it appears that Macao is really Shu

September 22 [Sat], 2012, 16:23
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: north face store, relationresultTags: time , relationresultMacau International Airport Li Cong this visit Macao not to go to Taiwan when it put up a pageantry ,so the airport here just energy group office staff to the airport UGG Ultimate Cuff Boots,so Lee from Hong Kong and Macao consortium also learned that these rich and want to give yourself a Xiama Wei ,so so lonely also have a understanding . the president well ,welcome to Macao ,I on behalf of the one thousand three hundred and sixty-five employees of the Jun Yue Hotel in Macao welcome you . It was the Grand Hyatt Macau Hotel general manager Dan Dafu ,the name with a big ,behind a blessing ,blessing big Li never know ,just know this guy in the stomach is not small ,look at this .
If it is to have more than 200 kg, face the fat ,the hair hate can tick oil ,now this weather it is not very hot, this guy is a strength of wipe their sweat .Li never silently let yourself with the single gentleman opened the distance the body fat ,province up to yourself ,it appears that Macao is really Shu no general Liao Hua as pioneer ,a hotel general manager is to airport reception his supreme leader ,think they still have the Macao casino group forty percent shares were made clear ,is not to his face ,other people absolutely does not have its own shares ,he is be worthy of the name of the king of Macao ,these people should not put their eyes ,it does not give you some color to have a look ,do not know your new boss is a temper .
Single manager ,how there is no gaming group of people here ,don I am their shareholders ? Li Cong walked to his car ,he asked us meat mountain manager .Dan Dafu was laughing face now immediately down ,although Jun Yue Hotel was incorporated into the energy of the time not long ,but also know their president is a face, he is that heart ,also do not have that right ah ,who do not know the Macao casino group is the home world ,boss though owns a forty percent stake ,but under no one gaming group representation, by that several papers like the uncrowned king of the bucket ?It is absolutely impossible ,so he had to be reluctant to do not know how to answer the question of the boss .
The boss ,they might be something for it, I think you should go back to the hotel to rest ,evening with our hotel for your to do good party, believe that time President of your spiritual head must be better than now Mens North Face 3 in 1 Jacket,that time to go out and see the guest can also let us energy group the boss although the problem of difficult to answer ,but also have to answer ,but a skill ,you are saying that face off ,the boss has proved himself needless to say ,I the boss had to go on his foot .
The car Li Cong felt a depression ,which help Nanman son was looked down upon me ,although long thought that there would be such a scene ,but did not expect so clean ,even in addition to their own under the outside a person all have no, it seems we don give them a lesson is that no one knows he is farewell ,may own in the Macao side of the main strength is the forty percent of the shares with a five Stars Hotel ,two hot pot city ,this thing to make war with others ?Than the big day dreaming can make people laugh .
He Hong character ,in Hong Kong and Macao ,you just say rounders two words ,people know refers to He Hong .The king said of sb. famous br stands for decades ,King does not fall !He controls the assets amounted to 500000000000 dollar gigantic, personal wealth is HK $70000000000 ,1/3 of Macao people are directly or indirectly benefited from his company .
Macao people of the epic called the uncrowned o supervision and rice ganger ,Macao is the most powerful gaming history ,gain profit most ,the most famous ,the longest-serving superstars .
Dan Dafu was brought up in Macao the streets ,that king of power in Macao ,is the governor of Macao do not dare with superstars to dry, to Portugal mission to Macao governor the first thing to do is to Ho ,is after the return UGG Sheepskin Cuff,Macao chief executive Edmund Ho is also home ,until his re-election the two later replaced by now Cui Shian ,although he did not want to cede power, but in the face of strong central government or selection of a low profile .
Dad ,don ,angry frown will old fast . Li Congyi vice like appearance ,happened to Li Yinyun to see ,in the car straight holding Li Cong smile .Seeing his daughter ,Lee never could is happy ,what have not seen how strong wind and big waves ,in such a place so rude, also when their own face ,but look at that guy is not a single Fu can talk, it seems that I do this or not ah ,the ancients said good the world is flat ,self-cultivation regulate the family and rule the state ,his mind this is not how to smooth the world ,this is the limit .
Macao Ho House these days home atmosphere is not right, Mrs. ho several dozen children these days without it ,it ,since that Kong Rende shares transfer after not happy ,the casino group but his life ,Kong Rende was not so much company ,is himself a few good-for-nothing son was out of his hole ,the company sold off ,how could he not angry ,forty percent ah ,that was the first major shareholders ,even if is a collection of their family.
Also only thirty percent, as for the other thirty percent are some of the powerful ,don worry they will sell ,but can not say .For Kong Rende had done and why he almost exploded with rage ,I share four of their family with the forces of oppression such new aristocracy ,but at last they withdraw or ,the casino group but each year billions of yuan to hole at home ,watching from their side of the profit or not ah karen millen cheap,with energy group, no than ah ,otherwise the old man wouldn here .
,do not air bad body ,the help collection are not sensible ,there are still a few useful ,now also not find home people the wrong time, the energy group is bound to take us home business operation ,if you this time not a strategy, that is not to have greater debacle ? The decades old housekeeper He Sen said ,he was He Hong until now is ,was recognized as the Macao casino group number second, this time He Hong has dazzled ,his seven sons ,actually five to give a variety of ways to sell shares ,how can don make him angry .
I know ,just like this let me feel ah ,life is so few son ,the one most is useless, he I I struggle a lifetime was a leave no successor situation ,how can let me comfortable ah ,this is also the gas confused ,in your opinion how can we cope with energy group ? On the strategies you are absolutely sure that ho ho Sen ,the only two characters can be in his side make carping comments on the .
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