a punched-out inverse heaven

September 27 [Thu], 2012, 13:01
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: Timberland Kid's Boots Cheap, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 531st dual field of strong -- ?Chapter 531st dual field powerful other two direction ,the two dynasty overlord of the owners at this sight ,is at the foot of a stagger, in the eyes of the J ī sh èa,is full of magical .
~ ~ autumn dynasty may refer to how serious they are so clear and even if they had, it takes a lot of hands and feet ,but this youth ,a boxing will smash ,had never seen a little ,not like mother ,the queen of the master what to head ,it was too terrible a bit is one main J ī waroverlord dragon cloud flies in to see a broken down after the body is also a ,shiver ,eyes streaming L ù outan excitement of the heart ,the last bit of resentment with the blow away not to see ,such a strong man ,even to surrender to him, nor a shameful thing ,instead, it is a very proud ,only with such strong side ,can have the opportunity to achieve their dreams .
Of course ,the real surprise is making all the overlord Lord, he relies on this trick the world countless times, Hampshire opponent ,was a young man a blow for blow ,one can imagine heart .
The clouds to fly upwards . After the fusion of two kinds of artistic conception ,condensed domains ,which one day ,called the statue ,unimaginably powerful ,now is the beginning of L ù tragus,override any honour above ,even in the face of a dynasty the overlord of the main is hand forcing posture ,without a horse .
Cloud flying fist broke his finger, expression is not only ancient B ,y ī nYang bottle down ,it seems to have a world heavyweight world land he began shaking violently .Seeing this, the clouds to fly upwards flexor a projectile, a J ī ngawn sh èa,sh è yī nYang bottle, bottle immediately issued a strong buzzing sound ,accompanied by the sound, pure y ī Ngas and pure Yang gas the two holy breath also emerge from Aquarius out ,it would have violent shaking of pure land in the feel the holy breath ,as if is to find the origin of general ,to make a sweet voice ,was slow to rely on to aquarius .
Stop the voice is the eight venerable and swilling ,except with the Dragon fighting a hands full ,the remaining eight overlord Lord are given ,some people collecting pure land ,they are not allowed .
Eight simultaneous swilling ,wherein the autumn Dynasty two people is the first shot, the other six are made out of action ,eight Emperor God hand ,how might this world ,no one can resist .
A dark cloud flies brow wrinkled, B ōspread. The main deity of this to you ,just charge the autumn Dynasty in the pure land, must not touch the other two dynasty a tiny bit ,also please do not embarrass ,autumn Dynasty lost life, for you might be a good thing ,her strength as you can see, if a life-and-death struggle ,we all do not benefit the clouds to fly upwards voice D à ngin the other two dynasty Queen head ,the two dynasty are great dynasty and historical Dynasty ,these six now hear the clouds to fly upwards words ,expressions one, slowly up to play offensive ,six at each other at a glance ,are seen each other heart want to ,each other ,if the autumn Dynasty lost land ,for them is definitely a good thing ,more to the point ,the other has shown strength so that they have little grasp ,so strong if berserk ,both sides is not good .
Anyway, they say ,not moving on your side of the pure land ,since no loss to themselves ,they are not worried about the heart will have a look this youth ,is it right? Really badly ,autumn Dynasty two the overlord ,who are not able to cope with the Wei Dynasty ,and the famous Dynasty overlord of the heart of God had made up his mind ,if the young can really take place not to be autumn dynasty emperor stopped, they do not move ,if the other poor performance, not the two imperial main opponent can take place Michael Kors Jet Set Bag,they will immediately shot to kill ,can be good ,and not to offend the autumn Dynasty ,what is typed abacus .
Autumn Dynasty two imperial master hand is kill action ,two people may refer to play again ,this may mean than just don how many times the ferocious ,huge gold finger is a full s è wasdoubled ,the two largest drop down ,only heaven that emits more than B ō on theshattered peaks ,Lu à n worldnow ,these Lu à nstone even landing opportunities are there ,in the sky is blown to atoms ,this is the sage of Granville, tyrannical warriors, the overlord of the dynasty ,one hand ,will be shaking heaven and earth .
But all of this cannot stop the clouds to fly upwards to collect land steps ,his body to flash, soul appeared out of control ,y ī nYang bottle concentrate charge of land, was suddenly shakes, face s èwithfrost ,eyes emanate chill ,creepy .
Inverse Lu à n cloud Feiyang export light drink ,a punched-out inverse heaven ,a punched-out Lu à nsky ,two big fist respectively to the two huge win ,temporarily between ,strong to poles of the inverse Lu à nsmell in the Mitsubishi hill above, in that distant sky upon detonation ,chirp ,everyone feel that the sky is taking place in the wrong Lu à n,although this is an illusion ,but the feeling is so real ,like the other hit the two fists, really just subversion of the universe in general .
