but now the war over Dong

November 11 [Sun], 2012, 15:45
Diao Xiuer Zhu Chun open ,softly : I was when Stuart Wang Yun goddaughter ,adoptive father and Cai everyone familiar and intimate ,according to this relationship ,I should be regarded as an adult ? Count ,count ,certainly .
Wang Can nodded ,his face was the color of .Diao Xiuer is very nice ,gentle ,sweet ,crisp ,crisp like morning Oriole Ming ,like pearls in on the disk ,let very comfortable .Suddenly ,Wang Can suddenly said : right ,I heard that Wang Situ was indeed a goddaughter named Diao Chan ,however ,Cheap Canada Goose,had not heard of called a Diao Xiu person? Diao Xiuer blinked ,a faint smile on one ,whispered : I originally named Diao Xiu, later adopted father to sa took a formal name of Diao Chan ,therefore also has the Diao Chan said ,adults knew Diao Chan name appears on the Diao Chan ,adults are known .
After that ,Diao Chan smiled gently, big eyes staring Wang Can blinked ,showing infinite amorous feelings ,let Wang Can have some heart Chi rippling .Wang Can said : here ,you uncle passed well ,why come to me ? Wang Can heard the cry so close, Diao Chan with a flash from the color, face a sad look ,said : the king of adults, the thing is, Dong Zhuo has several times been Wong defeated ,in anger, then anger in court very body .
Adoptive father as the Stuart ,Dong Zhuo was also a hard drink ,although adoptive father fear Dong Zhuo ,but afraid of my being implicated ,let I to Wong is here to stay, to avoid the limelight .
Wang Can said : since it is the uncle request ,but also difficult to refuse, but ? Diao Chan was eagerly ,face rises a flush ,hurriedly asked : Wong ,but what? Wang Cancuo rubbed his hands ,some awkward said: the military prohibited harem ,sa you a woman ,often in the camp ,I some misgivings .
Well ,you live in the camp ,I don ,but you do not get married ,has been in the camp ,I for your reputation some effects . Diao Chan heard, eyes the color of choice .But this wire was fleeting ,Wang Can was not aware of Diao Chan look changes .
Paused, Diao Chan said : the matter is urgent sovereignty ,and I have enter the adult tent ,I temporarily in the camp . Wang Can flung up his hands and said: Okay ,okay ,you say so ,with you, would you like to live in a camp on the left bar .
Diao Chan heard, immediately showed bright smile .Suddenly, the smile like the flowers bloom, is a spirit haunts .Diao Chan stooped to Wang Can a gift ,thank you. I thank you lord king ! Wang Cantan tone ,said : here ,you are Wang Situ goddaughter ,I am king Stuart junior, you peer intersect ,without the use of Wong so the official name .
Well ,you can call me by my first name ,also can call Mr. Wang, of course, can also be called like Cai Yan Chan brother ,you also don words like I ,a name it, listen to the I two characters feel strange awkward .
Diao Chan listened to the words of Wang Can ,brain buzzing , can the brothers three words that Diao Chan was aggravated ,charming face with immense shy .Can the brother ,it sounds as if it is what to call ?Diao Chan thought, said: SA and Wang Daren peer intersection ,just call Wong as I suppose .
Wang Can said : with you, since you are to the refuge ,temporarily in the camp ,I will be dedicated to protect your safety ,you don . Diao Chan said : I suppose the SA thanks . Wang Can nodded ,and said: you wait a moment ,I asked Pei Yuanshao to arrange your accommodation .
Then ,Wang Can commanded the soldiers to please Yuanshao pei .Wang Can went directly to the camp sits on the theme ,said: here ,sit down for a while ,and Pei Yuanshao came, I will arrange for him to prepare you to stay .
Diao Chan well, a sound ,then left to sit down .Two people are not familiar with each other ,after sitting down are silent ,no talk .Large account ,silent ,as if the air stagnation .
Before long ,Pei Yuanshao entered the tent ,and said: my Lord, you will find at the end of what is said . Wang Can pointed to Diao Chan ,said : her name is Diao Xiuer ,is the first Stuart Wang Yun adopted daughter ,you come with me to Luoyang is also seen in Wang Situ .
The teacher and Wang Situ become best friends ,now Wang Situ Diao Chan to me temporary residence, you give here a top clean tent out ,don let anybody bother sa .If you have trouble here in person ,no matter who ,as long as the SA bad man ,to kill ! Talking of Wang Can ,have plenty of fight in sb.
cold ,tone ,Diao Chan stunned .Just a gentle ,but now it has changed greatly, make Diao Chan feel some untrue .Pei Yuanshao said : my Lord be assured ,if SA miss less hair ,will head to see the end .
