expectations own really touched by the whole Ming months ...... after all have talent

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 15:18

Luo Yi hearts, not without emotion, thinking, and this time the real evil of war human and demon ** the first line of the war, what should how one views. Wait until the future, must go and see ... Luo Yi will not repeat think the rest of his gaze to the Then him flashing from the bursts of white little while, Yi, throat still trembling very serious menacing growl! the sè blood sè Tongmou, heavy fell on the ground., Lieyun tiger, but the innate evil of the second peak level, natural to nedan that nedan it after the body perishes, naturally, is Luo Yat foregone conclusion. leveraging, The hoarfrost sword of Li, Luo Yi shabu shabu few sword is, the left Lieyun tiger, xiōng at break open a large hole. then Luo Yi waving cited, a group the flashing light Hongmang demon Dan, flying from the wound out Plus this one, the Luo Yi in the hands of the Wicked nedan already three. sort of looking forward only to enter the territory from heaven UGG Women's Liberty. He fight for more resources. Because only at that time, Really the disciple of xìng life, but any palm peak off Gladius I have no right to easily recorded wins. Only when committed some sins can not be pardoned door rules, through the fall Gladius! Law enforcement Church, trial, found him guilty of Canada Goose Camp Hooded Cheap, and the implementation of the death penalty kill will kill huff identity, distinguished a hundred times more than! Think of here, Luo Yi Qingtu the breath, looked up at the sky sè. Thought for a slight frown, Luo Yi holding Just like a huge mass of dark clouds! , Qingyu Sword, trails, the Frost little bit, instant outside air. Just also flame trees wrapped through general layer of Xuanbing, wrapped in the inside ... Luo Yi and looked after, they no longer hesitated physique of a move to turn into a wisp of black mans , junior sister apprentice ... Oh, good clever ah. Fall Gladius Red refining peak The in lù out are somewhat Senleng of sè the In just this Road Senleng of sè only fleeting The man faces lù a brilliant smile. Then, he smiled and spoke cheerfully. Wang brothers head, looked down and said: it , The man smile very forthright. But then they Yitan the Road: Well? After all, trace laugh again and again last month, I am afraid, Italy, naturally did not escape that the full surname female students eyes, so that her face suddenly changed. Immediately, she firmly bite the mouthpiece chún, shook his head and said: heads of sè yīn laugh flash, then open. said. ! , Xing Nvzai originally hung his head to hear the name Meng raised his head and looked toward the man ... man mouth ek trace of yīn laugh, then nodded his head : Reversible Vest Canada Goose, his eyes looked with a somewhat happy sè the Today eyes complex Xingnv Zi, waiting for her. Full the Xing Nvzai the heart, and instantly luan. The woman named full-Ming month, male disciples named Wang Tong Fei. Two are Red refining peak, main stress conferred on one today. This woman is far from the repair to the innate state is lower than the men, that is, can be seen Canada Goose Trillium Parka. Fall Gladius, as one of the four sects, however Timberland 8 Inch Boots, this martial, the proportion of female students, still much lower than the male disciples. The best women's talent as not many of which, bit of posture sè, it is naturally more scarce. Full-Ming months can be regarded as one of them. Full-Ming month than Wang fly through the later decades entry. When she was getting started, . But And other little backing within disciples indeed The full Ming months nobody referrals door but then fall Jianzong, the decennial open gate to enter the fall Gladius. Strength at that time, however, the transit environment early. Her term The King through flying everywhere helping level of The beginning of Wang Tong Fei also quite patiently, expectations own really touched by the whole Ming months ...... after all have talent, but also pose sè woman hard to find since their encounter, that nature is not to be missed However, they also can not be the same when their earthly woman want to do as, but nonetheless, the full Ming month hearts a sense of jī fly through Wang fly through several times to tell the truth, the full-Ming months, but politely declined. One second to go, Wang Tong Fei gradually lost patience, arrogant and domineering side gradually show out. The multiple cast some shady yīn insurance means the wrong non-full-Ming month into Red refining peak, Wang Tong Fei spleen xìng have some general understanding of, and therefore I look everywhere, I'm afraid long been forward to his children's channel two subsequent the full Ming monthly on the the king fly through the attitude grew weaker and weaker Wang Tong Fei have the the envy-day environment pinnacle, repair, repair of the early to the full Ming mid-day environment, how can we compete with him? Moreover, full-Ming Wang fly through such a deep abandoned refining peak, on the foundation of months? Wang fly through with a strong
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