how to happy? 

March 22 [Thu], 2007, 20:06



i need happy to my life 

March 12 [Mon], 2007, 23:48
i need happy to my life

need living with happiness

no sad at all

i need but i cant

cant living without ...

my soul

after trip 

March 12 [Mon], 2007, 23:40
i need write all the things in english here,its good for my english or TOEFL test...but i feel bored of doing this,use different blogs and write a lot of different kinds of thing and feeling...and i've no idea about my future and my life...

without S,im nothing at all,i cant go on living on a lie,i just need someone to hold,but i got nothing or on one,i just have myself...

somking and drinking coffee all the time makes me crazy...but i have no choice...

S,you know how much i love you so you know how hard of my heart...

you dont understand at all...never


March 06 [Tue], 2007, 17:12


February 19 [Mon], 2007, 22:41

i know my japanese is bad enough,but i steal try to use it to write the dairy~

we also figure that how to get the ticket of TVXQ's con~i mean,Jen and I are really excited of this~cuz we are gotta see them soon~not very soon,but soon~haha~

talk about Richard,im a little feel bored of him,i know i should not say this,but he makes me feel exhausted after we chat every time,embarassed me totally...

hey,guy,i just want to be ur girl,just that,trust me~

about chinese spring festival 

February 18 [Sun], 2007, 16:13
nothing actually,nothing feel sepcial,nothing feel not sepcial,cuz im here,in Japan,so,no feeling of any chinese festival or the others,except japanese festival...but to our chinese japanese festival is nothing,so...which means nothing happened like a festival to me...maybe even the brithday...oh~

I lost my money of spring festival...

I think I just want to be alone 

February 14 [Wed], 2007, 18:43
hate everyone include myself...
love dramas can be with me...
hate someone like her...
love to be alone...
happy today,happy tomorrow,happy...
shit,who said those craps?!
nothing is truely mine...

today is lovers'day 

February 14 [Wed], 2007, 11:07
ok~happy lovers' day,please forgive me about i dont remember how to spell that,lovers' day is ok~

on lover,so,nothing to celebrate...nothing special
actually I want to have sth with Richard,then we can celebrate tegether,but,abviously,i cant make it,and he's right,we're even not in a same country...we cant see each other,even we made it,we steal feel lonely,so,its ok
I think we fit each other,but he needs time to think about this,so,give him time...

im waiting 4 u~

to S,I dont know what should say,happy today,happy tomorrow,and happy everyday~this is what i wanna say to him and pray for him~

something about me 

February 12 [Mon], 2007, 11:58
I think i need a place to relax,yeah,relax...a place like here,nobody knows this place,and i can say what i wanna say,like a lot of bad words about the people i dont like ,hehe,im childish?maybe...

i hate her,gg's wife,yeah,her,i think sometimes someone,he/she did nothing,but you just hate him/her...i think she is the one,actually i hate a lot of people,and i also hate myself,but what i wanna say is,i really pray that they will break up soon...i know im a bad woman,i cant deny it,and i know there also a lot of people dont like me even hate me,but i think its just fine,i dont need they all like me,and also ,i dont need to make them like me to be my friends,i got very good friends...

i hate that situation,you hate someone but you have to pretend you got good tired and bored me...make me feel im not a real person living in this world.i really hate lie...

like i said,this place is a free-space to me to have a rest of my heart...just relax


emotional things is a little bored to me so i try not to talk about this in my other blogs...but something i need say here

to Richard i really need to say something to him:
dear,i know i shouldn't lie to you,but,as you know,i just dont get enough brave to admit the truth to you,i can lie to you but i have to be honest to myself...
i need you and i wanna hold weak,i know
let me love you please...


February 12 [Mon], 2007, 2:37
OMG!!the words i used are steal nothing...shit!those japanese blogs,why they cant recognize the chinese words?!it i have to use english...

its ok,i can handle english,and also i can practice my english anyway...
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