Especially want to six cooperation

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 10:40
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe second chapter !The 1167th chapter small world only can be metempsychosis that half of the patients, can become a circle above the to be future reincarnation of the Lord .
Transfer update if it does not get it, even if the strength of strong ,have no meaning ,because this part of the significance of ancient art ,is the cycle symbol, not in this small world sentiment to the surgery, is not qualified to become a circle above the .
Especially want to six cooperation under the premise ,is the ancient art of ancient art ,both sides hope to become .Ten thousand steps back ,this is also the title King syndrome Niyi set down the rules ,he is the first generation of reincarnation of the Lord ,passed from generation to generation down Zuxun ,a most important, no one would dare to disobey .
Regulus in this small world Canada Goose Expedition, not the slightest feeling of fear ,only the most warm breath ,and should be days of the great residence ,recover one .A kind of peace and quiet ,warm and natural Canada Goose Baby Snowsuit Sale.
The water rippling ,breeze ,the grass swaying ,birds twitter ,crisp sweet ,like in Wonderland, so dreamy . This place ,it is too strange . This is the first idea ,in this full of cycle kill place ,there was such a piece of pure land ,a fake place is not terrible ,but it is really pure land ,no trace of the kill ,only compassion ,peaceful ,warm ,natural ,calm all .
Let Xuanyuan simply could not pick up a fault ,the ancient art in this place ,how to comprehend? This is a small world ,but champion Hou Wang Niyi personally opened up ,it is a great man, you have to realize ,can be metempsychosis half ancient operation ,will see your understanding how high .
Greedy old man long sigh , phagocytosis of the great has been here before, now the regulus also to come here again ,two personal life so the same ,but persistent way ,is different ,a greedy old man thought here ,there will be endless emotion, he is in my heart is the greatest desire can look at the step by step to go beyond phagocytosis ,Emperor .
Champion Hou ,King Niyi .Regulus mind again this name ,with the Terran ,champion Hou Wang Niyi and talented Xie Daoyun the best in all the land ,is the iconic figure ,they in primeval ,are famous ,more important is because they broke some of the rules of etiquette, and fell in love, as many people not ,at the time, make known to the world ,in one generation of a heritage ,their story ,become various scholars and poets in legend ,a long immortalised .
Wang Niyi ,the thirteen annual Zhongzhou Dynasty ,to join the army ,from private when ,in the world, kills countless .In his fifteen years old that year ,the most stunning battle ,he led the eight hundred riding into Ancient Clan Wolf ,Hungarian family hinterland, breaking the one hundred thousand lions ,it is group two Union army, the most elite troops ,while the eight hundred die an untimely on ,ride but unharmed back ,no one knows when is the champion how to do, but this is everybody knows that ,henceforth, champion Hou became the most feared the Swire general .
He was a war after war, and established illustrious military exploits, seventeen years old was named champion Hou ,the world countless people to wonder ,be worthy of the name ,name .Champion Hou ,peerless or matchless bravery or valour ,known to the world ,for the world all the example ,is a private home Holy One ,he took Zhongzhou border ,let many alien are not violated, but resign army Hou handsome flag large city ,Taikoo Royal all backoff million ,one can imagine ,the Wang Ni to deter a Royal Pacific how much .
Xuanyuan knew that ,if you want from here to realize cycle of ancient art, they must to champion there have enough understanding, so as to maximize ,know he took the part of ancient art, placed in any place .
Wang Niyi ,Xie Daoyun fell in love with the division Canada Goose Palliser Outlet,this matter, make the whole world in an uproar ,people of the world ,regardless of their opposition ,who were hunted down ,feel like disowned dogs dog everywhere ,concealment ,until finally, the king Niyi unbearable, slays the ancient sages ,it means how terrible .
And covert Chanel Handbags,and not go on for long ,Wang Niyi and the Xie Daoyun two people were the young generation model, nature has its own idea ,so Wang Niyi and Xie Daoyun two people together ,began to establish a six cycle ,formed its own force, a Terran war, continued for a period of time .
