I recently went on vacation

June 23 [Thu], 2011, 18:15
I recently went on vacation, but before I wrote in my article that asks the gadgets I take with me. At that time I was debating about filing my MacBook, iPhone and iPad 4th

Well, I have since returned from holiday and I must say that at the last minute I decided to leave behind the MacBook. The main reason is the laptop battery because it was technically a holiday, and I think that if I brought the MacBook, so I sucked into working mode.

So what I bring? I happily Packed some magazines I've been meaning to read, my iPhone 4, and my monitors.

iPad: operating mode
It's a good thing I brought the monitors, because, as I sat on the plane waiting to take off registry clean up, I got a text asking me for my opinion on the presentation. I quickly fired up to my monitors, download presentation and launched him into GoodReader. This way I save it for later viewing on the plane. I also initiated a number of other attachments to go with the presentation. GoodReader nice thing is that it can display many different types of attachments, and also has built-in file manager. This was useful because I have organized attachments to different folders clean registry, and then even renamed some of the attachments.

Once it was safe to power electronics in the air, I launched the HP dv2000 battery GoodReader and leaf presentation registry cleanup tool, Word document, PDF, and view an Excel document detailing finances, and then run the built application notes to take detailed notes to send back. When the plane landed my comments by e-mail, and my work was done. I could technically annotated PDF GoodReader, but it was easier to write in an open canvas.

Throughout the holiday, I check the monitors e-mails and answer the most preferred. Because of this I was able to stay relaxed on my vacation, not to ask what can be a nightmare waiting for me to return. Before I get some time, only to be flooded with 400 + e-mails when I got back into working mode.

I also took a conference call while away, but was able to relax on the balcony with the monitors, with a presentation open. It was the most feel like I worked, which was the main objective.

iPad: holidays!
I have the original monitors, but that does not mean it's not your computer. Before we get Hp HSTNN-ib33 battery to the hotel my kids who need a little fun, so I propped monitors for viewing and rolled the film. Throughout the stay took turns playing games and watching movies on monitors.

I also used the monitors to read. I used GoodReader, Kindle, USAToday, and general web browsing for general reading.

The iPhone is still the highest Swiss Army knife. Not only that I was able to stay connected via text, e-mail and voice, but I also used it to snap photos and video. I even managed to record five minutes video on dolphin watches, captured dolphin jumping out of the water, and then used on-board editing Compaq 484170-001 Battery APP plays photos shorten it at the moment when a dolphin jumped.
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