Modern elegant replica omega watches UK deduce eternal immortal classic

September 30 [Mon], 2013, 10:48
Top Omega wrist watch brand, to concentrate the japanese aesthetic consciousness for the concept, into the Japanese culture of vocabulary, such as Yin and Yang, bamboo and plum blossom, and each one wrist watch, whether parts grinding, machine assembly, or carved replica omega watches uk, Mosaic and so on a variety of decoration, and are owned by the technical level of the national list of fencing completed, is unique among the altar table, become the first choice for many collectors collection table.

Omega is still the continuation of the original Oriental style this year, particularly introduces the whole set limit to put together two artisans craft with the traditional technology of enamel series table. Technology for the first time to wire inlay enamel, coloured drawing or pattern of colorful scene on the dial, living pattern and charm eyes bright colour, line 2, 4, 7 elegant time scale, plus carrying Cal. 6890 ultra-thin two pin type machine, manual on the chain is different from the European brand of enamel wrist watch, in the traditional arts and enamel by excellent tabulation technology combination, perfect wonderful present exquisite and elegant beauty, attract the altar table attention!

Omega, has long been seen as noble material, combined with the wrist watch tend to be more able to present a unique luster and transparency, favored by many collectors! Omega 2009 series, the special invited has 120 years of history, tadao ando qibao store as a producer, fusion of professional chefs are within the store technology, in order to describe the edges on the silver surface plate of pure gold "spring cherry blossoms profusion and flowing water" and "the flying red maple and donate more to donate trickle" two themes, the outline of the beauty of Japanese show delicate and charming amorous feelings of stereo, aim at top collector!

The complexity of the traditional manual wire inlay process, first on the face plate to ink paint, reproduction and fall through himself master li wire inlay technique, faithfully reproduce reproduction. In wire inlay fixed, the use of the handed down since ancient times the purple laingen made of sticks to agent, will completely after high temperature carbonization, will not affect glaze, then in the glaze glaze ()#), use the 8 color glaze, create fine elegant levels; After more than six times repeat of glaze and firing process, along with the glaze layer, make a clean-cut, rich layers of colour and lustre. After the completion of the dial, will with several kinds of grinding stone, by a professional teacher, with skilled and fine craftsmanship to adjust the thickness of the dial, each dial must spend at least 3 hours of time to carefully consider gloss level of color to render the most sense, fresh colour and lustre of the face plate lining out more beautiful quiet time scale 2, 4, 7, like a time scale and Japanese cherry blossoms and the maple leaves jumped up on the face plate of waltz, beautiful clever gesture, rendering time circulation throb.

The Omega except with traditional enamel process more at the back to join metal engraving process, respectively in four positions on collocation Japanese cuisine stereo cherry blossoms and the maple leaf, watchmaker also use its delicate fingers touch, skinned out depth is only 0. 1 mm stereo golden eagles, show delicate micro world, exquisite technique will be beyond the value of traditional art. The movement for Cal. 6890 ultra-thin manually on the chain of the two pin type machine, the thickness of only 1. 98 mm, by won a "modern" and the "yellow ribbon medal" clear and assembly division sakura's chief golden eagles as well field keep to oversee the entire process of metal engraved cut and assembly, from the case back cover design perspective, complete rich multi-level three-dimensional amorous feelings. 2009 your enamel series, remains of Japanese always rigorous team, from the Omega inside out perfect show extreme tabulation of fine craft, into the modern elegant perceptual design at the same time, deduce the eternal immortal classic.
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