Then Che-hung God to intervene ,matter to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled ,since then , six and the rebirth became in Zhongzhou a dark edge ,adhering to the Pacific to assassinate word ,by Wang Niyi and Xie Daoyun two people jointly at the same time to kill, don how many Pacific Royal King ,emperor ,God emperor died in their hand ,then the Terran six samsara is Swire Royal nightmare .
Without a strong deterrent, led to the royal family is reasonable ,it is absolutely impossible ,but the people did not want to be too plunge the people into misery and suffering ,so only the assassination of the derived word ,to let the army lost all ,Swire ,careless again ,can say ,now the Terran lay such a vast territory ,a six metempsychosis great credit .
But they are like the dark king ,silent, quiet ,no name ,no interest ,under a lonely ,lonely ,difficult ,or even death ,no one can know their name .However they are created to honor ,is of the Terran ,are playing down land ,are major forces ,their universe ,nobody knows ,in Wang Niyi and Xie Daoyun era, they have such as the Terran people dedication ,not a matter of mind, but they disappeared, both sides in the influence character by environment ,change .
metempsychosis and six in order to be able to let oneself door disciple development better ,begin a reward of the way ,if you want to kill ,but must pay a commission ,is so, so want to ,the relationship between the two began to slowly change ,from the beginning only execute Taikoo Royal finally ,to even the families of people killed ,today, becoming this ,lose one .
Regulus in mind flashed their metempsychosis understanding ,eyes closed ,in this small world slowly forward ,feel every square inch of land ,feel each breath, thinking ,when Wang Niyi opened it a small world role .
A few cents birds flapping their wings ,flying in the shoulders ,their twitter ,singing happily ,Regulus ignored ,in this small world slowly forward, surveying every inch of land ,about everything ,is manifest in his heart .
The heart to feel the world .The existence of a circle in front of this all ,the regulus action ,everyone are not the same . He is doing ,close their eyes to find ,who can find ? In his perception ,the perception of the small world of breath ,want to find out what clues .
Good Canada Goose Victoria Parka Cheap, want the surgery, must look with the heart ,the Indra was not simple ah , reincarnation of the main position ,have qualified successors ,yeah ,yeah !Ha ha ha . What has not yet happened ,he would not say too early ,is not you have kids easy out such a Indra ?As for the blow up ? That is ,even the small children can find ancient art, may not be able to understand among them abstruse ,one hundred days before ,too short ,there are a quite weak in his day ,get the ancient art, how is that ,in a small world searches ,cudgel thinking ,but possessed by the devil to die, it was tragic .
I say you hate in envy ,also on his own ,cultured ,died very clean ,I say thank you ,alas ,this is all your hard work ah ,but now can only stare ,I can understand your feelings .
These undead horror existence is in conflict with .Xuanyuan didn there are countless pairs of eyes watching him, actually each people all hoped that he could get metempsychosis half cycle of ancient art, if not elected as soon as possible above the words ,in the six before you down ,by a woman that is a kind of what like ?Xuanyuan was walking through the river ,through the prairie ,through the jungle ,came to the mountain ,feel ,is so natural ,there are countless creatures ,they are in this small world, not to kill each other ,only alone and practice ,between them ,have very deep feelings for each other ,help ,mutual support ,Xuanyuan is able to feel the warm ,from their own out of the distribution .
Imperceptibly ,has in the past a month .This month, the outside so many things happened .Taikoo Royal five wave load test ,completely ended, no road for the Terran have completely disappeared, turn to dust ,can insist to come down ,have extremely strong heritage of the big powers .
Many ancient royal family have occupied the territory ,they have started the real battle .From the tribe, or from under the extracted elite troops, attack the Terran ,for the big powers ,this is a nightmare .
The territory ,in almost every battle ,only the Dragon shrine all is well. ,seems to be ignored .Thus ,more and more people came to Dragon shrine refuge ,but the Dragon sanctuary extremely strict, enter the Dragon shrine in Tianxia off for Dragon repair outside Pacific Royal shrine repair damaged land ,and only in this way ,they can find your home ,if in other territories ,but do not know how the death of .
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