let her magical means striking is definitely not the opponent

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 17:23
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult seek votes !Recently did not know in which immortal Road, black ball roaring wow ,but your friends more awesome ,so watch is still no pressure .
The red and black vote the party up ,down ,ha ha -- lunar eclipse legion !In order to assassinate ,stealth ,this mysterious night king .She was in the Legion as power for long ,lunar eclipse Legion means ,Yun Ling heart is very clear ,this is her reasons of fear .
The enemy attack ! Soft drink down, instant and terrorist attacks .Lunar eclipse Legion killed you, night !Like a dark moon blade pierced through space, the moment will ban tear ,castration reduced blade .
Puff !A cloud home ,staring binocular aghast ,but now he did not react, a good head high ,even the soul in this cut by forcibly execute, body and soul out .Cloud Lingmei eyes within the pupil contraction, eyes still look to the periphery ,unknowingly reveals some desperate .
Seven moon eclipse Legion soldiers out slowly from the darkness ,although rare ,but from the seven people in the worst outbreak of air induction ,repair have almost blood King invincible levels ,and led to a people ,is a strong imperial blood .
This is the highest standard of lunar eclipse Legion killed group ,designed for killing blood emperor strong preparation, magical strange fierce ,extremely difficult .To a monk at present state dealing with them, no doubt .
Dark feather Silver Fangs bite ,as a first child ,into the blood vessels of the former cloud monster gave her some life insurance object ,if the condition is critical, she naturally not stingy baby ,but the key point is that even if their baby ,Yun Ling has no grasp of the lunar eclipse can be tribal blood Emperor strong health, just because the quality has reached the imperial blood level of china .
A kind of a monk is pale ,eyes hidden with awe .But now no one is found ,the clouds moving while the eyes are dark ,and the fear of Italy, is more of a balance of thinking . Hands-on ,killed ,one does not stay ! Lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor strong low openings ,and then instantly shot without warning ,he patted down ,straight to the feather .
In the face of the imperial blood products to kill ,cloud Ling can Yinghan ,now your body blood mount twinkle ,shadow backward storm back at the same time ,the backhand from the storage ring inner took a ball thrown to go forward .
Lei Zhenzi !Refinery / force into the seal ,urged all to endless mana ,instant burst lightning killed a day .Yun Ling as a young monk leader ,talent cultivation is as is the best ,while the current practice is only reason peak levels ,but if the best shot fight both life and death to save face ,even if not falling early friars also can keep a moment even took the opportunity to escape .
But now she is faced with do not fall mid-term imperial blood products strong, let her magical means striking is definitely not the opponent ,naturally only with magic weapon against the enemy .
Detonation !After Lei Zhenzi mana motivate transient burst ,powerful thunder force from which broke out, just like a Thunder Dragon general make threatening gestures forward dive . Hum ! In the face of Lei Zhenzi nullify ,the lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor strong sneer ,does not evade the single hand patted down .
With his magical means that although Lei Zhenzi is strong, but also did not let him off the qualification .Yun Ling sees a contraction of beautiful eyes ,can not go on fighting ,quickly retreat ! This blood emperor strong strength but also in her predictions ,it seems really in trouble .
A monk and the war and fled ,but their in vivo the received light injuries ,mana soul loss is not a few, be lunar eclipse tribal warrior tightly entangled, gradually fell under the wind .
And the cloud Ling face blood emperor strong nullify Canada Goose D'Alpago Sale,continuous throw number magic weapon but can barely hold their own ,no power to resist . Bad ,if continue, I today really doomed .
Cloud Lingmei eyes flashed in a panic .Finally ,the wave hand suddenly appeared a flaw .Although instant too ,but for the imperial blood overmatch is already enough Canada Goose Palliser Coat. Die ! Lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor certainly had no love hearts ,for only a king can forcibly peak blood magic against him for a long time ,the heart already furious unceasingly, now hand is best, have no reservations .
This a shot ,even the strong will to hit ,not to mention a king is a blood !The little girl ,no doubt !Lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor mouth reveal a grim ,with eye color .
