a sweep of the crowd

March 22 [Fri], 2013, 16:25
Not just Zhu Liya unable to speak, even in people outside of the circle that nine black Han one surprised mouth fell open, black-masked dwarf in the eyes not by the color flashed a trace of horror , but on the restoration of calm in an instant his eyes. But his men are miserable. They originally shot wonders, did not expect to actually will bounce back after laser release, which has been far out of their cognitive knowledge. They are not practitioners, if not as good as it alone the fact that nine black Han, but the reason they are strong is entirely advanced because their weapons, number of people on these two points. So, the dwarf is generally not sent them played, once sent, are more than 100 people at the same time action. And they are all at the same time target shooting, not stand in a row is beginning to deal with the target before shooting completely surrounded. As a result, the team only resembles troops every time as soon as you can immediately snipe enemies. Even the opponents are practitioners, not reached the strength of the master, the other a small number of dwarf force there one hundred percent sure target joint laser gun shooting and killed. As long as they are surrounded, he would not leave one to live. But today the strength of his play out of their imagination, the beginning so many machine gun fire actually can easily escape every shot without injury, which has been great. Now can survive under the joint firing of the laser gun for so long, which is already a miracle. However, the other side just does not know any way with, actually has been posted to hundreds of laser on his body all the bullets back, this is simply not true. Of wonders first violet laser to bounce back after a tricky angle, and the extent of coverage intensive laser suddenly reflexed throughout a the slower reaction dozen Han body. Laser, is too fast, they have just one enters the human body in an instant the other respiratory completely burnt. These poor Tahan did not even hum to and hum loudly, on the body of a crooked, went to see the King of Hell. Those reactions fast, Dodge faster Tahan see just all of a sudden, the other in such a dense rain of laser to kill a dozen accomplices, suddenly cold hearts burst a few courageous smaller Han suddenly wanted to close the hand escape, the whereabouts of the dwarf boss help. They just turn around, to see around companions are hostile eyes looked at his suddenly hearts GeDeng, although they did not hear the voices of the companions, but the kind of look at the eyes of the enemy as if to say: "You want to desertion from the army?" Han suddenly you want to escape hearts shiver, and not dare to have any distractions, suddenly turned around, facing the odd station location is the meal more ferocious shooting . Battlefield center laser in a little stop in soon after expanded the number of full double. The wonders kept in the hands of unknown ancient volumes like table tennis racket, fast in the four directions of their own around the dancing. Degrees too fast, Zhu Liya did see unclear wonders action, only to see his body suddenly appeared around one resembles a staff blur blur degrees of moving too fast, there frequency is becoming more and more quickly, it is like no odd to suddenly grow hundreds or even thousands of hand look at the eyes of Zhu Liya generally kept dancing around the body. Blur the end of a group of white stuff, Zhu Liya see exactly what, but she was surprised now, every blur and purple laser contact moments are odd in the hands of that group of white stuff block the laser's path at the same time, the last of the mass of the white stuff in blocking the laser, the laser's Fang Xiangsheng offset. Purple laser every collision like unknown ancient volumes above seems to reach all parts of the mirror, offset a huge angle shot back after the laser were too many, they almost both are at the same time came to no The odd front of. So whenever odd at the moment more than a dozen road-violet laser to push back when will people have a laser as if the original road reflected the illusion. Tahan they see no odd stood there motionless, relying on the hands of a broken book withstand all of their laser shooting, suddenly forehead see Khan, but at the same time but my heart even more annoying. Although odd and did not do anything, but he demonstrated strength allows these Tahan feeling like laughing at them incompetent. So, the fire once again increased. No odd standing motionless in situ for a reason, he is now the case is not the best body wounded more than a dozen did not say, but also physical decline a lot, then start a kind gesture handsome, flowing action Dodge, absolutely can not persist for too long, so he had to make such a decision. Block the firing of the laser rain nameless Sea Scrolls, this move is not surprising improvisational play, but a full three years and worked hard fruits of fencing. Although he had already know that they are not suitable for practicing swordsmanship but the Kendo Laoxian sentence allows the connection, he strengthened the determination to practice goes. "Master your fencing is not much progress, but resist the attack is getting better." This is no odd to think of the Unknown Sea Scrolls characteristics make the decision to give up the fencing practice. Han who may be tired, they actually strengthen the fire did not take long after doubling the number of laser