clothes worn yesterday 

2006年03月04日(土) 3時55分
Laci & Stacy were very nice about this outfitt the other day. I still can't believe I called Laci, Stacy. *sigh* wtf.

Tomorrow mom, boyfriend, and I have our weekly trip to Wichita to shop.

randomness: I feel so bad for the german exchange student. I hope things are going better with his host family.


2005年09月26日(月) 9時22分

my boyfriend said I looked mad there. haha

bought my bow yesterday & I have some white cuffs to go with this. Next time it'll be perfect if my hair will work with me.


2005年09月11日(日) 0時12分
I'm saving up for this bag


2005年09月06日(火) 2時41分

chatting with Iyasu.

HK hat 

2005年09月06日(火) 0時24分
One of my favorite HK items. Too bad that hat is all dirty now. ugh pets. tsk tsk.

I really want him to hurry up with breakfast. I know he's gonna talk to Bruce forever too. and it'll take them hours to pick up boxes. heh.

I'm so tempted to make some ramen. or anything..

I hope ITS has all the measurements now so she can start making my clothes.

Caitlin is almost done with my Angelic Pretty bow replica. She's sending me pics today too. I'm excited to see it.


2005年09月05日(月) 22時51分
My dog Taro that my boyfriend got for me while we were apart.

school picture day 

2005年09月05日(月) 12時08分

What I wore last monday for school picture day. I didn't feel like dressing up. We were still in the process of finding out whether I'd be allowed to see my boyfriend again before I'm 18. I lost a lot of weight in those 2 weeks from being so upset & not able to eat healthy. Good news is things worked out for me & my boyfriend.
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