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November 12 [Mon], 2012, 12:35

> 343 kick Liverpool at Anfield. wWW! Quanben! CoM before the start of the game, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has Chelsea have a deep understanding of any Premiership coach, must get to know this year's Chelsea, even game and they do not report any I hope to win, but also from Chelsea play, find their team staff with all the winning teams in all competitions, after all, a half race, through the ages is the first time they The body must have something you can learn. Neinitesi course know Liverpool than Chelsea's opponents lose heart prepared long before the game well, and Arsenal are at home to Chelsea punched defeated Liverpool hope to win it not . However, even if some heart preparation, but also to think about several possible game situation, but had no idea that the game will be like this: Liverpool leading the score, but the style was completely Chelsea repression. Race into this situation, no matter what tactics coach arranged, that are completely no effect, is to rely on the players willpower. 'As long as they can hold, is the victory. 'Benitez is aware of this truth, so he immediately went to the side of the pitch, constantly cried with a loud voice, directing the team's defensive Note back on defense back on defense, do not know him thrown into the which minions country, he is constantly on the sidelines shouting his mouth often spit out some sloppy wording, the next fourth officials are looking at the large brow wrinkled. Benitez under the command of the field Liverpool players all move, this time, could not find the red jersey of the players on the Chelsea half, while Chelsea is already pressure on across the board, every player wants to make contributions to the team, fight scored a goal to tie the game, the focus of attention of the audience, but not Benitez, the Spaniards are doing almost no one will care, and wearing a black jersey No. 21, Lee's performance shines audience so to say, is completely become a Chelsea attack artillery point in the game on 50 minutes to 60 minutes, Wang Lee, if you use the words of a classic, so is the field he has completely dominated the game audience all people have eyes almost all the attention to him, the court, Wang Lee almost never stops in the running in front of area running directly caused confusion Liverpool defense, responsible for closely watching live WANG Li Xavi Alonso can not be caused by the passing of the former even if it is little impact immediately, Liverpool increased manpower Riise and top up the two defensive only a little bit with just little., which also just let Wang Lee running slightly slowed down, but in front of Lingboweibu number not Chelsea players know that the dark-haired boy of the team to get the ball in front of area certainly so almost everyone got the ball after the first time will choose transmitted to there, so do not know how many fans watched in audience all well next to the TV, Wang Lee staged a how to pick pitch ball classic tutorial to turn around and Yi Zhu defensive player, a forced ball ... flexible welcome the ball stuck position ... the heels magical hook the ball to the front ... and so on and so on. short, Wang Lee then ball way is really varied, Liverpool's two personal defensive player, almost as if the Phantom is generally no way his ball, Wang Lee no fixed route running in front of area, making two the person physical but in falling, just 10 minutes, this time, Xavi Alonso has been tired out of breath, the Spanish Nova stand on the court, his hands and knees, his face flashed a helpless expression He is now finally understand the gap between himself and super Premiership players, at least the physical gap is not a star got Wang Lee after the ball to do is shot, or outgoing precision straight ball every almost be able to give Liverpool the goal to create a crisis, is because Wang Lee this surprisingly play, before forcing Liverpool was forced back on defense across the board, because they know that if they are not back on defense, then the other goal but sooner or later the thing in this case, in front of the Liverpool Football is like stopping a bus like solid at the beginning of the season when Chelsea faced this game, that game, Wang Lee played very good, but Chelsea only scored two goals, This is the season when Chelsea in Wang Lee playing the lowest scoring a league this time, Liverpool also so to do, under the premise of the leading score, Benitez heart, winning Chelsea the temptation has important than maintaining the style of the Red Army, the idea of ​​dignity. Spaniards in fact, yes, as long as till the end of the whole game, Liverpool will become the winner, to become the end of Chelsea terror-game winning streak trends team, in the face of this result, the Red Army fans will forgive his practice. history, after all, is written by the victors, even a football match is also