what position to Qin Kai parents also leave a good Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Panel Sneakers In White impression

August 17 [Wed], 2016, 18:49
He Zi Qin Kai has long seen the parents, but not much opportunity to meet. However,
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shark Tooth Combat Boots In Black even a limited number of meet, what position to Qin Kai parents also leave a good impression, "Qin Kai and He Zi relationship development for many years, initially, we only know that she is the best teammate Qin Kai. impression was very good. the child is smart, sensible, thoughtful people. when Qin Kai and He Zi develop into a romantic relationship, we two did not have any opinion, very satisfied, we love this child. "Qin told reporters steel China Daily . But before, China Chinese Commercial News reporters Ye Duoci and Cai Fangqin Kai parents, Qin Kai asked to love, unaware they always say, this is it for them confidential.

When Qin Kai and He Zi affair announcement, Qin steel "trouble" coming. He was very worried about the outside world
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Panel Sneakers In White to take this matter of speculation, the impact of Qin Kai and He Zi's career, but also often warned steel Qin Qin Kai to to the cause can not be distracted. Qin Kai mother said: "Children are the athletes, to compete, to fight for the honor of the motherland, so that the feelings of the things we certainly hope to rely only after he married, after all, 30 years old, but we can not urge him not. points to his heart. I also like any position. "

For Qin Kai to any position to propose a bold move, Qin Kai's father commented: "It is an accident, nor unexpected surprise, Qin Kai confession to any position in the Olympics, my husband and I really did not expect no surprises. that Qin Kai this kid previously often does this let us unexpected things "yesterday, to marry him after Qin Kai in the micro letter with his father, said:."
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Buckle Sneakers RDU303 002! enough Shaanxi menfolk children it, "Qin steel immediately to his son ordered a big praise.

Qin convening a "congress"

"Life is like diving, there is also the difficulty factor"

Still can not say that Qin Kai and He Zi to retire, but they did the planning of new stage of life time. Thus, the marriage and the future career of his son, became parents to worry about the event. "After the Qin Kai, etc. back to our house to convene the Fourth Congress this year, I want to talk a good talk Qin Kai, like to hear his plans for the future." Having said this, Qin steel like all worry for their children father, always feel that 30-year-old Qin Kai was a child.

"In my eyes, Qin Kai was a child, there are many childish. I was a little worried about his career and life after retirement." Qin Gang said, after his son retired to the "three barriers." First, Qin Kai grew up in a large sports captain, little contact with the outside world, do not understand the complexity of the society, after retirement, to understand society, we must spend a period of adaptation. Second, the future after retirement, the former aura faded, Qin Kai to lead a normal
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Lined Buckled Wedge Zip Sneaker In Black life, but also the mentality of self-adjustment. Third, I hope to retire after Qin Kai to learn some time in college, and learn more knowledge. Final interview, Qin steel eloquently said: "Qin Kai in the diving arena overcome one after another stunt, has worn the next life on the road there are a variety of 'difficulty factor' mark waiting for him to overcome. life is like diving, there is also the difficulty factor. "China Chinese Commercial News reporter Liang Jun

He Zi Father: I did not expect at the Olympics one more son

"Was originally just to see her daughter live in the Olympic Games, I did not expect a sudden more than a son." He Zi He Changtai father joked in an interview yesterday.

Who lives in Nanning City, Guangxi Nishimura He Changtai, invited by the Guangdong Provincial Sports department, as early as two days diving team arrived in Guangdong Province, yesterday and what
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Wedge Sneakers In Black position coach, teammates with the match. . "Know daughter on the Olympic Games was to marry him, I was surprised," He Changtai said that for the "quasi-law" understanding, more through news reports: daughter and also a national diving team athletes, the results are good.

He Zi 2006 the age of 16 national team. The number of a decade back to his hometown in Guangxi's a handful. He said his biggest "heart" is the daughter of 4 years old his mother died young, and the father and daughter on the topic of marriage has been set aside not to mention.