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October 25 [Thu], 2012, 16:39
giment are anxiously waiting for, at they after death, tidy of arrange mercenary soldier regiment of another three big brigade, rebind to ride total 400 people of big brigade of infantry to all ride on Gao Tou Malaysia, include their horses, all wrap up in the decorous battle armor, on everybody's saddle to all hang an as long as three meters five of heavy pike, they are absolutely hard fierce main in the whole dry skeletons mercenary soldier regiments, all tasks taken it by storm are completed by them.The mercenary soldier big brigade of this steel big current sort from equally wear black the dry skeleton weighing iron of Kai get generally.When the troops marches forward, they always walk at most before, once meeting an enemy on the plain, even if the regular troops are also hard to resist them like the impact of tidewater.When there is special circumstances or geography limit of time, they can from jumped down right away, change rebind infantry.This big brigade all constitutes tofrom more than nine strong men of one meter.
The breeze dry skeleton that the whole body blue vigorously packs rides at own big green right away, carry a long bow on the back, the bow grows one meter six, come from the hand of gold empire a master class in sky alchemist, have breeze to fasten sorcery to add of ability, from here bow project of arrows Shi, there is the title to don't copy arrows.In his back, little more than 400 people, same of the blue attire, all of them are waists to hang long knife, carry on the back a back long bow, wholesale soccer jerseys is two sides, totally hang four arrows pots at the saddle, there are 25 steel head feather arrowses in each arrows pot, these bow and arrow hand at all do under nike new nfl jerseys the training of breeze dry skeleton hit a willow branch at 100 yards by arrow all alone of good arrows method.Under the function of steel head feather arrows, the common light Kai can not resist nufiwehn at all, in the whole dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment, count this big brigade of bow and arrow soldier to kill people most.
At rebind ride big brigade of infantry and bow and arrow soldier big brigade the center is 200

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warriors who cover with in the red dress all over, they have no battle armor to protect a body, but the red vigorously packs keeps their vivid, everybody carries on the back up carry one handle narrow sword.From attire to up see, its vehemence is far far rather moreover a few big brigades, but, they are the crackest strength in the whole dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiments, the close armed escort of blood dry skeleton is also the commando unit of mercenary soldier regiment.These people all haven't weak martial skill artistic skill, their everybody has equal to cutthroat labor union to assassinate above real strenght, whenever the dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment meets difficult chew of bone, is the time that they start out, go far nfl new jerseys nike under the leading of blood dry skeleton, establish up to now, whole brigades from beginning of 20 people increase to now of 200 people, but none dead and injured.The dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment can have today's result, and their pay to have close contact.
The whole dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment organizes tight, solemnly is wholesale soccer jerseys a small scaled troops, four soldiers grow a mutual match, even if being a regular army can not also compare with them.Gold empire in the sky the heavy gold once appointed four dry skeletons nike new nfl jerseys into their troops' systems, but was all refused by the blood dry skeleton, reason BE, they demand freedom.
The blood dry skeleton has a liking for just a middle age of commonness, the shape is greatly high, always take one on the face silk light smiling face, the strength in whole body gray packs unattractive in the whole mercenary soldier regiment.But, acquaint with his person, all know he more is smile of happy, start to kill a person and then more is that the cruel hand is hot, has been hasing the parlance to talk to smile to accept a soul.These four dry skeletons at the same time teacher northern sword saint, according to their different characters, the northern sword saint taught the martial skill of their dissimilarity, however, those disciples of his unexpectedly have no 1 to spread his most satisfied sword method.At four greatest sword saint in, belong to northern sword saint learn the most mixed.Blood dry skeleton and ice dry skeleton are close brother and sister, but moreover two dry skeletons then the pupils of same master of the blood dry skeleton younger brother Shi, the pupils of same master senior of ice dry skeleton.Because ice dry skeleton the age is minimum, deeply be subjected to this a few elder brothers care in they.
Iron dry skeleton is hasty temper, seeing blood at the side of body the dry skeleton is one eye, way:"Eldest brother, how come, the kid sister hasn't come out, what does this company's brigade dawdle?Can't what matter?"
The blood dry skeleton smile way:"The younger sister can't have what matter of, her skill don't you still understand?Is old three, you hereafter want to learn steadily to weigh to be some, honesty so hair rashness how could