lingering mist large array

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 16:02
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m. . while at the same time, the pool of blood ,blood the king suddenly open my eyes ,eyes flashed a moment of heterochromatic ,first seen in ancient magic eye ,then fall into the family man ,mouth slightly tilted , Friends of the road but have to shaping the rebirth of the last step, is found in vivo blood go ballistic from control ,hey ,this is the king right ,not the blood body reborn magic and friend to explain .
This is my song in a group of supernatural biography prowess, only people can play a song of China ,with thousands of creatures blood blood body shape ,to obtain a force ,if the foreign practice, at first is not unusual ,but until the last step ,will cause blood back ,only ashes to ashes .
Ha ha ha ha !The king by your hand feeding blood body endless ages ,now finally going into ,this is thanks to fire people friends .But now ,it ought to be you disappear, as long as the king will swallow you can blend ,blood ,and captures the Xiao morning boy swallowed blood, thoroughly broken seal the body release town of detonation .
Fusion and the blood King body Vaillant ,the king will become a new family of old chinese ! Die ! The king gave birth to the fiery color fundus blood ,shadow came out into the blood pool ,crazy drill into the elders in vivo .
Ah !Ah !Ah !Ah !Old man suffered endless suffering ,as can be reborn ,would not die !The unwilling ! On the elders mouth crazy roar ,a violent twist ,but he suffered systemic blood force back ,have no defense ,can let the blood King carrying monstrous blood came from entering the body .
Two old immortal soul crazy mutual phagocytosis ,but blood king in the blood within the body feel just like a fish in water ,but on elders need distraction pressing blood back ,while self is big fall leeward .
Number of message, blood pool only a bloody scene sit cross-legged ,surface relaxation and recovery ,now suddenly open my eyes ,of which two red swirls spin up , ha ha ha ha ,fire people friend ,the king thanks ! Laughter from the shadow mouth uttered ,apparently the phagocytosis Womens Timberland Sandals,the blood king wins .
Hill ,ancient magic Avatar was instantly became extremely ugly ,hand attacks more aggressive .Both of the four eyes ,although not the body ,but the blood king still moment through ancient magic avatar identity ,the mouth was slightly cocked, slightly dense .
The next moment blood king mouth suddenly roared, devour blood ,finally into the blood ,to the king of condensation ! As the roaring openings ,blood pool blood wave crashing outbreak ,as the endless pure energy into the human body .
Three rest time ,barring broken hill outside ,the head skin .Ancient magic be banned from the blood ,King achievement blood body .One step away !Blood - King naked body, the flesh even perfect ,every piece of flesh are distributed in the inappropriate, every act and every move ,all seems to burst out great strength ,tearing crack to be nothing difficult day .
Swish !Eyes open ,in which the two regiment red swirl of pupil ,is still pale red ,rotating reveal light of strange atmosphere ,like will not forcibly phagocytosis which ,in vitro blood light shimmer ,thereupon has a red robe without cohesion is distinguished in the body .
Xiao Chen boy ,a 200 carrier ,the king had to be you for a long time, and today ,where you run . Ancient magic Avatar was completely dark down ,pupil intense contraction ,or eyes looked at in front of people .
He watched the phagocytosis of the elders ,but no leisure feeling the monster of tragic fate, body double is as the same tragic end .Just because he is going to face a life and death fight in front of the king ,is undoubtedly the blood ,but not his body ,but not penetrating the sealing portion of mana and town cracks ,phagocytic occupied on elders raise endless ages blood body .
So the immediate blood king ,not when Xiao Chen saw invincible exists, this has not been met ,still unknown ! Kill ! Ancient magic split mouth roar ,three feet the moment the blade edge .
He and the blood of Wang Tiansheng hostile ,all want to devour each other had complete access to the blood, so, naturally without many words ,and the final outcome .Sword blade ,magic gas steaming ,shop incarnation Shadowbane ,radiant energy came crashing down fall ,sporadic violent breath .
Blood King smiled grimly ,now standing in the pool of blood ,a blood gowns ,suddenly the endless blood out of thin air and turned into a skull ,Jie Jie people in open-mouthed ,directly to the sword and to chew and swallow .
