Considered the main hall of this house

November 02 [Fri], 2012, 17:53

Like Cattle bb fiction reading network for you to recommend a number of The wife is warlords Heaven heritage the road entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess (bxzw.) and soon scattered toward the second twelve chapters mansion. bxzw. the palace Aotian and with Dong Fang Xiaotian walked toward the outside. Liu Dingguo also go over Tin said with a smile. Or you take a look at the past. A pedestrian soon as a bodyguard walked. Road the palace Aotian touches very familiar and seemingly and Oriental General mansion not far ah? . silently to myself Timberland Womens 6 Inch Sale, a little proud. Several people quickly to the front of palace Aotian mansion. I saw this building is quite magnificent and very beautiful, looks very some style. Door two stone lions. The word The mansion looks than the Dong Fang Xiaotian tall mansion seems even bigger, the architectural style is quite trendy, and each room have been set a new high-end furniture. in bxzw. The Palace Aotian look quite satisfactory. Ceasing nodded. The little first retire. The Guards see the palace Aotian said the same thing, only said soon Xie, took the money and left. Said the palace Aotian a smile on the East Fang Xiaotian. nothing. I can go to the palace collar does not need to spend money on, after all, my palace is built. smiled and said His Majesty the Emperor not only give you five million purple gold? come help you pack what is needed but also the way to remember this. Can dip a little cheaper, and he is still very happy. people will do ah. some of the servants came to help you pick up the furniture. then We'll go together. Dined, palace Aotian to think to pack their own sites, of course, the main reason was glad. This is, after all, he came to the world's first truly earned nest. Meal and rest for a few people together and walked toward the palace Aotian that Earls. Of course, East Fang Xiaotian did not come to. But Oriental Phoenix course together Nike Air Max 2012 Shoes, and with the amount of a servant girl in the past. To the mansion gate of the palace Aotian, there are already thirty or forty people there waiting. They are precisely Liu Dingguo got, is moving things help Nangong Aotian. Already own later followed Palace Aotian mixed, Sun Yifeng, Li Changfeng the, Barry winds, and Sima Changfeng plus the Xiao Jianqiu five will, of course, live in the palace Aotian mansion. Know in front of the house must be left to the palace Aotian family live. Feng Sun, but they did not go to select a few house. And Aotian , too. was Palace Ao Tian said it went to the main hall Canada Goose Outlet Sale. She brought two maidservants also at her side. . Said some funny. face blushing. Course to clean up one of their own future living room, however from the palace Aotian. Residence is not near, but four of the master bedroom on the left wing of the most one edge. not say anything, blushing a little face called two the maidservants began recording need to add things Canada Goose Elijah Clearance. Busy the whole afternoon. Considered the main hall of this house needs something registered when. Of course, there is the most important of the credit or Oriental Phoenix the palace Aotian own come is also engaged in three days to finish Timberland Euro Hiker For Cheap. Until nine o'clock at night. The need things considered basic registration finished. The palace Aotian do not know what kind. Oriental Phoenix record something directly to said Liu Dingguo hands a plug, Oriental Phoenix next to the palace Aotian see Palace Aotian turned so without any hint asked Liu Dingguo for something. Felt his face some fever Liu Dingguo heart of a hi said, not help us save it? himself as an outsider.. thick-skinned Canada Goose Lodge Sale. Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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