flag Corps reinforcements withdraw

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 17:34
What. Nord army commander Hart Ray-Ban army barracks on the receiving report found near the unidentified cavalry report, nearly will kick to kick, the cavalry ,the kingdom of Nord where the cavalry ,those responsible for intelligence guy is pig ?He is soon identified the cavalry ,because almost followed a messenger report after ten minutes ,the seventh army on the left side of the high ground ,a row of black cavalry form also appear quickly ,this is a team responsible for the Pathfinder scout cavalry ,rode a tough horses ,body dressed in black light mail ,with a pointed cap, with a powerful composite bow ,meniscus ,curved sword with a strange feeling ,with a kind of gloomy gloss ,cold ,bloody eyes ,looked at the bottom of seventh army camp , this is Khergits have ? Hart Ray-Ban staring at a small force of cavalry ,the face can the eye ,these strange dress light cavalry ,how to look also not Vigia ,early hear falcons Dynasty conquered the northern Khergits have ,will large quantities of cavalry under the command of Kugit income ,but it is the battlefield meet or the first , come ,Lei taffeta, you immediately with a squadron to drive away those hateful guy !I don them ! Hart Ray-Ban frown puckering to behind the officer said, he was very unhappy with each other at their eyes ,it is greed and bloody ,just like the hungry wolves staring at a crowded together in lambs ,these Khergits have crazy ,even for only ten personal squad of cavalry .
Dare fifteen thousand elite swagger before others in their own front ,if you do not give them a little color to have a look ,these ordered the Vigia Falcon northern grassland ,also do not know his face but the South .
The invincible Nord ! The enemy attack ! Then ,from the higher ground on the west side of the sentry said a quick alarm sound ,caused him more dissatisfaction ,are doing? When there is a grocery market, what people dare to shake the wall extension of a small outpost ,above the Sentinels have been scared as pale as a sheet ,North Face 3 in 1 Clearance,if Hartley Pang is in the position in the word ,will make an immediate retreat judgment .
But for the moment ,so he missed the last chance ,the distant horizon be like suddenly raised a huge black cloud ,countless dazzling light with a whistling sound .Rain of arrows ,quickly the thin small post cover , ah still ringing sentinels suddenly shot into the blood from the hole ,wooden towers like a full of holes all the leaves fall, numerous black light cavalry was like wind .
Rapidly from his body across the front of the earth, the army prepared to attack Duowei Yan shout ,driving horses as a ghost from the tower by high-speed Benz ,he raised his right hand like a banner in the front of the queue .
A high speed of 20000 Kugit light cavalry neat high raised their composite bow ,innumerable gleaming arrow pointing to the sky .Like a shining star ,scout cavalry came from the front of the special gestures to indicate .
The enemy distance is 500 meters ,but in horses is at most 30 seconds seconds speed ,in the road ,it is prairie Khergits have consistently fighting style ,distance in the rapidly approaching ,Duowei Yan led the cavalry attack direction ,being the seventh army side a highland, in lower part the seventh army could not see at all and it is rapidly approaching danger ,Hartley Pang still shouting post on soldiers too much shot ! With the Duowei Yan right hand down ,countless bowstring vibration sound ,now like a fierce screeches over plateau ,a flash of light ,from the distant mist flicker out ,shining the light of death cloud, like the ground bursts the locust swarm bear down ,diffuse day rising arrowheads, at high altitude as the deadly metal stream waterfall ,draw a curve with the whistling of coverage and ah screams in the highlands of bottom ring ,that is the closest to the West was the seventh Army second flag group ,number 7100 ,is to kiss a heavy infantry ,but because there were no combat command ,also no warning ,most of the soldiers are wearing only light lining leather armor ,and head to see the light was universal time ,too late, nearly 2000 elite soldiers like this in the first wave of the bow under the cover when the wrong guy ,Nord soldiers was too dumb as a wooden chicken ,whole light cavalry as ghost like from the high hit, those wearing black nail with a lock ,with a full of spiked vest cavalry ,like a black killing long-term ,forced to let a person dare not positive Optic ,completely is the legendary devil reprint, vertical gun ! Nord infantry rattled queued ,numerous sharp spears from the shield gap exposed, in the sunlight shining Quattro Hanguang, temporary in the side with a beveled shaped like a huge battle ,serrated ,want to hit up from the side of the cavalry forces from the middle incision ,but their preparation is obviously useless ,a distance of one hundred meters in an instant and long ,horse hiss ,the surface of the Kugit light cavalry at a distance of 50 meters in the air when suddenly the sky, turned ninety degrees ,to be its landing, forward momentum has become to the right and to the left !The whole row of cavalry neatly seemed like a man, array head had a team ,one divides into two.
