his eyes closed can do

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 609th chapter cut finger -- 609 because Tang Wan to Yanjing ,Yang Chen would not give her more things ,I wish you a happy voyage.
They simply wish mother NV ,also hung up the phone .Talking about such things, Yang Chen heart depression also lost many ,looked at the time ,it was already in the afternoon ,remembered before about to find time to Liu Ming y- moved house to have a look ,also called Liu Ming y- phone .
Liu Ming y- was in the office look at some new project file ,these days she is t ng ì Ji busy ,forest Ruoxi return from Europe ,not only did not relax ,but increased expansion efforts ,a variety of acquisition and merger integration, emerge in an endless stream ,y- bud terrorist financial savings with a buffalo as rampage ,public relations department each PR day run run west ,talk about this and that ,can not open Ji ā o.
Yang Chen received a phone call ,Liu Ming y- off the black frame glasses ,smiled gently, probably guessed Yang Chen why call, pick up and asked: are empty ? Yang Chen gawks ,smile ,your mind is so simple ,Liu Ming y- a guess on, said: what time do you get off work Timberland Men's 3 Eye UK,I pick you .
I ain car ,Liu Ming y- said: but you also y- Lei Man ,from the time you know . Yang Chen m ō m ōnose, people don sharp, I am not thoughtful of you . Hypocrisy ,want me to skip class .
,Liu Ming y- charming smile .Yang Chen was wronged ,he really didn faking it meant, but on second thoughts ,it is ,this is Liu Ming y- have to say it ,then laughed: that you ,the cable x-ng faking it, I drive over to you ,if you take a different car to go there ,don feel .
You know , Liu Ming y- immediately hung up the phone ,is like that .Liu Ming y- is working really tired these days ,rarely with Yang Chen together some s īspace,she also wants to have his work on hold ,just think of faking it .
Half an hour later ,Yang Chen carrying Liu Ming y- from y- bud parking left ,the car also plays Adele music ,was yesterday rose bought stuffed with has not changed .Liu Ming y- asked curiously : don ,you will like to listen to Adele ,I think you heartless man ,should listen to some easy songs .
What is a heartless ,Yang Chen not satisfactorily curled his lip , cannot change the adjectives ,such as casual and elegant bearing ,a rakish and so on, say, the CD is not me . Who is that listening to ? Liu Ming y- suspected hu- .
Yang Chen tweaked ,said : yesterday rose sat in my car when listening to . Liu Ming y- know rose, because the relationship between Liu Qingshan ,she knew Yang Chen had a lover ,red wattle of Stuart rose .
Then hear Yang Chen say ,is nodded , is her original ... ... It will have the opportunity to see the . Yang Chen laughed ,you two NV, is also considered as a fellow man .As the car distance ,Yang Chencai remembered ,asked : you haven place where .
Liu Ming y- heavy y-n for a while ,said: first I do not live there ,go to the market ,I bought some fresh vegetables and R-U ,night to me there . Yang Chen certainly didn comment ,say, their own side of the NV many people, may be cooking ,it is Jonny ,forest Ruoxi the half-baked ,also in the training stage .
Therefore ,Liu Ming y- to display l- his hand ,he is more willing to endure .Wait for the car to the vegetable market, Yang Chen accompany Liu Ming y- off ,two people as a general on his way home from work to buy young husband f- ,swinging around .
Liu Ming y- in know father Liu Qingshan ,has been with the common sea town NV child grow up ,so ordinary people NV children can do, she will .A stop-and-go ,Liu Ming y- settled on whatever vegetables or R-U ,to square accounts in every detail to bargain bargain with his wife ,fight for quite a long time ,even a few not to sell go ,let Yang Chen in cooperation to make impatience .
Yang Chen looked at the picture, very fresh, do not know Lin Ruoxi to accompany the king mother out to buy food ,is it right? So, estimate to be very difficult to do ,forest Ruoxi recently had some more ,but in the face of a stranger, or cold most of the time ,bargain ?She never will .
When to buy cheap food ,Liu Ming y- will l- a brilliant smile ,the plastic bag Ji ā oto Yang Chen carrying ,continue to attack a .Yang Chen smile ,said: really so happy ,I don ,you said so much ,would save one or two dollars ,what is the joy .
