forget today promised us something

March 22 [Fri], 2013, 15:57
On this day, odd and as usual with excitement, hobbled down to the magician Institute three classes in the first grade classroom in a big kind of sitting in the last row secretly lectures. This has become more than a month since his daily habit, but compared to the interest of all kinds of mysterious magic, no odd looks pretty slim sister who is clearly more interested in, so in the coming magician College classroom lectures, and in fact, in order to find the target,Jordan Flight 23 RST Low, because each over a period of time of wonders for a classroom. Magician Institute due to the large number of too much classroom, it does not have the presence of a teacher now wonders foreign students. Of course, even if the odd people are now, he also completely legitimate reasons, such as pretended to Beini and Lulu distant relatives to visit colleges. This period of time, no odd magic knowledge did not get how much, the female students spring Zhaxian the various types of photos, but he did shoot a lot, but every time he would have taken pictures of their income space Xun bracelet within Otherwise, a careless gives people see that it is in trouble. Of course, he is not worried that others see what gossip, magician School teenagers would say even better than of wonders heart some of the more evil, they openly and female students pull got me, is nominally in AC magical experience, to explore gestures during the release of Magic, in fact, the the inner real purpose is to eat those still in the contemplation of the female students tofu. No odd really worried about is the fear of Lulu see, Beini touches the eclectic photo, see times he shot was only his lesson a few words on the matter, but Lulu but every time is full of wonders videotaping female students, it will mercilessly its cast flame or water magic of wonders, which allows much suffering, so he did not dare to verify the effect of the shot this photo in the end, only like a thief, looked Zeimeishuyan around a confirmation and no one else around to see own camera, and quickly put the photos into a space bracelet. The result is that, when the odd back to the shelter of Wujin Si prepared for him, turn on the camera to see real angle, shooting the best light, the effect of the most attractive photo few Wizards had every again the days go magician Institute classroom looking for new targets, or tracking the same target, just want to be able to find a better time next videotaping Fang Chunguang first glance Pornographic. This is odd magician School another reason, but the reason he does not intend to let other people know, otherwise who extended a warm welcome on his arrival, if I know he is very interested in the girls the real purpose of the odd, not like dodging ghosts dodging own it? "Slug!" After more than a month to get along, Lulu, and no odd relationship already pretty good, so understanding lustful nature is full of wonders, Lulu is no longer commensurate with the name, but would like to Crow Freud direct blunt call on his nickname. "I cried How about you, slug!" Ah? "And one of the girls chatted quite interested to half, suddenly ear heard Lulu cry, no odd not neglect, and quickly, and before the girls bow and an apologetic smile, this back to Lulu's side,Oakley Commit SQ Sunglasses. See her little eyes sparkle watch their helpless shrug of wonders, asked: "Lulu, you, how? But I now chat with your roommate!, What?" "Well! slugs, you actually forget today promised us something! "Lulu little eyes Yi Deng, will twist his head, who ignores him. The wonders leaning slightly surprised a moment, he seems to think of what can be touched head back memories for a long time but really can not remember exactly promised Lulu what he subconsciously look to the side of the Beini a. Beini see his sister angry, just gently shook his head with a wry smile, then looked gentle odd light, said: "no Odd brother. You forget it? A week ago, you promised to take us to see you the uncle who Beini such a reminder, odd dawned racking our brains, "So is it line. would your school, told me good." So saying, he patted Lulu's shoulders apologetically said: "Lulu, do not be angry with me and I think of it, you will Beini sister in the past it wants with me, but I stated in advance Oh, uncle live too great, and you and other will definitely want to follow me, or wandered off, I can not guarantee that you are not able to find the way back. "after noon, the sun the more the soft, gone on to the sun goes down and the moon has just risen midnight. This time, it is the magician Academy day the end of the course, school students, under the serene moonlight mapping throughout the magician at the gate of the College actually also very lively, everywhere can see the same men and women dressed Partnership home. The number of students is too many, the school