To swallow ,like light ,respectively to the left and right sides .{/ Book upload update } while Nord was God moment, from the Kugit cavalry scattered direction ,black clouds comes again ,a dense sharp wind ,arrows without pause in the pouring of Nord spearmen cohort ,20000 are tumbling down the Kugit light cavalry ,almost in a very minute on the way ,in front of Nord were a arrowheads baptism so skilled horse skills ,so uniform movement, so in a clean manner before the enemy Bianzhen ,witnessed the spectacle of Nord soldiers are startled gaping crowd around ,no cover shield wall square rear ,sounded a screaming sound, Nord is behind the soldiers one by one shot down, blood spatter .
,absolutely not ! Nord infantry captain who pale shouted .They know ,in the face of large clusters of cavalry ,if you mess ,will be like other winning goal .Nuo Dejun military discipline strictly ,seventh army are the elite place, no command, all soldiers firmly stood there ,each individual chooses mobile .
Many of the soldiers was standing, watching Kugit light cavalry in their tens of meters to shuttle back and forth ,shooting arrows in the ear ,fly ,looking at her fellow one by one .Queue a vacancy in the more and more intensive ,originally formation becomes sparse , whiz sharp wind tear .
At the foot of the earth soaked in blood ,getting wet .The screaming ,groaning ,crying for help ,command sound blended together, heavy feeling of fear took control of Nord soldier heart ,her fellow students were more and more, phalanx cohort has been unable to keep .
Kill ,pour down cavalry flow .Finally as a black huge rolling dragon stir in the second flag group camp ,with the full Kugit cutlass raised high ,horses like thunder, has just escaped Nord infantry was only present in the .
Felt big knife ,before they broke down the queue .Numerous horses gallop and pass ,Nord soldiers and tumbling down to the ground .20000 Khergit cavalry as a blade ,all will camp left neat incision ,flying hooves will be thousands in impact arc of Nord people drowned, the entire seventh army side resembles scamper camp ,everywhere is a scattered collection of soldiers ,looking more and more like the cloud top pressure ,to black cavalry ,Hart Ray-Ban and some do not adhere to immediately sent reinforcements to flank ! Hart Ray-Ban finger near chaos side ,behind the generals shouted loudly ,the situation is urgent ,he has to think why falcons cavalry would appear in their own side ,if the gap is not blocked, the entire seventh army is finished , but Sir, our main also on the wall ! A flag head whispered warned ,Hart Ray-Ban ,the seventh army took over the original belonging to the military line ,in order to plug the army mutiny caused by neutral ,Hart Ray-Ban had to most major in An Ruode defence, now in the stronghold of the force is less than 10000 2000 people ,and in the enemy attacked near collapse of second flag group ,is now able to dip into the largest military power , ,we must to urban retreat !There is more close to the Eighth Army camp ,this line will no longer tenable .
Next flag head suggested sound also appears a little restless ,.This dramatically affects the tone of each individual neural ! Yes ,they are to come from? The northern line is a problem ! Another flag head unconscious muttered do you want me to be the escape ? Hartley Pang was a serious stage ,several flags head quickly shut up ,Ann zewde line like a huge fence ,before narrowly wide ,The North Face Targhee Triclimate Clearance,plus eight solid line of defense ,like an inverted bottle of the kettle ,the majority of Nord soldiers believe ,Arnold line narrow enough to resist enemy attack surface several times moreover ,in the narrow mouth and King Nord takes decades to build 8 strong enough even to the falcons defense ,military strength ,want to break through 8 walls constitute a solid line ,also is impossible thing ,but now ,these appear in the line side a large number of cavalry ,let that had solid thought was a strong impact, in a solid security zewde line flank ,Falcon troops had opened a gap ,just think of the terrible situation ,all people feel nervous and uneasy feeling in his hesitate this time ,enemy cavalry striker has rushed to the the camp center position ,the seventh army while Nord elite soldiers stationed in Kyoto ,but because all the year round ,so nothing combat experience Rich force ,a North Face Ranger assault ,although some scattered resistance ,but soon to be groups of cavalry to break up, the situation was in confusion !Kugit cavalry attack was so fierce ,flesh out is a joke .
Even though the Jumpsuit with heavy armor heavy infantry quickly also in the wall, under the impact of open a gap .Up and down dance scimitar ,continue to shoot the arrow clusters ,just like the rain falls on Nord on everybody head ,screaming sound as one falls ,hand scimitar Kugit Rangers waving the bloody weapon left to split the right to cut ,with Nord is a throw .
