but to avoid common guard magician

September 28 [Fri], 2012, 16:49
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIn the courtyard !Of course not simple quadrangles !Although than when Li Lao ,this is just a small courtyard ,area of what, also don how much less ,but Guo Pu knows ,this Zhang door ,not like to consider it myself as well !Mozong magic, also not be simple people !Moreover ,if there are any beat all the ambush and the like, his careless trade rushed into getting caught ,it would make a fool of oneself Cheap Michael Kors Wallet!Guo Pu looked at the backyard fence ,some worry !The wall is not high ,three meters only ,grey and white wall above has no power or something ,he only need to gently lift gas jump ,they can easily go in !Rely on a strong spiritual force perception ,as well as that from the bone to dangerous congenital sensitive feeling ,the rear wall of the six line of defense ,in front of him is a dummy !But there is one point ,that is not much, if any ,breath ,came from the backyard .
Those people ,is the magician !In accordance with his speed ,want in said of peaceful times. Under, quietly in, also not difficult, but to avoid common guard magician ,but absolutely do not avoid !He had to wait for .
But when he comes, time was already seven in the evening !Another one or two hours, even until twelve, not what can not ah !Amazon jungle ambush for three days and three nights motionless time had ,for three hours ,what happened ?At night, eleven points, the fence in a team of guards were alert ,one of the guards seem to present a breeze blowing, the fellow eye of magic ,he feels as if he saw a shadow flash, but eyes blinked to determine their dizzy when is it right? No ,shadow .
Chiu ,what do you see ? Side one of the guards saw his one eye ,a smile: what do you see ?Ghost. Strange, I felt a gust of wind blowing ,there seems to be a shadow flashing past !Is there really are ghosts as well? Patrol ,after two hours ,should be relieved ! The guard nodded ,see companions did not feel anything, he believes he is dazed .
Guo Pu as waves ,light very directly from the wall to dodge in zhang !He did not use the speed ,if too ,although most people don him, but should have alerted crook !Although kind compared to him, now is not at the same level !But in between, for breath ,air induction ,is very strong !This is like an ordinary person ,see a creature ,you may not know that he is in power, but an even a little bit of power induction ,even lower power is not the ability, he can perceive himself appears ,and he is it right? Are of the same kind !So he hides the breath ,and slow down to avoid the magician can explore ,so directly from the wall on the air turned over .
This courtyard ,although far less when Li Lao ,but also a few into a few large houses timberland for cheap!Light is the courtyard has several !Guo Pu raccoon ,makes no sound ,and then light the ground ,with some were surveyed ,and then look for a direction, passed !He needs to find an identity enough idle fellow ,steal his head message ,and then quickly find Zhang Yao position !These guards ,or not to move away a good ,coma Timberland Classic Shoes,but to cause these guys !Of course ,Guo Pu has gone beyond the Zhang who guards too much level, he can only fear ,but fear of what unknown means !The stealth in the courtyard of a rockery under !He began to observe !The subtle spiritual force ,from his head slowly like catkins ,light not to start blowing out !He was with great care in control of their own mentality ,slowly open to diffuse ,ten minutes ,twenty minutes later ,he was within twenty meters of every week ,all enveloped in his spirit under the control of !This is a very strange picture !Like a three-dimensional perspective in general ,he can perceive the surrounding circumstances !Around including the underground situation !Even separated by up to ten meters thick soil layer ,the underground every space ,all in his mind to have a clear impression !By close to cheating in the past spiritual force ,he clearly put around twenty meters of space within the every act and every move ,completely and clearly written in the mind !He can see clearly there are many guards are on patrol ,can behind a house in some people in the study ,some tea ,and look at some of what data !The next moment ,he changed his mind !Don look for Yao ,he wanted to meet a butler !Think of here ,his incarnation as a virtual to the invisible light from behind the shadows ,rockery ,drifted out to the corridor ,then ,in the middle ,to the selected one of the rooms to go !That room is a guy ,take a shower ,seem to be going to sleep !This guy is not others, is Zhang Shangwen !Without wasting much effort ,he quietly entered Zhang Shangwen !Fortunately, the room is not lit, only in the bedroom and study their lit a lamp ,but Mrs.
Zhang Shangwen was not in the Timberland Mens Euro Dub Sale!The window is open ,after all, is the weather in June ,this time of night ,living in a courtyard ,is not to the summer night shade ?Guo Pu floating body inside, gently out of breath ,although this is only a very short time ,but he was in full alert ,but snow sword pill inside the spar can continue to provide him with the energy of the words ,now he is afraid of tired enough !His eyes swept away in Zhang Shangwen ,wanted to look at the papers on the desk when, bathroom acoustic stopped .
Guo Pu frowned ,toe on the ground gently a bit ,the whole people like a mass of cotton ,so lightly flying body ,infuriating unceasing rapidly rotating ,making his body dangling drifted into the bathroom door !Zhang Shangwen wrapped in a towel cheap timberland,is with cazhaoshilulu hair came out !Then ,Zhang Shangwen was shocked ,some set went to the bedroom lamp lamp front ,snapped ,turn off the lamp !The room was in darkness !Five minutes later ,Zhang Shangwen has been lying in bed and lethargy !Guo Pu was silent laugh : you really put your makeup into decades the servant !Well done.
The servant ,also lost me a lot of trouble ? Similarly, ten minutes later ,he dived into a housekeeper in the backyard is adjacent to the Zhang Yao residence next to the room !A housekeeper there is no light in the room ,but Guo Pu knew that he did not go to bed ,but end and sat in the armchair ,eyes closed !Guo Pu force for carefully through a housekeeper ,because this place, it is the core !The house is a large and complex underground ,underground space !The whole family underground ,were developed into a huge space !Even compared to ground building complex !Guo Pu is not a control piece of Butler mind ,because the LORD would become Zhang ,hidden for so many years ,can even get Yun Ting cleft day valued people, a housekeeper ,even without the Kung Fu in the body, the mind of firm, is remarkable !And if not ,by your own alert ,this time ,is to draw water with a bamboo basket ,vain !Do not know how long after ,a butler has been slightly close eye, but gradually ,he originally clear head ,slowly in a dazed state !A steward reluctantly open your eyes ,frowning thought, his body condition ,up to that time too tired ,and Guo Pu action ,did not cause his no alert !A butler stood up ,walked over to the bed ,perhaps really is too sleepy ,he directly fitted lying in the bed ,with less than a minute ,slight snore rang up !Guo Pu spook drifted in ,for forty minutes ,he watched the Dream Keeper Zhang ,face the unbelievable !Immediately, Guo Pu laughed ,laughing is called a proud ,that a comfortable !Thank you ,old fool !A butler ,really good stuff !Box !Not only have the box ,but also more than one mouth !Three boxes !With all don ,his master Yun Ting cleft days do not know ,his hands are so box !And a housekeeper keep the box intended, is naturally want at a critical time, take out, from the day the cloud Ting cleft hand ,in exchange for the good good stuff !Cheap himself !Guo Pu body ,and ghostly disappeared in a housekeeper room !( four completed, continue to seek flower !Fifteen, no matter the flower when not rise ,small nine out of every seven !To repay the book greatly support ,if the flower rose, that until the day after tomorrow ,the day after tomorrow continue to erupt !It is now 856, to 15 at twelve points ,up to 956 ,sixteen, seven !) Fiction reading download to make more: :to be continued ,visit: mobile phone access :.
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