which is forced to his heart Mu

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 12:50
Even was forced to close the universe all evil can not be terrorized soul bile, in the history of the universe, never have, as human beings, feeling this era of domineering, how can we not proud arrogance? "Haha, what demon days, not shit ... what Daewoo demons, you have the ability to come ah ,Ralph Lauren US Open Tennis...!" Human high-spirited, swaggering, scared all evil, eat simmer away from, simply no longer near over. Senior days demon Yu Huang, dark magic master such evil forces, gloomy face, looking too space war security barrier, fear of extreme, even a glimpse, are scared meat chatter, this thing, it's horrible! Who dares to go up, it is simply seeking death, all evil away from the main command of all evil, never dare touch the human. War within the security barrier, trillion trillion human pride, do not forget to visit the Yasukuni party contingent all this, are brought by the party contingent, they of course, is deeply grateful to the kneeling knock Bese endless! "Ha ha!" Supernatural power door enjoying Wan shipped plus body origin chaplain soiled light of the boss, laughing incessantly "party contingent, this trick you fear is beyond all expectations by day drain can simply invincible! "teacher, wealth insurance requirements, beginning this day is not so good lessons!" party contingent touches Muse calm sermon: "Fortunately all evil in advance offensive, or else days can eruption, it really is difficult to deal with it! "Anyway, to kill the Jiuyou ancestral these evil master, for fear is killed not dare to attack us!" origin chaplain face proud. "Ah!" The party contingent nodded sermon: "all evil insufficient to fear, but I am now worried genkai emperor, he was so far ahead, must be a bad deal!" Good moments like these machines, and more savings for some days can, even if it is the emperor of Genkai H broken! "the chaplain of origin immediately nodded, agreed with sermon. "Teacher, I go!" Party contingent Then, shift change shape, to the depths of time and space in Tianhe, see a delicate soft figure, can not help but go up proudly: "Lily, you see it all evil I have been repulsed, I am powerful, right? "powerful your universe Tianzun of how powerful it,Women's Canada Goose Thompson!" Lily's voice, full of ironic charm. "Uh? Lily, so how do you talk to me, I Is Where doing wrong? Dangerous I worry about you I do not want you to adventure, Am I doing something wrong?" Square contingent burst puzzled inquiry. "You are the universe revere you bossy Yes, but what do you take me for people?" Lily was in a rage, staring party contingent shouted: "I'm Lily is your friend, not your girl. Moreover, even if you party contingent burst worried woman, you should respect their opinion, can not be forcibly put me in here, let me out! "I, I is not worried about you, afraid you are all evil hurt you?" sermon. "Side of course, you are too arrogant, and you simply do not know how to respect our women, I do not like you!" Lily suddenly Stern, the sermon: "I do not want to make your woman, from today, we forget about all these years things , we are at the most, and can only be regarded as a friend! "What? have this way, you should also betrayed me?" square then while frowning gripping pain. , Square course, I invite you to find out, this is not a betrayal, I did not like the others! "Lily explained:" I just do not want to continue to do your woman, you know? "Why? Are these year I pay for you enough it? party contingent burst puzzled and asked: "or all these years, I did not make you cool enough?" "I do!" some of these things, Lily flew to blush her sermon: "natural square, the hero The past is gone, your powerful I admit, but I just want to be friends with you, I do not want you so much my wife being, do you understand?" "I ... , I do not quite understand, ... Did not I give you enough of a sense of security? "square contingent or burst unacceptable. In his opinion, done a couple of things we should together fishes, which engage in many years, suddenly said to be separated, and who can stand it? "Well, the party of course, and I hope you respect my decision, and if you still can not respect me, it would only make me more disappointed!" Lily sighed helplessly sermon. "This, I ......, Well, I promise you, after we just friends!" Fang contingent know, he is cocksure machismo some, he needs to be corrected, so he did not insist on a lily. "Well, side course, you do not get angry,Canada Goose Women's Snow Mantra Parka, do not take things too hard, I fact, still very good impression of" Lily watching party contingent quite lost, she could not help carefully comforted. "Really? Future we not also be that ......!" The party contingent highly ambiguous gestures Road. "You, you really obscene, Do you guys mind the thought that the net is these things?" Lily's face instantly blushing one, looked away, and did not look at side course. "Can it give sentence, please?" The party contingent can not help but look forward to the sermon. "Balls, between friends, how can there be dry that thing!" Lily let party contingent was disappointed she could not help another sermon: "But things confidant, or can stay here the" ah, too Well, lily, very kind of you! "square contingent instantly on surprise holding lily, the her graceful Jiaoqu, body friction up a good burst of freshness. Uh, of course, if you want, let's play it! "The lily look of love moving full, freed themselves from the party contingent loyal, in front of him, knelt down. Jade lips slightly parted, containing and suck suck side then suddenly above amidst the very cool holy! A man and a woman, this again entangled into the sky, the nine-mutual discussion to serve one another to bursts of pinnacle Shenyu. "Lily, I want to go!" The party contingent kiss between, can not help but whispered in Lily's ear. "Uh ... no, not here!" Lily stunned and put his hand to block, did not course any opportunity to go to the party. Bad and strong, the party contingent really afraid Lily angry, but beautiful refused his face, and inevitably some loss of natural look. "Of course, we are only confidant, not husband and wife, not (5) longer to do the kind of couple of things, I hope you understand me, okay?" Lily slightly pressing, and, in fact, she do not want to, and also a stomach of difficulties. Really when the square contingent wife, Lily fear of losing the identity of this friend, not when the party natural wife bad, but the identity of this friend, she was the only one, like this unique love her! Yes, perhaps this is also called a kind of love it, just party contingent also temporarily can not comprehend it out. "Really do not do a couple of things you can do?" Side contingent was a sudden strange laugh. Uh, what crooked ideas? "Lily Jingwen, how little uneasy feeling, this guy laughed too evil, right? "Behind the back door, as I open it?" Square and can not help but gently touch the where the fold, expect inquired. You, how you would want to be there, where the line how ah? "Lily stunned and widened Qiaoyan could not believe this man is too bad! "Line, I've seen line, or else we try, if you're uncomfortable, I will not come, will you?" Square contingent can not help but continue to look forward inquired. Entangled with Lily together a long time, but imaginary dragon fake phoenix also meet, but how can compare with the kind of depth into the impact! "This, this is really possible?" Lily could not help but burst suspiciously. "I do not lie to you, anyway, to reach you and I and other realm, there will not be discharged Smelly idle is idle, why not use it?" Party contingent Then seriousness, but say it is so evil, it is people can not imagine a universe revere, turned so nasty. Helpless party contingent, which is forced to his heart Mu believes that the relationship with him, natural marry back when his wife, but Lily refused, not to let him continue human relations, which looked at a big beauty willing to intimacy with ourselves, that is, do not give yourself side and then of course, otherwise it to fight for her as soon as possible to fight hand.
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