This blood skull is magical illusion and into ,but seems to have its own euro RSCG ,bite-sized ,was directly inspired by the store energy ,screamed while wounded, but still not to be castrated ancient magic swallow me .
Drink !Ancient magic be somberly ,but did not stop ,until the blood skull close ,hand shop body suddenly rose to Baizhang size with great force Canada Goose Victoria Parka,as the blade .The shop body ,can resist layer 1024 1000 flow array ban back ,very sturdy ,sharp can chop world ,now body health, the bloody skull scream immediately the fight ,out of the void .
The king was slightly changed blood ,look somewhat gloomy , did not think of only 200 years ,you will grow to today this way ,so speed of progress, in my song in a peak period is also considered as rise above the common herd .
You and I had a population of two most pure blood ,but only the king can make me a rise in blood ,your body must be the phagocytosis ! By the blood pool of blood ,supreme achievements ,coercion of heaven and earth ! Blood King roar ,the next moment on blood pool a shudder ,thereupon has endless blood wave is attracted general roaring ,headed for the blood King ontology integration .
In the blood into the body ,blood king immediately visible to the naked eye velocity to crazy prices, and as the Baizhang ,then a long ,nor for four miles before the blood pool of blood all phagocytic stop inflation ,very severe violent rage demon breath as a mountain ,came from the forty thousand Zhang blood in vivo broke out .
Not enough blood ,the body has become king ,has not swallowed enough blood ,the king of imprinting imprinted blood ,sacrifice your flesh and blood soul ! Avatar four miles stand between heaven and earth blood king mouth suddenly roar ,a self blood emitting a strange wave moment distribution, with a fast speed to spread away from all sides .
Under the mountain ,eight blood drainage to the underground ,extending to somewhere incomparably vast underground caves ,here are respectively provided with more than 5 imperial extremely family monk ,2000000 ordinary people ,19 cases with large sent monks and four ancient family nearly 200000 monks ,800 more than ordinary people ,the number was more than 10 million !But now they all looked frightened incomparable, body but is imprisoned general cannot move any ,a drop of blood from their in vivo seeps slowly along the pores ,dropped on the ground ,along with carving out fine channels converge into Xiaoliu ,trickling flow up ,eventually into eight blood drains ,in a sense traction the force, along the mountain wall upstream .
Everyone keep sober, they can clearly feel the in vivo blood mana and soul forces are in constant dissipation passage ,was forcibly deprived ,endless fear impact on his mind ,but the mouth does not make any sound ,only blood drop .
Monk is still good, but the number of densely packed up to tens of millions of number five ancient nationality common people ,has in this strange deprivation under the power of countless casualties ,mostly dry broken soul and flesh ,the final decay for blood disappear together .
At that moment ,a strange force moment to come to us from the outside ,it is still struggling to adhere to the imperial extremely family ,staring binocular immediately ,eyes full of fine silk ,growing larger ,eventually burst apart .
The burst is not only the eyes ,but they were in fear of flesh and blood ,endless mana soul scream was directly break into blood came into blood canal ,as far as the imperial extremely family 2000000 ordinary people ,even without any resistance force completely extinguished .
, ,,lingering mist large array ,Kita Yako and the great war fierce fight for Dan ,now looked carefully before the opponent so ,although to a lesser quality than he is ,but the real fighting ,he was unable to suppress his opponent down, from time to time out aspects of magical power, but Kita Yako drove back again and again, fulminate at .
Imperial extremely Dan war grin ,and now feel the blood pool direction came violent fluctuation of atmosphere, the hearts can not help but ecstasy ,master plastic body completed ! Ha ha ,today you into my Che-hung palace people ,who don want to live ! Lord ,master has to wake up ,hold them ! The man laughed openings Canada Goose Womens Camp Hoody.
But at the moment ,he was suddenly mad is variable ,then the body breath uncontrolled go ballistic ,mouth uttered a miserable cry , the master ,why do you want to do ,I imperial extremely family for your rebirth at death 2000000 people ,why do you want to do it to us ! The master for his life ,for his life Canada Goose Baby Reversible Vest! Meanwhile ,Emperor extremely Dan Shung ,imperial extremely Dan Teng ,imperial extremely Dan yuan and the Mongolian monk instant pain roar in the palace .
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