With the spear of ups and downs ,armor covered with blood and flesh .Nord soldier head easily like chopping apples . Immediately from the walls of a flag Corps reinforcements withdraw .
Sent to Eighth Army for help ,will attack case report base camp ,the last command the front must be resisted ,and please immediately back to the army .The defeated army to fight together ,never let the other cavalry will impact the surface expansion ,when necessary ,also do drop preparation .
had issued orders, to hand to wipe the sweat from his brow, today is a rare cloudy, plus another autumn ,temperature is not hot .But Hartley Pang body was sweating , Lord. behind the flag in unison and head movements and facial expressions ,but is filled with despair .
Army seems to have the fight to the last man ,will never choose to retreat resolve ,just orders is a fight to the death !Several flags head face quickly leave ,they take their respective behind the guards quickly joined in front of the battle, continued the attack .
There is no retreat ! A flag is the arrow shower head through the neck ,upper and lower body is blood paste ,the swords are only half ,his dying words sound so hoarse with blood .
Even with the guard to guard ,in such a large number of cavalry under shock loading .Even the reinforcements arrived,The North Face 3in1 Cheap, only to help her buy chances or being crushed bodies of horses .
To find a severed hand or foot of the residue ,is also a lucky but they are Nord soldier ,will not retreat in case ,any advance withdrawal of generals ,were put to death ,cruel Nord rules can be whatever they now how embarrassing situation .
In the arrow constantly between shuttle ,together with death arc, like locusts across the sky ,shoot the soldiers on both sides of the queue , resist with Nord infantry captain who shout oneself hoarse shouted, Kugit cavalry and Nord infantry makeshift cohort consisting of a collision with the formidable ,slaughtered the sound make the welkin ring ,blood on the earth by a blood red , ,crushes them ! Kugit Ranger knife horse riding ,scimitar with blood from has not fallen enemy body out ,but as time went on ,Nord began to play the advantage of infantry ,especially a few elite bodyguard inputs ,like several prop up is about to crash ,here comes the night .
This encounter has 3 fierce hours ,thousands of Nord soldiers in the area full of corpses .In that large areas of the beaten grassland and shrub ,left off the gun and arrows and muddy body was scarred ,a Nord soldier corpses covered was originally black slopes , ,laurel keurti head ! Newspaper ,Don Kirsti Marquis ! All of them come with me ! Hartley Pang - pale from behind the guard took the sword ,to have dressed behind hundreds of Nord royal guards ordered, forward ,break them ! Duowei Yan excited loudly shouted ,victory is no suspense at all ,numerous corpses piled up in the battle of civilians ,the blood to be ground are dyed red ,far from looking like a red corridor ,foot soapy ,everywhere is broken body ,is not one of their own or the other ,with blood taste me choke, this scene from the mountain slope all the way down ,unable to distinguish who is Kugit cavalry ,who is Nord, visible in just a few hours of fierce fighting , hum Nord still stubbornly blow the bugle of assault ,appear very bleak ,rear the seventh army headquarters soldiers almost died out ,are now able to see clearly ,is Khergits have light cavalry in is full of blood and body of earth animals left behind traces of these covered all over with cuts and bruises ,seventh Army soldiers ,completely by last will and loyalty ,to resist the Kugit light cavalry flash attack , fast ,military pressure on the seventh army ,rescue ! In Duowei Yan felt win when, a piece of white light suddenly crossed his eyes , Puff puff crowded arrow hit ,rushes to the front of the hundreds of Kugit cavalry have fallen, the thousand arrows shot ,horses neighing in the fall ,was to break the seventh army many Nord soldiers are rapidly towards this direction run come ,just hit the arrow is entirely from a height of a ramp shot down ,ten frame modeling odd row of arrows catapult in hundreds of Nord soldiers to drive below, slowly toward the side forward ,is the information mentioned in Nord arrow catapult but ,as long as there is half an hour is enough ! Duowei Yan not reconciled to his horse ,to aid is turned back Nord Army ,seventh army, he didn Nord would be so difficult to gnaw the bone ,as is the head until the reinforcements, however this has put seventh army residues, can be said to be almost the whole army was wiped out.
,on strategic goal the assignment has been completed command the army to retreat ,we have other tasks ! Duowei Yan behind the messenger ordered ,with prairie style Trombone sound ,in front of the Kugit light cavalry quickly want to run, retreat ,retreat , seemingly scattered ,almost completely invisible system exists, but this is Khergits have square ,looking to wind Kugit light cavalry back to evacuate ,have been fighting off Hartley Pang one from the horse fell down ,( to be continued .
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