Liu Ming y- up to white ,Yang Chen again, ,money is not the main ,main is to process ,it is a kind of fun, visiting farms do not bargain ,I was worse than killing . This is your mom teach you ? Yang Chen asked .
Liu Ming y- nodded ,smiled and said: when I was young, my father still Yanjing ,mom took me ,we both parent NV ,life is not too rich, of course have to save money on food and expenses ,along with her mother to buy food to buy clothes Jew ,naturally accustomed to .
Don now in y- bud such fashion industry company ,now the little in the market price ,I am clear ,a lot of things ,but it sets a brand ,the brand is removed ,some stall goods . Yang Chen watched Liu Ming y- feel oneself highly flattered the lovely appearance ,it is a sigh ,on their side of the NV people did not understand ,how could not think of charming and elegant Liu Ming y- there marketplace .
However ,love a person ,will love her loving things ,Yang Chen soon accepted Liu Ming y- make a hullabaloo about Jew even into the later I had in the price war, awfully .So to buy food, of course not speed quickly ,after a half an hour, to bring food to buy .
And drove to Liu Ming y- live in new high-grade residential apartments ,is the evening .This is a block of apartments are used in environmental design ,air conditioning is the use of geothermal groundwater and technology control ,although it is apartment ,area is a whole layer is a flat ,so the price can be comparable and some small villa .
Qing-shan Liu other not how, to which NV is willing to Hu ā money,or to Liu Ming y- wage income ,this life was to buy that millions of apartments .Yang Chen full of bags of things, follow Liu Ming y- took the elevator to the top floor Women's Timberland Sandals,this is the whole floor, Liu Ming y- lived alone, says l-ng fee is .
,had a rich father ,is not the same ah ,Yang Chen sighed and said with a smile .Liu Ming y- blushed , I didn to buy here ,is my dad and I have to live here . What do you have in the early years of good blush ,he leave you mother NV to Yanjing ,this is in the compensation for all these years not to take care of you ,you can even use his Hu āhis,he do ,Yang Chen urging said .
Liu Ming y- ignored him ,took out the key to open the M-N ,let Yang Chen get into the kitchen .The whole apartment interior, are white s- and s- tone ,light coffee s- leather sofa ,gorgeous Hu ā TexelSheep M-O carpet ,a variety of the latest electronic products goods are available in all varieties.
,even with tens of thousands of valuable magnet massage chu-ng .In this place, comparable to Lin Ruoxi the president also class is high ,even house decoration ,estimated m ō hastens of millions ,Liu Qingshan for the NV really is a big input .
You sit on the sofa ,I went to the kitchen to cook, one hour can eat ,Liu Ming y- will work uniform off ,changed her home a light blue shirt and white s- s- seven tight k- ,lay down a head hair ,looks handsome lot .
An hour? Too long the bar ,Yang Chen depressed and said: I think half an hour to eat ,hungry ,or I help you cook ,my art in general, but the knife work but I chef level . You have a gift.
Liu Ming y- looked suspiciously at Yang Chen , million all fingers do . Cut my finger ,it is not for my sword work problems, must be because of you ,Yang Chen laughs . Why ,what because I ,Liu Ming y- rhetorical questions .
Yang Chen l- a pair of emotion expression, who let the family has a beautiful girl ,too beautiful to my eyes hook ,of course have to cut my finger ... ... First, I see your mouth shut on it.
,Liu Ming y- heart rejoice timberland boots sale,but still spit out a sound .The division was so resolved ,Yang Chen for help in the kitchen cutting of various materials ,Liu Ming y- busy cooking, two people have a pleasant talk together ,is really small couple .
Yang Chen quickly cut the potatoes ,such a thing ,his eyes closed can do, after all ,so on kitchen M-N mouth ,looked at the apron from the pan Liu Ming y- Michael Kors Watches,where busy .NV people often feel man serious when things will be particularly attractive ,men often feel ,careful cooking NV is also very attractive .
A touch of warmth diffuse in Yang Chen mind ,memories of two individuals from the recognized today, experience bit by bit, you can accompany her time ,less and less .In fact ,Liu Ming y- like it very much timberland boots clearance sale,she is very busy and hard to get the dinner ready ,because she knows ,this is a rare opportunity ,so cherish .
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