That’s why they called the first Levasseur The Buzzard cheap air max uk

February 19 [Wed], 2014, 22:56
“That’s why they called the first Levasseur The Buzzard, cause of that big beak of his.” “Does he wear an eye patch?” asked Matthew incredulously. “My girlfriend said she thought she saw a guy with an eye patch.” “Ha, no! That guy, Sven Larsen, works for him. He un bastarde for sure!”“That Levasseur not so great himself,” chimed in another local. “My sister, she work over there on his compound. She say last night Ol’ Levasseur so pissed about
cheap air max uk sumting, he throw a big fit. He so bad all them working for him leave post-haste. He yelling at that Larsen guy and throwing things around. She say she even hear gunshots. That’s when everybody run, my sister run three kilometers in the dark.”“Wonder what he was pissed at?” Tommy muttered.Matthew silently mouthed Kobi. “Sounds like a dangerous man,” said Matthew, giving Tommy a significant look.“Mei Oi!” said another local. “Mon amiAbdulla was working for him… Levasseur got this collection of old African weapons and he think something gone missing. He beat Abdulla up so bad he never walk right again and the weapons not even be gone. The housekeeper just move them when she clean.”“What a joke, no?”“Yeah, that’s real funny.” cheap air max 90 shoes Tommy growled. “My friend Abdulla went to the gendarmes, but he got no justice. The gendarmes just say it was an accident. That Levasseur, he got too much money and he knows too many people.” “Well, we had better get back to the women,” said Butler with a big stretch. “We’ll get an earful if we’re gone too long.” They left to the catcalls and cheerful goodbyes of the locals. “We’d better get on back to Katharine ‘post-haste’,” said Matthew when they got outside. “The situation may be more dangerous than we thought” “I’m thinking the same thing,” said Tommy and they headed off for the hotel at top speed. A quick scan of the outdoor café showed no sign of Katharine.“Let’s get up to her room, if we’re lucky, they haven’t found her yet,” said Matthew, punching the third floor button in the elevator.“They could be up there, now,” said Tommy, “We’d better be ready.” The elevator doors opened slowly. Tommy and Butler hid on the sides cheap air max 95 uk of the doorway like actors in a bad action movie. There were sounds of heavy breathing and grunting coming from the corridor. After a second, they realized that one of them was going to have to stick his head around the corner and take a look. In accord with long held tradition, they settled the dispute with a fast game of rock- paper-scissors. “It figures,” murmured Tommy, looking at his losing scissors. “You always win when it’s a dire situation.” As Tommy peeked into the hallway, a man hollered, “Going down? Hold the elevator!”Tommy and Matthew stepped out into the hallway to find a rotund man dressed in shorts and sandals with black socks, wrestling three big suitcases toward them. He gave them a rather odd look but was grateful when they each grabbed a suitcase and hustled him into cheap air max 95 bb the elevator. When Matthew knocked on the door of Katharine’s room, his heart sank. The voice that answered did not belong to Katharine.Butler and Tommy immediately leapt into action. Butler grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and Tommy grabbed a nearby potted fern.“
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