bell had just remembered that not long after, another wave of thousands of students from a school buildings surging out. Sufficient docked next door to four cars, blocking packed. Wonders, Beini and Lulu among the countless students Brigade, they both felt a feeling of shortness of breath, but soon the three will be in a corner turned a corner, leaving a large troops into an alley. The palace to Wujin Si from here, is a shortcut to the fastest of wonders every day from here after. However, when he took out of the alley after the two sisters Beini and Lulu, but I do not know why, suddenly felt an hazardous atmosphere being close to yourself slowly, his heartbeat involuntary accelerated. I am in the end is how? Why does it feel so wrong? Of wonders while walking side secretly whispered up inner subconscious thinking up confused by the color of his eyes showed, he did not know why always feel this way some unusual, but could not find how this not normal feeling Sources. Fortunately wonders is not a stupid person, just the work of a moment, he suddenly now here the original stall of every day people all does not appear, surrounding not only surprisingly quiet, not even a passing pedestrian. Usual this time, but he every day saw some men and women passing through here, there will be some stall hawkers to do business here, but today he did not see a person. This is so strange! Now around strange wonders heart suddenly raised a foreboding, and he quickly pulled Beini Lulu's little hand, and ran toward the people of the area, I did not run a few steps, he hit a mass of soft stuff. Looked up, and saw that hit a Han belly, Han He also is the last time that one of the young chieftains of the four men. "Ah!" Without the odd surprise, heart suddenly pounding, he quickly turned around to attempt to escape, but was that Han readily grasp the whole body each other completely mentioned the air, just listen to Han said, laughing slightly: "little bastard! Last time did not go with us to say hello, do you intend to leave without saying goodbye this? "Han grabbed his chest clothes of wonders suddenly feel chest tightness, breath did not mention up little face suddenly simmer into reddish purple, involuntarily loosened to seize Beini and Lulu's hands. He only just let go, two guys Beini and Lulu have not had time to escape was behind suddenly sprang to brutal counter-hold in the arms. The three Han Qin Zhu wonders, Beini Lulu trio after suddenly fast pace of moving up, they specifically looking for did not the alley and side roads moving, just 56 minutes of work, they put the odd three were brought to a secluded cul-de-sac. Here four weeks mostly uninhabited availability around is surprisingly quiet, addition to three Tahan mobile footsteps, no odd simply can not hear any sound that inhabited not only that, even those small Warcraft tweet can be heard. After three Han took him to a cul-de-sac surrounded by darkness, odd really a bit scared, his mind like a winter like a cold, there is no hint of warm feeling, even the blood flowing in his body seemed solidification living in general. A boy in the case of physically very weak, face three Han had been afraid so. Not to mention the little girl is Lulu, but older than They should be large on some Beini this time but eyes firmly, looked calm, her face is also not see any panic reaction,Jordan Flight 9. In fact Beini and how may not be afraid, just more than a month down her already full of wonders as his younger brother, as a brother and sister in front of her sister, she is able to show, how frightened? If she were afraid to cry, it is not odd and Lulu will be more flustered you? This time, Beini maternal side was completely excited out. Three Tahan no odd trio leave after just whisper a lot, of which there are two guys left here, leaving a bald Han custody trio. The two left the Han, is responsible to inform their boss that young people chieftains go. That Han is absent today, because yesterday excessive drinking, slept until now have not yet awake. Wonders, Lulu, Do not be afraid, we will escape from here. "When you see the full of wonders and Lulu - two pale looking at his Beini the volume level with only three of them talent hear whispered comfort and said, Lulu heard in the eyes suddenly showing the slightest glimmer of hope, she would like to eat a reassurance may have a sigh of relief, and look forward to watching Beini of wonders in the eyes also flashed a hint of surprise of color, Is Beini sister has to find a way out? Asked him with a look forward to: "Beini my sister, you Tell us more about the way in the end is what? Us in the end how to escape from here!" Do not ask okay, I asked, almost heard a bunch fell to the ground, I saw Beini blame saw wonders one, the eyes of a cold, whispered: "Knock it off! I'm still thinking about it."
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