men brothers Shuaixia head

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 18:01

> After dinner, the King Sen make men brothers Hao Chen custody, Bo said: Of of www! QUanbEN! The CoM Hao Chen's home divided into two floors, the room also, in addition to the two blood kill staff person in charge Hao Chen, the rest of the people go to sleep and rest. Wait until eight in the morning time, everyone is still asleep, Suddenly he heard coming from the bedroom to Chen Hao extremely sensitive ears cry, Liu Bo, et al, is in deep sleep, but a little bit of movement can be awakened. Heard the sounds, the crowd did not know what had happened, no sleep, have out of bed,Canada Goose Expedition, rushed to Chen Hao bedroom set eyes glancing, saw Chen Hao howling again and again sitting in a chair, two blood to kill brothers from time to time in the next whip his face. Jiangsen frowning, doubt and said: mesh look to Chen Hao, cold voice asked: If I do not go to a club, the brothers would certainly suspect! say what immediately execute Jiangsen command-kun will help loosen the belt as well as rope in body Hao Chen. Can not think of the other side you really want to put their own, Hao Chen ecstatic if they can really back to the club, the first time to be accountable to the above facts, might be able to have a way out. He is secretly wondering Jiangsen walk to his money, Xiaohe He said: the nightstand phone landline crossbow crossbow mouth and said: head, so he goes out just burning up hope. See him face desperate, standing still is not moving Jiangsen forward to scrape together scrape together close Hao Chen, grinning and said: play tricks, your shenanigans, hiding from my eyes! exactly the same words, three steps and into two steps, and came to the window, and a whirlwind grabbed the phone. Did not wait for the call number Jiangsen came behind him, something like the specter of a general, and not only when, in the hands of many a shining hand qing deliberately intensify, will qiang on Church, crisp sound, and then buckle move the hammer, the hands qiang a, withstood the back of the head of Hao Chen. Ah? Latter indifferent smile, said: trembling, dial the telephone number. Not a long time, and the call is connected, Hao Chen licked chapped lips, Shen breath, paused for a quite a while, square up your spirits, exclaimed: , Hao brother! cry, and did not wait for him to speak, Jiangsen one step ahead of the phone according to the dead. Hao Chen face suddenly exposed bitter, stammered, said: ...... Brother ...... I ...... I ...... did not say the wrong things right ,UGG Bailey Button Boots... invited him to the club! Jiangsen eyebrows hand qian qiang tube forced shook Hao Chen's head, shouted: . Jiangsen look a condensate, cold and asked: opened a drawer and pulled out a sort of a small book, Jiangsen seeing this, is not mentioned. Hao Chen turned trying to get a book, only then Liao Changqing phone to find, and then dial the past. Because Liao Changqing frequented the club, and Hao Chen is where the person in charge, and they often meet, be regarded as an old acquaintance, however, Chen Hao to take the initiative to call to find Liao Changqing rarely turned on, a telephone call Chen Hao, Liao Changqing some unexpected question said: Dr LIAO today there is no time over the trip? Liao Changqing heard this very strange few days ago Namhong door, just give yourself a small fortune in costs, how so fast but also give you the money? Is it your own wow gold from the effect on Namhong door to the additional incentive? Anyway, money is always a good thing. Liao Changqing not ask, the sound of his bumbling, said: ! Wow gold of the Political Department of identity, looking for his troubles, Liao Changqing, although of course, very much afraid, but he has also been relying on his reputation, the usual style of integrity, wow gold would like to find charges toppled him is not easy, the other time he received a considerable number of black money, passport Namhong door early run, as long as the situation has been wrong, he can immediately fled abroad, Namhong door to give him the money in live overseas, and his son studying abroad,UGG Clovis Boots, not afraid of wow gold for trouble. Through the words and Liao Changqing, Hao Chen put the phone down, looked back to see eye Jiangsen said; ,Coach Shoulder Bags Outlet. He asked: The hand is qiang away, to the men brothers Shuaixia head, said: Went outside Jiangsen, Bo, sensitive God negotiate up soon, the trio put next step booked. Wait until noon, Jiang Sen came to the bedroom of the Hao Chen, beckoned to him, and said: said: as long as you and us on a trip! What? Hao Chen was shocked, dazed look Jiangsen, some of the reactions to. Jiang Sen said impatiently said: out. Pro out, he looked back to take a look at the body of the bed, scared and asked: Walking side said: In order not to get someone's attention, Jiangsen take off the jacket to cover Hao Chen's head early in the morning when he Hao Chen moved tion, the latter's head swollen like a pig's head, who will look at two newly hatched Lou mouth, Jiangsen Chen Hao put onto has long been a waiting van outside Subsequently, he and Bo, sensitive people have also got into the car. Car, Hao Chen face bitter, whispered: the youth promised soon to start the vehicle, drove slowly out of the residential area of ​​Life Fitness health club is a high-end entertainment fitness areas, ground angle, although in general, but it looks very beautiful, the whole building was circular, quintana tempered glass, far look go like dark blue crystal when the the vehicle nears club door there are far cry, Liu Bo patted the driver on the shoulder and said: Jiangsen readily patted Hao Chen's head and said: understand , dragon and tiger team, Hung Ω 64595o62 Hung of Ω snow Meteor Court 38629618 freemason Ω drink Tang the the メ elite 124o1128o Hung Ω twelve メ the lion statue 63,894,322 Hung Ω twelve メ the musk deer statue 61,868,613 Hung Ω twelve the メ Aries statue 29,629,283 Hung Ω dominated メ domineering the 64,285,764 Hong Ω Bloodsoul Group 1857986o Hung Ω elite メ group 59,433,611 Hung Ω misty dark メ dark group 39,429,254 twelve pigeon-holing, thank you, please do not repeat the additive group (full novel network <

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