching of love offensive. "A very popular thing." Yaoyao Hey smirked. Shen Ying was frowning, Hsin Tao, the two girls do not know how such a shame ah, so stopped other people's cars courtship was never too ashamed. Eliza did not feel anything, she would have to think it should be, for their favorite boy, we should be bold out. Two girls see The Dragon Sky did not have a reaction, immediately went to the door, a pull on the left, and a pull to the right side. The Dragon Sky did not lock the door, suddenly two super dinosaur to pull off. Pock-marked girl to sit on the co-pilot, acne girl in the back muttering: "sister, crowded,Canada Goose On Sale, immediately sisters." "Two beautiful, I beg you, let me go." Dragon Sky not only opening Tao. Handsome, how can you say such a thing, do not you, I can not live, you know? Did not you mean that there is no oxygen, you contingent me how to breathe. "Pock-marked girl spoke, requires grasping Dragon Sky Dragon Sky quickly shrink to the side, the hands tightly probe to the outside. "Guy, you can not do this to us, you do not know that the two of us is how lovestruck girl, if you irresponsible, we can only jumping into a river to go." Painful acne girl in the back said. The Long Sky thought the fist Jinjinzuanzhao, wait for them to kick these two super invincible dinosaurs to kick down. However, they are, after all, is a woman, but also come to their courtship, kick down a bit unreasonable. "I'm sorry, I can not promise you that I have a girlfriend." Dragon Sky said. How could we know that you do not, you are lying to us. "Two girls a little crazy. "He did not lie to you, the three of us are his girlfriend just filled the car, so, you still go on, the more people, the car can not." Yaoyao said the two dinosaurs, she is also a little stand , this best dinosaur, she had really is not seen. Impossible, you are acting, do not lie to us, our high IQ, you can not fool us. "Two girls still Buyiburao. "She did not lie to you, we really are his girlfriend, and just you see, she is also seeking boyfriend." Shen said the shadow. Her character is absolutely will not do this kind of thing, but now, she really can not stand it, so it deliberately say. "Yeah, the dragon is our man, anyone not want to take away from the three of us around." Eliza said while talking, she also deliberately clinging to the the Dragon Sky's face, in his lips passionate kiss. Dragon Sky heart is called a musical, the original encounter two best dinosaurs is not a bad thing, at least, the two beautiful women kisses,. Lian Shen Ying, said his girlfriend. I myself as promised, later, but can not go back. Maybe they do not know, he is a very serious person, it is easy to believe that the people of others, as long as someone else said, would take it seriously. "No, we do not agree, the guy how to make your exclusive, so good, we have to compromise step, the two of us joined, let dudes in time you go is." "Is, if you do not promise, we will not get off. Siyeyaosi in this car. "two girls this one, that one, just do not get off. Dragon Sky really can not stand, and one opened the door and said: "I rely on this car, we do not."
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