the first to sneak into Hulao

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 12:03
Guo Si grief fled hearts can not wait to Wang Can bones and dust. The situation is stronger than people fall Hulao, Xiliang Army's situation becomes sad again. Hulao within the south-east of the granary destroyed Xiliang Army temporarily caught up in embarrassment, Xiliang Army relying on Hulao shut, still retreat to safety, move forward and attack, and Luoyang food to the fastest time sent Hulao, ensure that forage Hulao supplies will not be affected. However, once the Hulao the fall, Luoyang became stripped off the last layer of fig leaf the woman the deficit `bare` naked standing in the sight of the princes, no hidden. Guo Si is used ass would have guessed that Dong Zhuo know the Hulao after the fall, will look how angry. However, Guo Si now have to face the wrath of the Dong Zhuo. Guo Si getaway, the weather has been gradually bright. Guo Si led Xiliang Army seven down eight crooked Xixishushu find any Xiliang soldiers face are exposed Fortunately look, finally escaped. The tower on Hulao off princes Allied aggressive incomparable, and Hulao its gates have been broken, the city downstairs and cavalry Benz killing Xiliang soldiers simply become a fish on the chopping block, let princes Allied mercy. Finally, finally escape. "General, in front of the cavalry!" Soldiers, standing of Guo Si beside the Xiliang soldiers suddenly hand pointing to the Official Road distant, I saw clusters of shadow on the Official Road peristaltic fast run toward Guo Si side over, along with the shock shadows peristaltic hoofs, making the earth tremble, Guo Si riding on the war immediately, but also the hearts of trembling. "Army collection collection!" Guo Si has become frightened, nervous highly taut heard soldiers say the front of the cavalry over, Xiangyebuxiang, and immediately convened soldiers collection. Once this is done, to Guo Si you look around, I saw a dense mass of cavalry quickly Benz. Have been able to look at the blink of an eye cavalry, Guo Si saw exactly go granary led by Li, the heart suddenly relieved, long repressed makes Guo Si will soon collapse, see Lee led the cavalry in time back, Guo Si hearts boulder finally landing. Guo Si relaxation, Lee is dignified air. Especially saw people on the Guan Dao Guo Si, and Guo Si, Zhao the Cen, Hu Zhen also find any, ragged, leaving Lee hearts this sad course. Eyes fell on the body of Guo Si, Guo Si within dressed only in a shirt, armor is gone, submandibular beard was gone ... what happened? Lee heart to have doubts, and instantly thought of a possible Hulao the lost! He raised his whip screams crotch horses rapidly toward Guo Si rushed over and asked: "Guo Addo, how do you become appearance Hulao princes Allied capture of what?" Guo Si heard this little head, did not speak. This time, silence is the best weapon, the more we talk, the worse the Lee's anger. "Guo Addo, you, you ...... you are Xiliang Army sinners!" Pointing to Li Guo Si, his face blue burst of white, pleural downs kept feeling V to all burning within the heart, blood churn. Good silence, Lee face suddenly blood-red mouth spit out a Xuewu trail of blood sprayed directly in the face Guo Si,Men's Canada Goose Lodge. By Lee spit blood stained face, Guo Si not only there is no anger, there is a deep sense of guilt. As Lee said, he really Xiliang Army sinners. The hold Hulao the princes allied forces can only massed outside the customs useless, however, Hulao lost, Luoyang became a thorn in the side of the princes of the Allies in the flesh, the princes who will certainly be a great army almost equal to Luoyang attack Dong Zhuo . "Common Sense" Guo Si see Lee look, the mind is also deeply regret, bite the bullet and pull out the waist the sword necessary Suicide apology. "Darn!" Lee rushed out, sword waving the sword in the hands of Guo Si Kefei Hema said: "idiot, you are dead what? Hum, easily defensible, Hulao, attack tower on another hoplite protection, plus I deliberately exhortations you to keep good Hulao Off, how can you possibly be lost Hulao it? give me make it clear, Hulao is how the fall. "Guo Si eyes red , said: "Wang Can, Can Wang opened the gates Hulao!" Wang Can? him to open the gates, how could that be? "Lee exclamation exposed startled look on his face. Guo Si look bleak solitude, faint said: "Can Wang yesterday pseudonym Wanger Gou sneak into the Hulao shut, I was talking to him, but after Wang Can makeup, I did not recognize Wang Can, Can Wang into the tiger firmly shut. infer the southeast direction Hulao granary was burned is Wang Can for later granary fire, to Wang Can back to Hulao off, open the gates, collusion princes army into the city, thousands of miles of dikes destroyed by ants hole Hulao defeated Wang Can the hands! "Lee shook his head, dejected. He led the Flying Bear Army has been viewed granary, granaries were burned clean. Granary soldiers stationed finish can say Lee and princes allied forces at war, has made a partial victory, but still failed so badly defeated. Forage burned! Hulao be overcome! Li Chen's face back to Luoyang, but the things that are often beyond the control of the people, the situation now is not Lee be able to control it. Mindful here, Lee said: "army rest for half an hour, then depart back to Luoyang, told happened Taishi, confessing his sin!" Snow! "Guo Si obediently should be a cry, did not speak immediately. ... Hulao Guanzhong, Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Zan, Sun Jian, Wang Can, five people standing on the tower looks into the distance. Hulao capture of the next stage is to go straight to Luoyang to remove Dong Zhuo. However, other dysfunction have not arrived Hulao now just need to wait for the result of dysfunction arrived to negotiate a major event. Yesterday night, the army kill Guo Si time Zan, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Sun Jian troops began to count this time to attack the record Hulao and casualties, after few hours, and only then Hulao corpse cleanup clean. The Yuan Shao standing Hulao, high-spirited, and looked proud. Spend so much manpower, material, and finally beat Lee Xiliang soldiers. Breeze, the Yuan Shao behind the black cloak bang about flying up. At this time, Yuan Shao hearts filled with a sense of satisfaction. Coalition forces chief, Yuan Shao hearts of this position has a new feel,Canada Goose Mountaineer. Sit chief of the place, Yuan Shao has felt the beauty of the rights. Yuan Shao had just served as chief, hands-on, what things are thinking about themselves, anything you want to control. However, the result was enough to make Yuan Shao near-collapse of decadence,Timberland Chukka Boots, then she Yuan Shao things directly to Wang Can, Cao Cao to do all the things that do not have to Yuan Shao to worry about, to consider by Wang Can, Cao Cao. Yuan Shao emerging as the chief of the place, without any distress. With the total, followed by Wang Can easily overcome Hulao. Such use of personnel, the art of trickery, Yuan Shao hearts full of satisfaction. Yuan Shao hearts desire to start breeding, and the chief post, has been gradually can not meet Yuan Shao had more ideas in the heart has been in my mind spiraling. The Yuan Shao eyes look to Wang Can, said: "First, this war when you deal in!" Cao Cao also agreed and said: "The chief is right, if not the first to sneak into Hulao off, open the gates. Nor do we might so easily into Hulao this battle but fortunately for the first ah! "Wang Can adventure alone, Cao Cao hearts still some guilt. Therefore, Cao Cao did not skimp on praise, the mouth is praise Wang Can, then, Wang Can fish exploits. Can Wang shook his head, and said modestly: "The chief overrated Can do a little trivial matter, where as much as the chief and, and Mendelssohn brother strategizing, command of the army." Yuan Shao heard this, he laughed, his face showing complacency look. Cao Cao smiled and heart like a mirror, know Xiao Wangcan idea. PS: more slightly, to continue to seek collection, flowers, worship please support.
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