As a hobby with Longyang strong ,he has always been on the beauty without any affection ,remaining only hate ! gay Yun Ling Qiao ubiquitous instant pale ,now want to take a magic weapon against too late ,feel the beat in his first breath exudes ,heart suddenly full of bitter meaning, is going to die ?Beautiful eyes closed ,his eyes slid two tears .
Detonation UGG Women's Bailey Button!Loud noise ,strong strength across the eight party ,without very overbearing .Yun Ling suddenly opened his eyes, he is just in time to see a figure at the moment and the lunar eclipse :tribal blood emperor strong fight a group ,two people Yinghan hand melee combat ,is the former upper hand ,moves have a ready pen violent aspect .
Desperate every child ,let a heart full of joy and gratitude of cloud point .Detonation !Xiao Chen punched out ,the lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor strong to repel ,suddenly shouted : go with me ! Figure crept back to the moment .
Without the slightest hesitation I cloud point ,leading to a monk trailing .As for the lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor strong now looking pale ,eyes was intended to force the strong ,far beyond his imagination ,but not with him entangled ,or after a moment he will defeat ,was forced to execute !So now saw Xiao Chen lead a monk who leave ,although the heart unwilling, but did not dare to chase ,but slightly thankful heart .
#################################### several escape light roaring ahead, over the Heihe region into yin and Yang sector .In Yin and Yang Group ,a monk couldn burst into cheers .From the rout of lunar eclipse tribal blood emperor strong confining to kill ,to now entered a yin and Yang Group ,a half-day time they encountered three times away ,as there is blood in the strong .
It seems all the tribes are also very clearly this is their last chance ,otherwise once foreign monks into yin and Yang Group ,they have no chance to be captured and beheaded .Therefore ,in this area the army assembled ,blood emperor strong afraid also has ten digital multi .
If a monk to its own strength ,in the face of such violent strangulation natural death .Yun Ling eyes to Xiao Chen ,beautiful eyes flashes in gratitude .After all, today if Xiao Chen, lest they a monk must die .
Thanks to Xiao Chen friend hand ,Yun Ling be indebted forever ,if in the future can have the opportunity to return, must not refuse . Xiao Chen Wenyan gaze shimmer ,he and the cloud is not the first time meet the original Quartet Ling ,the fair will once once .
Although not old ,but Xiao Chen hearts for this coach Frank shrewish woman is quite enjoy today ,otherwise also won come to the rescue . Yun Ling Tao friends don ,now I face all tribal Wai kill ,some should take care of each other .
Yun Ling pursed her lips ,although not open ,but the beautiful eyes in gratitude but did not decrease ,some things in mind on the line, do not need to talk about it .Clouds moving eyes feel somewhat gloomy ,now one step forward ,the light path: today I would like to thank Xiao Chen friends help ,according to the known home also had intruded into yin and Yang Ji ,fair ,friends may wish to look for their comments, I will not stay .
The opening ,voice is rather dim ,is somewhat hostile contains Air Max 2012 Sale.Yun Ling Wenyan eyebrows furrowed ,scolded: how can you do that with clouds moving Xiao Chen Tao friends opening ,the only friend I would be unbearable to contemplate ,hand ,that you should be very clear .
I want you to Xiangliuyun friend to apologize ! Clouds moving was instantly became extremely ugly ,he always get along well with the cloud point ,thought this heart on him and have a friendship ,had not thought now would be to an outsider to open rebuke ,serious nuisance !Clouds moving refuses to talk ,the scene atmosphere suddenly some dignified UGG Oliviya Boots.
Xiao Chen shook his head slowly from the clouds moving reaction ,he can also see some doorways ,the heart slightly shook his head ,submissively path : Yun Ling Tao friends ,what happened today is just lift a finger ,friends do not have in mind .
That a monk in Yin and Yang inside ,cloud went looking for one time, goodbye . Speech without hesitation turning moments into the whistling shadow ,leave ,now he had no intention of branch out .
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