becomes less up. Wonders the mouth finally revealed a faint smile, can not relax our vigilance, but he did withstand attack with can sigh gap. The other side of the laser is clearly necessary to run out the odd more they want more they guess right, the fact that indeed proved, he guessed. Then, after half an hour after the emergence of the idea of ​​his Han muzzle finally never misfires a laser of wonders finally stopped the hands of the movement, a sweep of the crowd, his head and laughed: "how? laser running out of it? hum! Next it was my turn to attack! "Although the words to say, but no odd or heart could not help but grow a sigh of relief. Fortunately, I have a the nameless Sea Scrolls rigidity terrible things in hand, otherwise, this really is a certain death! Damn this guy, actually really wanted to kill me! His mind a turn, does not speak, but the laughter is just a stop on the stature suddenly flashed, disappeared in situ. Reappears when no odd body already came to the front of a Han. Apart from anything else, pick up the nameless Sea Scrolls on the front of the Han chest heavy a beat. "Smack!" After a crisp extremely voice sounded above from the Unknown Sea Scrolls, Han even the reaction did not react to his robust body from the chest to start completely sunken, and then scream sound, the whole person suddenly flew up into the high-altitude, a blink of an eye, he went to unimaginable heights, turned into a fleeting meteor, and disappeared in the sight of all. "OMG! I quit!" Mr Sea Scrolls that were nameless sent away to the west of the Han dynasty around suddenly sounded a very disconcerting sound, a big fellow to the hands of the laser the gun handy Wangdishangyi lost, turned and ran. Wonders face suddenly emerged a mischievous smile, "wanted to run? Was not so easy!" His stature again flashed suddenly disappeared. Reappear when the body is already in the escape Tahan blocked his path in front of this Han really is a Gouji to the jump off the wall, actually anxious under wielded the iron fist against the side door of wonders hit to no odd chain lightning are lazy Dodge put the nameless Sea Scrolls positive was greeted. Two fists were nameless Sea Scrolls positive hit, "click!" Soon after Han's mouth suddenly a cry to kill the pig's screams, and then he disappeared. Han and beginning directly nameless like shoot table tennis Sea Scrolls and brought to the Western Paradise. Dozens of other Han had wanted a hand-to-hand combat to little more than bullying situations just to see, suddenly one scared pale dare to fight another day full of wonders. Invariably you look at me, I look at you, and then at the same time to throw it to the hands of the laser gun, and fled toward the dwarf where the direction of the life-threatening mouth also voice cried: "not human!! Boss help ah! !! "wonders look the same, her eyes become more and more disgusted up, he snorted, stature again flashed disappeared in situ, already blocked in dozens of Han reappears when the first one in front,oakley sunglasses outlet. Front of Han suddenly scared Mianrutuse, he is actually a tense body uncontrolled kneeling down, his eyes immediately filled with begging eyes looked no odd standing not far behind dwarf, shouted for help Road: boss! save us!! "Shorty did not speak, he did not even move move, just quietly watching not a word of wonders. Dozens of odd to stand in front of Han suddenly emerged in anger in the eyes of color against the dwarf actually yells up, some even dwarf ancestors were greeted again, but dwarf but still not the move, his eyes not a trace of sympathy and compassion, there is only indifference. "Even your boss does not save you! Seems, you really are useless ah!" No odd corners of the mouth swept on the smile of a trace of irony, the front of the color of anger in the eyes of that name already kneeling Han suddenly dissipated, he suddenly like to understand what generally exhibited a deep sense of regret of color in the eyes, the front of wonders Daosuan knock their heads, the mouth of continuous and said: "Little Heroes mercy! little hero mercy!" behind him dozens Tahan reaction is a little slow, but they were slightly surprised a moment actually also kneel in front of wonders burst kowtow for mercy, wonders mood burst excellent, his head raised high, and looked extremely proud satisfaction in mind. also rose to the extreme, and the beginning of the gas has disappeared,Jordan TC Shoes. In fact, he did also was the name of punishing them, and taught them on the purpose of go, so quickly, no odd relent nod. May He just nodded, when the mind is completely immersed in the accomplishment of the kind of people looking up, he suddenly saw that Han knelt in front of him, his eyes suddenly flashed an imperceptible Murder, then this name Han in front of him, abruptly a flutter, and began to pluck up against his neck. Wonders chest suddenly anger emergence, in the eyes of the beholder flash Han's attack in his opinion as to slow down more than ten times in slow motion, there is no need to dodge. His mouth slightly warped, and a ridiculed the color suddenly flashed on his face. Wonders no longer intend to nonsense,Air Jordan 4 Sale, a little flash just nameless Sea Scrolls, Han immediately heard shrill extremely screams, and then just as robust body of table tennis in general, lightly pumping, send can not see the sky at the end of this disappear.
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