Russia unrest purpose has been achieved

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 11:03

Bovine bb novel Read recommended for you and the wife is the the road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess western suburbs train station in Berlin as good as the U.S. concubine gold medal Princess. E-day silent young officer looked at the front two wearing black tank Captain uniforms, they have to leave in advance when the soldiers of the Legion of the main forces in East Prussia are gradually when boarding Legion to their respective destinations. Rommel's tank battalion plus an armored battalion of the armored troops from here to Turkey, they will join conductor Olli German soil coalition forces. Perhaps Africa will once again become the famous places in The Desert Fox, but this time he is in turn from Egypt into Africa. Mansi Tan due to a tank battalion and another armored battalion will travel to Austria, they will support the military operations of the Austro-Hungarian troops with Serbia, may also face the Italian army is just around the corner. Let Britain and France, Italy, ahead of tasted the powerful of the German Army of God '! Two, take care of yourself! He perused Rommel, and Man Sitan due face, only after fighting tempering, these two young faces will really grow up. I wish you smooth growth along the Army of God, If God dares abandoned you, I will day to poke a hole! E-day, said quietly in the heart of the to Yida Huang's death so that he once again felt the fragility of life. Her delicate face, rugged character in the heart of e-day disappearing. Whoever it is, even if it is to hurt the two men a hair, he would raze the country. But the genius honed, they could not grow under the blessing! the grace! After all, war is cruel, anything could happen. Mansi Tan seem to be optimistic, your ability, but I selected for you the best battlefield e-day seriously stretched out his right hand as the two bid farewell to friends etiquette. When the train whistle sounds, the hour of departure or arrival. Looked at the retreating figure of the two men, Chen day suddenly found himself back to the old sentimental. As the train loaded with tanks and vehicles slowly leaving the site, e-day, gone toward train officers and men waved goodbye timberland for cheap. After a few seconds, that deadpan, eyes firmly Chen days walked toward the train docked next to another site. As the the chen days Falkenhayn train, bike trains from the appearance looks combat effectiveness is very tough, the first half is almost armored train, the latter half of the shipment of a large number of infantry and even a dozen canvas covered tanks all cut off along the way in Belgium or France guerrillas moving train idea. Saw a train on top of the machine gunner vigilance, e-day satisfaction nodded. This train is only the middle of a few car used to take the the Legion command of the Ministry of officers, a car designed for communications, two cars as officers lounge and conference room, there are two Chen days Er Kenhai due to the specialized compartments. The two have a special bedroom and office, restaurant and meeting rooms public. Arrived two days before the French front, the two can be regarded as almost lived together. Seated in the office when the e-day, trains are slowly, but moving. The thing to worry about. I know that war is brutal a friend, Lenin Mr. stake!, these unfortunate thing is why are concentrated during this time? Ge Lieni occupation of Moscow is just a matter of time Ultimate UGG! Lenin, I am afraid Canada Goose Livigno Parka Sale...... . E-day, they do not quite understand, during World War II, Stalin refused to evacuate Stalingrad the history changed now, to stay in the capital turned into dead Lenin. , Lenin is not reluctant to flee Moscow to his lack of war experience was hesitant Tsarist cavalry is too fast, Lenin, just out of the city ran into Agelieni cavalry results reluctantly returned to Moscow city, so to help things along and released to defend the fruits of the revolution, to defend Moscow Declaration. Although he is still not known as the melancholy prince like hairs odd, but after the loss of familiar frustration is inevitable Fortunately, the scenery along the way to let his emotions relieve a lot. Berlin is located in the eastern part of Germany, before entering Belgium e-day they need to go through more than half of Germany. Along the way are a busy autumn scene, the lives of civilians seems usual and not much of a difference, affected by the war, perhaps just people noticing, to speed up the pace of the streets. Along military figure and rare police patrol looks very relaxed on the road most of the elderly and children and women, young men are relatively rare. Now, most of the young adults in Germany to join the army or working overtime to produce the war machine has fully started up. Fortunately, the war did not burn Germany itself, perhaps the enemy will never have the opportunity to. After nightfall, along the towns and villages are lit *** German civilians *** control concept. In such a quiet atmosphere, Chen days came to the the restaurant with Falkenhayn dinner. in good order, these little things to be a very comfortable walk away dispensers. , while we have to do is just to scrutinize the report and signature agree to it. In order to meet the Minister of the Army of the hunger, the e-day lift cutlery touch steak, but today he does not appetite Kids UGGs, he has decided to take some broth like. side replied: Russia unrest purpose has been achieved, but e-day situation where more and more difficult to predict, the original expectations of long-term civil war of the Revolutionary Army of the tsarist army presented a one-sided situation now seems. Allies! these Japanese really is not an ordinary shameless! countries this unprovoked betraying their own allies, I personally strongly despised Canada Goose Aosta Bomber! more like this guy. transported 200,000 soldiers ashore, the group of soldiers to be at least adhere to separate the British coast one day! plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India's colonial army, the United Kingdom had gathered more than 1.2 million troops, and the United Kingdom so small a place capable of landing ports will then British defense up to take advantage of still very by Falkenhayn some depressed, finished and buried the deal with steak. The chen days suddenly happy, 200,000 is not exactly bright for their own legion a tailored it Coach Tote Bags Outlet! However, this number seems that the German maritime capabilities is still very strong. Had little hope such a powerful navy, has long been a sudden kill on the British Isles. under a lot of food, it seems the evening there is a lot of work to do, this guy is really like and legends industrious. Midnight around 1:00, we will enter the Belgian territory, I heard that Belgium is not very stable, maybe there will be the sound of gunfire at night, hope it will not disturb your sleep! insomnia, I did not expect a night sleeping soundly. Perhaps along the railway to strengthen relationships alert throughout the night, he did not hear the gunshots. When he woke up the next morning, the train has entered into French territory. Here, he finally saw the marks left by the war. A French villages and towns have been in disrepair, especially those of British and French troops, once a place of resistance, is fire razed to a pile of rubble. Canqiang broken walls everywhere, a French civilians are driven to distraction look in their eyes in addition to anger, more a kind of helpless. When the train getting closer to the front line when e-day mood heavy. However, this heavy is not from the Frenchman was destroyed building, but from a truck wounded. Germans wounded! E-day almost could not believe my own eyes, gauze wrapped around the soldier next to a steadily passing train cars filled with bloodstains on their gray uniforms is kind of shocking, some sites nearby, there are a large number of wounded soldiers lying on stretchers or on the carriage, seem shortly before before taken down from the front to the. Even Jimeng After the war, the e-day, but installed four wounded train, he here to see far more than 40 trains of wounded soldiers. E-day is finally Ming Bai Dehuang Why lift the hairs odd positions, where the attack failed, simply offensive Waterloo! Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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