true, winning Chelsea, the team game advantage is really not a little two little, the Red Army too need this victory, As for the failure has been considered before the game enough,Bailey Bow UGG Boot, Benitez would not want this in this case, even if the king so play Lee, Chelsea want the goal seems to become a luxury., how to deal with an almost completely abandoned the offensive Yankees all defensive? perhaps any coach can give a clear answer. Originally, like the strength of this team in Liverpool, has been at the top level in the world, they do not face all retreated, the defense can show the power of absolute terror, the Xinghai tactics footwork, with subtlety, personal technology, seems to have become very weak up this time, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is the smile on his face has long disappeared, his brow tightly wrinkled live, my heart constantly cursed Spaniards, and from the bench stood up and went to the sidelines to start directing the team's offensive close. although nothing to lose a league game against Chelsea is very important, 'North-South war' has always been fans media attention highlights, victory or not even related to the rule of force after Chelsea instead of Arsenal, but in fact, he really is no good way, the other shameless of all defense of nest near the goal does not come out, then the ball team how stations, running, will be meaningless. they kept the king Eli King of the use of force spat stop with one hand propped on his knees, his mouth a bit breathless, actually of just Nazhen storm as offensive, or let him consume a lot of physical strength, but the game so seriously , but still could not score, so that he had to admire each other's tight defense, he looked up at the Robben a comfort said: you quite a few times. What turned his face flashed a strange expression, he stood up and patted the shoulder of Robben, said: Robben Joji scratching their minds, he reluctantly shook his head, heart and said: 'This is the gap between us? 'Full match to 75 minutes, when Damien Duff in the right ball long distance raid, fast to reach the bottom line, and kick lob back pass the ball to the direction of the frontier closed area, it is Obviously, the goal of the ball still is the king Lee's point. At this time, Harvey. Alonso has not the defensive WANG Li, replace his Houweifennan, as a backs Steve Finnan's very robust physique, physical slightly Bialongsuo better in personal defense very rich experience, but these all seem to have no effect on Wang Li. See football pass over, Wang Lee shoulders pendulum, hard squeeze the personal defense of his Steve Finnan and John Arne Riise, ran directly toward the impact point of the football. Liverpool players certainly will not let him so easily got the ball on the frontier closed area location, the player's stance is very dense, and Gerrard just stood in the placement of football, his eyes tightly pegged to fly down football body slightly bent down ready to jump the ball into the danger zone. Between this moment, Wang Lee went to the left side of Gerrard, and the eyes are also staring at the whereabouts of football. In the eyes of the fans in the audience, of Gerrard and Wang Lee almost at the same time take-off, the stagnant one red and one black figure in the sky, and football are still at the top of the head, in this case, the bodies of the two men directly hit in fact, some anxious Gerrard, when see every Chelsea passing Wang Lee can get, so he want this preemptive ahead of take-off, but he did not know how Wang Lee Happy to send the body with dodge far than the common people 'the art of fly Yao', jump higher, violently takeoff, no more than a basketball player in the NBA to the poor, so he silently estimate pinpoint location, also ahead of take-off. So, the two hit together, which lead to the two body imbalance all up to this moment, the audience all in the mind to imagine the next screen: Gerrard and Wang Lee with the fall in grass, and football were Liverpool players Feet siege fact, and not toward development, WANG Li-air body imbalance after anxiously left foot shipped after internal forces from the surface of the foot step in the right foot , and diagonally upwards channeling a little bit, which makes the football just hit him on the head, and then he dropped to the ground, forced wriggled body balance up, turn to step from Lingboweibu flying just stopped ball. Shocking the audience all this almost contrary to the strange laws of physics painted over the shock, however, the game was not shocked by their stopped immediately ran to the ball, two of Liverpool's defensive player, and the players in the restricted area tightly stuck Chelsea striker position, they have no chance to catch the ball, and thus threaten the Liverpool goal. The face of the defense of the two Liverpool players, as well as behind side Houweifennan chasing the ball, it is surprising that this time Wang Lee did not choose to pass, but