Who the person is ,how could so strong ,you see that ,it soul, so setting is the soul, the person has San goods mixing device division ,so that the presence in China would not be possible without a name his age is small ,no more than one hundred years Cheap Michael Kors Satchel Handbags,I can feel the life breath ,less than one hundred years old can reach this level ,St.
goods mixing device division ,the power to shake the two grand master ability ,too horrible ,you know, this is the overlord of the autumn Dynasty ,far from the general superior than yes ,such a person can not be without a bit of fame ,and the only explanation I can find is that he is not a Chinese person, China if such genius ,perhaps already shocked the world ,but he took place is why ,why single to autumn Dynasty ,is both between have hatred we first match ,if he really has the ability from two the main hand made of pure land ,we would be happy to see ,but from the two grand master hands pure land ,it ,the two old guy ,not surface so simple great dynasty and historical Dynasty six A main mutual tone of discussion ,a saint goods mixing device division ,wherever it is lets the innumerable people ,countless forces respect existence, commanding cannot imagine .
Cloud flies out inverse Lu à nfists ,and play them before ,imagine ,cannot be mentioned in the same breath ,especially the strong inverse Lu à nbreath ,like ocean ch á owater ,two Optimus Prime general gold s èmayrefer to completely wrap ,in inverse Lu à nbreath tear under, was hard to the imagination of his finger has appeared numerous cracks .
Crash ~ ~ inverse Lu à nfist power definitely not just the inverse Lu à nbreath so simple ,now ,the clouds to fly upwards using R òuJ ī nggas play a powerful inverse Lu à n,itself has extremely powerful energy ,this energy to topple the mountains and overturn the seas ,heavy impact on his finger, it was the cracks may refer to ,once again to support, with dehiscence Timberland Mens 3-Eye Sale,a powerful B ōshèflyout ,the place visited ,peaks one then a to be ground to dust ,even a complete Lu à nstone none .
Inverse Lu à npotential in smashing his finger followed does not stop ,residual potential is more directly toward the two overlord master ,two people was surprised, couldn that somebody ,can one against two ,against two imperial master level figures ,a break to win the finger ,it never has there been .
Two to turn, face attack hit by imposing manner is also not neglect ,a big sleeve ,making it a gold s è light screen,the cloud filled the inverse Lu à nB ōtoclean . Ha ha ,you two want to stop Starscream takes place ,is simply too big for her skin ,should the combined block ,Xiuguai deity next killer cloud Feiyang grew impressively ,never a moment to feel refreshed, one against two ,completely to beat the potential, it is equal to the fan autumn Dynasty in the face ,and is a kind of abnormal .
this is not possible ,how could he be so powerful ,not, however, to stop him taking place ,once the loss of land ,royal status . the two dynasty made clear to see joke ,I have to stop him ,you send the signal ,all the principal came out ,a certain to prevent him from two people were shocked ,they cannot imagine ,a man should can force to that point ,Yinghan two imperial master level ,not fall ahull .
One of the main boom ~ no longer hidden ,invisible B ō radiate,a field of ghost appeared to give completely enveloped in cloud flies ,a venerable ,the most powerful is the force fields ,if use of force fields to play tough tactics ,then more ferocious ,or use magic ,can also increase the Vaillant ,the queen hit the field strength ,another emperor lightning out of character ,be burning ,apparently calling helper .
Humph ~ to battle field strength cloud Feiyang grunted coldly ,eyes bloomed in the cold cold awn ,his deep each other fields, for the field of force to scour ,imposing is not moved ,can not cause him any threat .
In a royal master took a want to use the force field hand when, cloud flying field came ,it is an unimaginable ,and march forward courageously artistic conception and a fusion field ,appeared with nirvana .
Swish !Areas like ch á owater ,to the clouds to fly upwards as the center outward expansion ,that the main field in the face of such domains, should produce fear Timberland Splitrock Boots, trembling, as if a subject to see their king ,dare not rebel .
Sorry? What is this ,what will happen that the master could not calm ,immediately to retreat ,but found their field and other fields are entangled together, no withdrawal . Humph cold cloud flies hum ,field suddenly outwards, like Huanggu brute beasts ,direct that the main area to the impact crushing .
Poof a blood squirts ,that the main body of the earthquakes ,he simply could not imagine ,my world ,now carry the world before one ,was a junior behavior between strike into the injured .
The black cloud flies violently, Ling however ,eyes like a knife, a dual field of pomp ,at this moment a storm L ù exhaustive,above all fields ,powerful .On the other side ,soul control y ī nYang bottles ,pure land up it will be received into the pure land ,obtained after the flash back to the body ,the soul body ,the clouds to fly upwards face L ù with a bright smile.
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