Pei Yuanshao grave ,heard Wang Can say Diao Chan identity ,but also her God, Wang Yun did not expect even Diao Chan to Wang Can .Wang Can in Luoyang ,Cai Yong will Cai Yan entrusted to Wang Can, now Wang Yun Diao Chan will give Wang Can ,later will not have Yang Biao ,Marie and entrusted to Wang Can and belle ?Here are some envy Wang Can ,Pei Yuanshao .
Delivery of peach blossom, Wang Can lascivious ,enjoy Qirenzhifu ah !Pei Yuanshao looked at Diao Chan ,waving said: miss here ,please ! Diao Chan said : if Pei general . Pei Yuanshao has smiled Han Han ,with Diao Chan out of the account .
Wang Can Pei Yuanshao and Diao Chan left visual camp ,after two people had left, the smile on the face of the instant solidification ,stretch the brow wrinkled up also .Diao Chan arrival while make Wang Can a bit of a surprise, but there is a girl ,is quite comfortable .
But Diao Chan came alone ,and let Wang Can feel strange .Wang Yun to send Diao Chan away from Luoyang ?Wang Can read the novel ,never know there is such a thing .The only certainty is ,Wang Yun had to send Diao Chan to Dong Zhuo ,Lv Bu first ,never will Diao Chan on may .
What is the reason that Wang Yun Diao Chan will be sent to him by Wang Can ,contemplate ,nor understand .While Wang Can in his time, tent outside a burst of hurried footsteps ,I saw Guo Jia ,Xun you hand in hand .
Wang Can sees this ,smile said: Fengxiao ,Anno Domini ,this several day in the camp to live ? Xun You said : thank you master this ,Yau and Fengxiao live fortunately ,master need not worry .
Wang Can nodded ,smiled and asked : ,you and Fengxiao come to ,have what thing ? Xun you lifted the robes ,sat down at the left side ,and Guo Jia in the right to sit in the blink of an eye , Youzha ,schematic Xun you speak .
Xun Youye know Guo Jia idle ,in addition to the key ,and rarely spoke ,and said: my Lord, you and Fengxiao hurried forward to ,is to have just arrived at the camp to the woman . Wang Can, a dashing young ,asked: you are two to come here ? SA ? Xun You heard Wang Can call arrived in camps in women ,words give intimacy means, the forehead rises a haze .
A moment of silence , and declared : my Lord, that sa woman although beauty beautiful ,behaved quite moving, but your body for Hanzhoung Prefecture ,what a woman can ,along with the master be promoted step by step ,right gradually extended ,vision will be more broad, at that time .
.. ... Xun You said Wang Can was stupefied, hastily interrupted: ,you say what ah ,here is Wang Situ adopted daughter not be strangers to each other ,the woman ,you like . Ah ,it is so ,Whistler Parka Canada Goose! You little exclamation ,and his face appears awkward look .
Do for a long time, SA was Wang Yun goddaughter .If you know , Youye not say so .Guo Jia has not spoken ,this time also said : my Lord, even though she is Stuart Wang Yun ,but now the war over Dong Zhuo ,four ,this time in the camp is very suspicious ,there must be a catch in it .
Wang Can nodded ,said: Fengxiao ,SA is Wang Situ adopted daughter this is certainly true, not false .But SA said Dong Zhuo recently very rampant ,free to drink the minister ,Wang Situ in order to avoid SA being implicated ,let her come to me take refuge .
However ,it is strange to Wang Situ did not send anyone to escort the SA ,let her alone to come to her ,a woman ,was able to safely reach the camp ,incredible . You know now war four, Dong Zhuo Xiliang army spread ,such as SA possess surpassing beauty woman can easily be missed ,it is strange that she should have no risk to the camps ,which I feel weird ,but want to do not understand ,unknown .
Wang Can looked at Guo Jia ,asked : Fengxiao ,what do you think? Guo Jiayao shook his head ,said: my Lord, since it is the daughter of Wang Situ ,it is not easy to identify the problems ,and she is the daughter of Wang Situ ,is not good .
Master should do now is to change the status quo ,to brake, have a look she will do what ? Xun you suddenly said: master ,can not check ,you think can check to see if she said is the truth .
Wang Can was delighted ,asked : what stratagem to have ,come quickly . Xun Yau said: the sword of king is not in Luoyang ?Let Wang Jianshi go to the exploration of this thing ,natural to identify here say is it right? Right .
! Wang Can a slap shot in the thigh ,joy : yes ,how can I forget Wang Yue ,it was handed to Wang Yue to do .Well ,I have Fengxiao ,Anno Domini ,be a tiger with wings added ! Master too modest ,Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Outlet! Xun Yau ,Guo Jia also declared .
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