in front of area transverse bands play the ball,Mountaineer Jacket Canada Goose, which makes a lot The players think of the Netherlands kid Altun Robben iconic cut long-range. So they immediately tightly sealed Wang Lee shot angle, to prevent his sudden strong shot, almost everyone knows, the king Lee's long-range than Robben's powerful more. At this point, with Wang Lee around Liverpool players are also trying to grab the ball, a sharp decline in their confidence in the game, just this dark-haired boy constantly dribbling, but this is at Anfield, they will never lose faith. When Wang Lee the ball reaches the large restricted area in front of the winger Riise again could not help but fell to the ground tackle, the first 10 minutes, he had consecutive shovel more than 3 times the ball did not touch the the Wang Li hint of trousers, But this action is almost subconscious, and he also knows that this Black kid certainly be able to evade, do not worry about their own foul caused the attention of the referee, to award a free kick. However, in the process fell to the ground tackles, Riise surprised to find their own uprooting 'stuff', then a black body poured directly on the next ... the audience all eyes, Riise the tackle directly shovel Wang Lee's right leg, then the latter footsteps and souls Lang directly down on the grass. Now this is too serious, I hope Allen Oh, nothing to do, or the Liverpool players destined to become England football sinner, he is killing the future of English football is too serious, and he should be sent off , this stadium violence should be subjected to the most severe punishment. referees will be fined a red card for no reason, Moreover, this penalty will not be biased in favor of the home team, but more will not be biased in favor of Chelsea at Anfield, even after referee ran just in front Riise produced a yellow card, and a free kick awarded to Chelsea. Of course, at this time, no one to take care of these, even Liverpool fans watching down on the ground that the dark-haired boy. Fortunately, this time, Wang Li, from grass stood up,Starlit UGG Boots, he frowned and rubbed his right knee, step two steps in place, turn, jump jump, seems to be slightly relieved like toward teammates laugh a laugh and, motioning own all right. Seeing this, the sidelines Jose Mourinho was under the heart, but this time the pitch doubts to the case of Frank Lampard, in his opinion, the dark-haired boy is almost an iron man, anyone tackles almost nothing good end, such as Van Nice Telu Yi ...... this situation unexpectedly came, he was surprised to be directly uprooting such a serious difference between the front and rear, indeed, he was puzzled. In fact, Wang Li is indeed intentional. Now, the situation on the pitch, you want to break through the Liverpool defense to score, it is simply a luxury, but Robben then reminded him of what tactics, the goal is not necessarily to be directly made the kick is also regarded as a viable method. And now, after a period of performances, Chelsea won a good free kick opportunity position. This position from the goal of 250,000 meters in the middle, is absolutely a good position Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is anxiously stood on the sidelines, was complaining 'Riise will be asking for trouble, it is a waste, and so on.' Verbal shouted command of the team on the ball defense. At this point,Argyle Knit UGG Boots, the audience Blues fans excited, the second half of the match Chelsea occupy an absolute advantage, but not got the upper hand ball, which makes them feel that perhaps the team would face from the start of the season failed, but now, Chelsea has been a good opportunity to think about the kind of team black kid kick your feet, the ball seems to be no doubt will enter. As they want as Chelsea did not even go through any of the deliberations, Wang Lee stood in front of the ball. Liverpool course, aware of this dark-haired kid now very good free kick, so they immediately discharged a 6 Everyone walls, other players are also tightly pegged to the edge of the area to prevent any accidents, now the game has been to the 77th minutes, keep so long and they do not want any accident, so the victory to leave. The other Liverpool lined the wall, the referee hit an OK gesture the light blowing the whistle, motioning to start free throws. Wang Lee put down his hands, slightly raised his head to glance at the goal direction, and then simply there is no sign of the slightly raised his right leg, ruthless force across a perfect arc along the football kicked in football, bypassing the jump a wall, and slammed into the goal right foot Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek to see the ball around the wall and immediately struggling sprang toward the right side, but nevertheless, this foot ball speed is too fast, still in time for the football before him, crashed into the net. 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